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Effortless Ways to Style Your Abayas With Jeans

How many ways can you style your abaya with jeans? While you might think that this fab fashion piece is only appropriate to wear during formal events and religious services, the truth is that there are so many ideas for wearing abayas with denim pants. From casual strolls out in the park to running errands on a stress-free Sunday, these are just some of the ways to wear abaya with jeans that’ll keep you covered and comfy.


1. One of the Ways to Style your abaya is with straight black jeans

Who says that the different ways to wear abayas and jeans have to be dull and uninteresting? Straight black denim bottoms help you keep a prim and proper vibe no matter where you go. How to style your abaya and jeans this way doesn’t even need a step by step tutorial—all you have to do is throw on a straightforward black pair with your choice of abaya and you’re good to go.

If you’re heading to the office, you might be asking yourself, “How can I wear an abaya with jeans?” While plenty of workplaces have certain rules on the dress code for employees, that doesn’t mean you have to stick to pantsuits all the time. With a killer pair of heels and a go-getter attitude, you can easily pull off this look as one of your go-to ways to style abayas with jeans. You can even switch things up by opting for coloured abayas over your straight black jeans to breathe life into the workplace and add a splash of your dazzling personality as you get the job done.

Ways to Style Your Abayas Grey Abaya with 3D Flowers

Here’s another idea for your abaya and jeans style: you can wear this combo to a formal event with some golden embroidery or crystal work. It’s a great way to make your outfit suitable for evening events all while not calling too much attention to yourself. This Peony Abaya in Blush is a stunning way to wear an abaya with jeans at semi-formal events. The beautiful frills from shoulder to cuff add to the feminine grace of the overall look, as the elegant piece is made from the finest thin crepe and a minimalist style to help you float like an angel whatever the occasion may be.

Ways to Style Your Abayas Grey Abaya with Embroidered Flowers

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2. How can I wear an abaya with jeans? Use cropped denim

If you think you have a dilemma on how to wear abaya and denim trousers, the solution is simple: stand out from the crowd with cropped jeans! The long and flowy cut of your abaya will elongate your overall look, so a cropped denim piece will be a unique complement to the whole vibe. What’s even more amazing about this look is that you can finally wear those skinny and fitted trousers you’ve been dreading without worrying about exposing too much. The long length of your open abaya will compensate for the coverage you need. 

Featuring an open front design with floral embroidery and comfortable crepe, this Charlotte Abaya in black is the perfect combo to pair with cropped bottoms. Now, isn’t coming up with ideas for your abaya and jeans style exciting?

Ways to Style Your Abayas With Jeans Black Open Abaya with Flowers

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You can also take the notion of how to wear abayas with jeans to a whole new level with ripped fabric. You can still stay modest with a few rips here and there because your abaya will keep your legs and your skin covered all the same. This street look also gives you a funky edge over all the other women trying to rack their brains on how to style abaya and jeans step by step. And when all else fails, why not pick coloured jeans and be the life of the party? This bold move will definitely show people your fun side without going overboard.


3. Florals and prints make for fun ways to wear abayas with jeans

Whether you’re out and about during the day or cozying up to your significant other during the night, fun and refreshing florals never fail to lighten the mood. Because there are just limitless options to choose from, florals and prints make up different ways to wear your abaya with jeans in themselves. Top off the look with a printed hijab and some bootcut jeans and you’re sure to be the trendsetter all the gals in your squad will want to model their looks after.

Ways to Style Your Abayas With Jeans Red Knitted Abaya

How do you style abayas with jeans while making sure you’re presentable and effortlessly chic? You can opt for a side-cut open abaya as well to keep things interesting. Flaunt your flattering figure with a matching sash or a belt. Pick a psychedelic colour when you’re feeling experimental, or stick with a minimalist floral embroidery for when you’re feeling girly. This Rachel Abaya even features knitted fabric to add more visual interest and another layer of dimension to your look. This will definitely liven up your OOTDs on Instagram!

Ways to Style Your Abayas With Jeans Red Knitted Open Abaya

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4. The most pristine idea for wearing abayas with denim pants: wear white

Finally, you just can’t go wrong with an immaculate white number. This timeless piece will go perfectly well with anything and for any occasion. Graceful, decent, and sophisticated, the white colour will definitely help you solve your dilemma on how to wear your abaya with jeans. 

A lot of women may find it intimidating to wear white—they stain easily, and they have to be perfectly immaculate if you want to make sure you look respectable all throughout the day. But the inevitable truth is that a woman always looks stunning in white no matter what the occasion. It’s the perfect way to elevate how to style abayas with jeans, and you don’t even have to break the bank to do it.

Ways to Style Your Abayas With Jeans White Open Abaya

This Chinois Abaya features a floral embroidered design that makes this piece ideal for summer, for special occasions, or religious services. It’s the most straightforward way to style abayas with jeans, proving that when it comes to modesty, subtle is always best!

Ways to Style Your Abayas With Jeans White Open Abaya with Floral Back

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By Catherine Dellosa
11 June 2020


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