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Where To Buy Fancy Abayas For Weddings That Will Stand Out

Attending a fancy event is one thing—it’s another to witness two people joining together in holy matrimony. You might think that it’s a challenge to find the most beautiful fancy abayas for weddings that will match the same beauty of the Big Day, but the perfect beautiful wedding abaya style isn’t actually that hard to reach! Elegant abayas for weddings range from faux stones scattered sparingly across the whole piece to romantic shades that are perfect for evening abayas for weddings. If you’re wondering “where can I buy fancy abayas for weddings”, you’ve come to the right place!


1. Fancy abayas for weddings: faux gemstones 

First of all, you may be thinking, “Can I wear an abaya for weddings?” We definitely don’t need to convince you that yes, you can totally rock fancy abayas for wedding functions without the need to think twice. A perfect example of an elegant abaya for weddings would be a fresh, flowy, and fancy piece that features faux gemstones sewn sparingly throughout the whole outfit, because who wouldn’t want to shine bright like a diamond on special occasions such as this? 

Where To Buy Fancy Abayas For Weddings Black Abaya with Gemstones

What exactly are we talking about, and where can you buy fancy abayas for weddings that help you shine like the sun? This dazzling Stones Abaya Black from FERADJE’s special occasion collection makes the sophistication of basic black even more timeless with shining, shimmering, splendid stones. Embellished with faux gemstones that make for a beautiful wedding abaya style, this classic piece is made from breathable Nida fabric that keeps things nice and fresh underneath especially when you don’t want to sweat buckets during the sizzling summer season.

Where To Buy Fancy Abayas For Weddings Black with Gemstones

Shop The Look: Stones Abaya Black, £129.00 GBP | Shop other Abayas   

Hidden front buttons make this fancy abaya for wedding functions even more appealing because you can easily wear it open or closed. And with its matching corded tassel belt, you can style it similar to a kimono or as an added outer layer for chillier occasions. When it comes to the question of where to buy fancy abayas for weddings, FERADJE has you covered!


2. Can I wear an abaya for weddings? Yes; in pink, even!

Just because you’re gracing a fancy occasion with your always-welcome presence and you’re required to be at your finest and most respectable behaviour doesn’t mean you’re limited to plain blacks. You can definitely make your beautiful wedding abaya style stand out even more by going pretty in pink! It’s easy to find fresh and fab ways on how to style elegant abaya for wedding without the need to put too much thought into it—all you really have to do is to switch things up by unleashing your feminine side.

Where To Buy Fancy Abayas For Weddings Pink Open Abaya

Add a whole new level of depth and dimension to your elegant abaya for weddings with this Poppy Abaya. Pleasantly pink and perfect for your “where can I buy fancy abayas for weddings” dilemma, it’s embroidered with striking red flowers on its right chest to elevate your look even more. With its premium Dubai silk material and easy-to-pair style, you can not only pick this piece as an evening abaya for weddings, but you can also line it up in your “everyday wear” closet for the ultimate value-for-money purchase from FERADJE.

Where To Buy Fancy Abayas For Weddings Pink Abaya with Floral

Shop The Look: Poppy Abaya, £99.00 GBP | Shop other Abayas  


3. How to style elegant abaya for wedding: batwings and sashes

Figuring out where to buy fancy abayas for weddings means scouting the most elegant designs that are perfect for your fancy occasion and making sure that it’s the perfect fit as well. Pieces have to be cute, affordable, and must have the right kind of flow and drape quality that’ll make you feel like royalty wherever you may go. 

FERADJE knows a thing or two about making you look as regal as can be, and this Vera Abaya Red uses unique batwing sleeves and a striking blood-red sash to help you turn heads the right way when you’re wondering where to buy fancy abayas for weddings. Plus, the sash isn’t just for show—it helps you adjust the fit of the evening abaya for weddings to make sure that it flatters your figure from every angle. There’s a hidden zipper on the front too. After all, if you’re searching for fancy abayas for wedding functions, you have to make sure that they’re not just a one-time thing. Being able to reuse your clothes is the most practical way to go—your wallet will definitely thank you for it!

Where To Buy Fancy Abayas For Weddings Black Batwing with Red Sash

Shop The Look: Vera Abaya Red, £79.00 GBP | Shop other Abayas 


4. How to style elegant abaya for wedding: find a day-to-night piece

Weddings can be short and sweet, but they can be last long into the night until the wee hours of the morning too, especially if you’re staying for the after-party! To make sure that your overall look is still fresh even as the event goes on from sun up to sun down, opt for pieces that can transition perfectly well from morning to night.

Where To Buy Fancy Abayas For Weddings White Floral Open

This refreshing Chinois Abaya in pristine white helps you do just that—in fact, you can style it with daytime denims underneath or an inner dress to make sure you’re still good to go no matter how long the party goes on! Because it’s ingeniously styled as an open front, whatever you don underneath will help set the tone of your overall vibe. The floral embroidery on the back still makes it a fancy enough abaya for weddings that won’t incur the wrath of the Bride-zilla upon you! After all, the wedding is really the bride’s Big Day, and you want to make sure your outfit doesn’t add to the unnecessary stress that she’ll have to go through in this joyous but hectic day.

Where To Buy Fancy Abayas For Weddings White Floral Back

Shop The Look: Chinois Abaya, £109.00 GBP | Shop other Abayas  

So, is “Can I wear an abaya for weddings” still a question? With FERADJE’s fun, fabulous, and fearlessly fierce fancy abayas for weddings, you’ll definitely be the belle of the ball no matter which event you’re attending—just make sure you don’t outshine the bride (or her mother)! Browse through our handpicked selection of the finest collections over at FERADJE today.


By Catherine Dellosa
30 Oct 2020 


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