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Dress Up For The New Season With A Little Help From FERADJE

Posted on May 08 2017

As we head into the season of weddings and proms, FERADJE’s style tips will help you how to be feradjemuse. 
Let’s start with the essential part, the abaya. You have two main choices: you go with the black ones, or go with the colour ones. 
Let’s have the black one.
Dragon Abaya which has a highlighted embroidery at the back would be a perfect choice for your friend’s wedding dinner. 
Vibrant colour hijab will complement the look, in this case we picked from Sadoq. 
The go-to platforms paired with sock, will be very sophisticated look with the abaya. 
You can don Dragon abaya with a belt, in this case you do not have to worry about what you dressed inside. 
In the case that you will be styling it open front, plain colour jumpsuits fits best, in this case off-white would be the best choice. 


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