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FERADJE Showcased at Muslim Lifestyle Show 2018

Posted on April 30 2018

If you’ve passed by the Olympia last weekend you probably saw a huge queue of people. Families and friends from all over the world with different backgrounds and religions gathered to have a good time at Muslim Lifestyle Show. Contrary to what people think this event was not only for Muslim, it was simply for people interested in learning more about this culture through food, fashion, arts and many other aspects.

I had the chance to be there during both days of the event and I had the opportunity to see everything. And if I had to resume what I saw in one word it will be HAPPINESS. People had a great time. They laughed, ate, bought clothes and more important they shared this moment with their beloved ones. People were excited to be there. I met Australians, French, Germans, Indonesians and so many other people that came from very far places to be part of the Muslim Lifestyle Show. 

The show was made so that everyone could enjoy it, no matter their age or their gender. Kids had a special area, everyone had halal food stands where they could eat delicious cuisine from all over the world and fashion lovers had access to fashion shows and dozens of modest fashion brands where they could buy hijabs, abayas and other modest clothes.

Guess who was part of this? Yes FERADJE of course.

We have exposed our abayas at MODESTROVE’s booth: a big stand just next to the catwalk. Every person passing by couldn’t help stopping to see all the abayas and hijabs. A lot of women were trying abayas, often hesitating between the classic elegant black abayas or the coloured ones for spring and summer.

12:30 and 15:30: The Modest Fashion Live.

Big modest fashion brands such as Inayah, Aab and Modessa were showing their new collection on the catwalk. I also had the chance to be in the backstage and let me tell you that models were happy too. They were dancing on the rhythm of the music and taking pictures of the gorgeous outfits they were wearing.

The fashion show was incredible. Each brand had a completely different approach of modest fashion. Some were keeping it classy and elegant and others added a touch of rock or sometimes cuteness.

We would like to thank Waleed, Adhiba and all the team for creating this amazing event. Hopefully we will be present for the next Muslim Lifestyle Show in 2019.

It’s a long time to wait but don’t forget that other events are coming soon: The London Eid Festival and the Modest Fashion Live at Westfield shopping centre 23rd and 24th June.        


by Faiza Bouhit



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