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How does abaya help you declutter your wardrobe?

Posted on August 30 2018

Recently, minimalist decluttering is very trendy as some  of us may have been into it already. It is becoming more and more popular among millennials. 

Some call it capsule wardrobe, some minimalist lifestyle, and some decluttering, yet all of them underline the same thing; Limit the number of clothings in your wardrobe. Let's say, including shoes, the number of pieces should not exceed 37. 


Minimalist decluttering doctrine overlaps with the understanding of zuhd in Islam as well. As zuhd principle points out to the lifestyle of 'one bite, one cardigan' analogically, capsule wardrobe idea is quite welcoming the zuhd principle of Islamic Sufism. 

I shall not talk about the decluttering in general, but how an abaya may help you have a capsule wardrobe in particular. 

Abayas come open front, that are closable with grippers, and the second part comes as closed at the front such as dress-like. In both cases, they are one piece, and usually long top to toe, and not see-through. 

On the other hand, regular women apparels are except long sleeved-jumpsuits and long dresses are to be combined, Skirts with blouses, cardis, or trousers, with long tunics, maybe overtops on top of them, etc. 

As the prices at modest fashion are comparatively higher at the same segment with the regular fashion industry, most of us prefer to shop from the high street. 

Hence, layering becomes inevitable. As layering comes into scene, we start to buy more and more things that makes good combines. At this point, abayas become life saver. 

You will need a couple of abayas for different occasions as such. For events and evenings, for daily use, for family and friends gatherings, etc. Black, colourful, formal, informal, that's it. Instead of having 3-4 pieces, you will need just 1-2 pieces. 

As such, we can say that abayas are life jackets that save  you from drowning in the sea of clothings.


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