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Maxi Dresses vs Jumpsuits

Posted on December 08 2017

In the fashion world, maxi dress is almost the same as night dress; Valentino's designs, which use the maxi suit in their collections, are often designed to be used as evening suits.

In the western style, "black mini dress", "strapless dress", "hanging dress" comes to mind. The ladies who want to carry these dress models have to combine these clothes with additional parts. She has to wear trousers under the black mini dress, trousers under the shirt under the strapless dress, t-shirt into the hanging dress. As a result, combinatorial work can last as long as the combined headgear is added.

On the other hand, the long-sleeved one-piece maxi dresses allow you to prepare without much time in front of the wardrobe. It is possible to create a combination with a patterned or suitable one with a single colour headscarf.

This habit in the fashion world is also a habit acquired by companies that are not concerned about the veil. My own experience: I have come to the FABRIKA in 2011 with a maxi dress with long sleeves up to now.

Modest fashion companies, of course, include dresses, but many are loaded with so much accessories that minimalism lovers do not prefer that much.

FERADJE Jumpsuite, the UK's Leading Abaya Company

The fashion world is putting the jumpsuit on the foreground for daily use instead of the long-sleeved maxi dress. You want to dress in one piece; long sleeves and maxi, then you should get one of those jumpsuits into your wardrobe.

It is often difficult to use a jumpsuit with a nice outfit when it is designed to fit in. This situation reduces the likelihood of preferring them. But despite all, even those who adopt one piece of clothing (like me) do not miss out on their wardrobe, despite their difficulty of use.

As FERADJE, we have designed long maxi dresses and jumpsuits as well as alongside our wide range of abaya. You can find some of jumpsuits on the website. 


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