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The rise of robe coat - as a kind of abaya style

Posted on April 03 2017


In the conventional fashion world, for a couple years, the wind of boudoir-inspired looks are trending. Silk or other textures, in the form of robe coat, this kind of outerwear seems quite like the open front abaya of modest fashion world. Either name it kimono, or silk robe coat, a similar aesthetic to open front abaya has been percolating in the world of outerwear. 

Flowing style of these kimono silhouette garments are occasionally styled with a simple belt giving the look a figure-flattering touch. And the colour palette is usually pastels, particularly accentuated blush hues. Some of them are embellished with embroidery here and there. 

Some are tailored from the muted print fabrics. 

The most prominent designs of this kind are the artistic works of Gucci. Gucci made a debut with their brilliantly designed pano-style flower print silk robe that is offset with a black collar and cuffs. 

Zara and H&M too, joined to the list as high street brands. Similar kinds of embroidery or flower print robes are curated in their lines a couple of times throughout the year.  

As the open front abaya is becoming much popular in modest fashion circles, modest fashion forward or not, many will prefer the same type of outerwear, but name it differently. 


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