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Welcome Ramadan!

Posted on May 16 2018


We are about to enter the holy month of Ramadan; month in which all muslims are united to worship God no matter their differences. Ramadan means the same thing for every muslim: It's a moment of peace. It is one month that can literally change your life. One month that can make you a better person; not only in the religious aspect but more generally on a human aspect.

They say it takes 21 days to build a habit. Well Ramadan can help you to get rid of all your bad ones. During this holy month, you should have more time for yourself. Remember that Ramadan is about fasting and worshiping and not about spending more money on food and wasting time in the kitchen all day (even if its kind of cultural for some of us!).

If you struggle to organise your Ramadan you can follow a planning for the reciting of Quran, for your meal preparations and the house chores. Don't forget that this month is full of blessings! To increase your acts of worship you can pray the supererogatory prayers and make even more duas. 

During Ramadan we need to be our best self. This even means you should take care of yourself even more. Dress nicely even if you stay at home. If you receive or visit family for iftar then make yourself pretty (don't spend your days in pyjamas girls!).

We have a selection of abaya that are perfect for this Ramadan. Abayas are the best outfit for Ramadan because it's easy to style, it's comfortable, it's modest and more important: it's GORGEOUS! Abayas are so effortless chic and they are a full outfit! If your husband or anyone you live with tells you that you're having iftar outside you don't need to spend 4 hours to think of an outfit; just grab your favorite abaya and you're ready to go!

Here a selection of our favourite abayas for Ramadan:

We wish you an excellent Ramadan and may you and your family have a month full of peace and love!


Written by Faiza Bouhit


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