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What is this turban fashion all about?

Posted on April 03 2018


Recently catwalk shows have been the showcase of models with real hijabis and the catwalk hijabis, mainly turbanies. 

Halima Eden was at the fore front of those hijabi models walking for the famous international brands. As she became very popular thanks to Vogue Magazine, we always hear and see her. Yet there are other hijabi models as well walked through the catwalk other than Halima. 

At London Fashion Week Festival, I was at the frow of Jamie Wei Huang's show, and I spotted an elegant hijabi lady with all modest clothing walking the catwalk. 

Yet another trend is THE turban style. The turban trend took the fashion world by storm. From Marc Jacobs to Gucci, many brands completed their looks with turban. Even Vogue website publicise an article featuring 'how to recharge your party look with turban'.

I wanted to prepare a turban edit complied by mostly Vogue Covers. As you will see, turban was a la mode, once upon a time. Yet again, it is becoming fashionable nowadays. 

To make it short, the turban trend is not a new fashionista thing. As the fashion trends come along periodically popular, hence the turban. 

As FERADJE London, we made some shootings featuring turban in Levander Fields of London, and in Wallace Collection.

We featured our most beloved luxury abayas with the turban.

Moreover, we prepared a Youtube video with our most popular hijab-Soleil Scarf as hijab tutorial. 

We hope that you enjoyed them. 


*Photos are taken from Vogue website. 


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