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Abaya Fashion 2020: 4 Designs To The Rescue

What’s the best thing about abaya fashion 2020? Is it the dazzling image of you as you’re blazing through the runway in the latest abaya fashion? Is it unleashing the inner trendsetter in you as you strut your stuff in the latest abaya fashion trends? Or is it simply feeling confident and unstoppable in 2020 abaya trends that make your beauty shine through both inside and out?

When it comes to the best abaya designs 2020 has to offer, it’s all about how well you can carry yourself wherever you may go. But to help you along, we’ve got the lowdown on the latest abaya fashion 2020 has in store for you right here:


1. Invest in abaya fashion 2020 trends that feature athleisure

What are the newest abaya styles? If you try to scour the metro looking for the latest abaya fashion this 2020, you’ll probably come across one thing that will pop up over and over again: athleisure! This ultra-hip and effortlessly chic look are all about the edgy street vibe. Elements of athleisure infuse the casual cool factor of athletic wear with the cosy everyday feel of regular daily wear, all while keeping things nice and comfy all the way through. After all, athletic wear gives you the freedom to move, and modest fashion is all about not getting restricted by too-tight clothes that hug your body in all the wrong ways.

That said, athleisure is definitely what modest fashion is all about! More than the most recent trends when it comes to hijab combos and conservative looks in Islam, athleisure keeps your 2020 abaya trend game on point. But if you’re not too comfortable about going all-out just yet, why not invest in pieces that highlight certain areas, to begin with? For instance, this Black Open Abaya with Colourful Pockets features a vibrant front pocket design that’s reminiscent of athletic wear without being too over-the-top. It definitely keeps your vibe in line with the latest abaya fashion trends as an everyday effortless look.

Shop The Look: Black Open Abaya with Colourful Pockets, £89.00 GBP | Shop other Abayas

You can also style it open or closed with its concealed front buttons, so it’s easy to pair it with casual jeans underneath if you want to flaunt an even more obvious grunge look. Abaya designs this 2020 can’t get cooler than this!


2. Look for latest abaya fashion that features athletic embroidery

How can you update your wardrobe to match 2020 abaya trends to a T? You can keep a consistent vibe with athleisure looks in colourful patches here and there. Nothing says street more than fun and funky patches that you can wear no matter what the season. While you might think that embroidery makes a piece look too fancy and formal, it’s a completely different story altogether when you wear your embroidery in patches.

Case in point: this Dolce Abaya features fabulous patches in lively designs perfect for the athletic abaya designs this 2020. Made from high-quality thin crepe, the open front abaya is ideal for cheery summer seasons when you want to mix and match your clothes underneath to let the breeze in when it’s hot and humid outside. The academic-themed patches are also very reminiscent of the coolness of school, lending a refreshing and youthful vibe to your latest abaya fashion trends like no other.

Shop The Look: Dolce Abaya, £99.00 GBP | Shop other Abayas


3. What are the newest abaya styles? Minimalist looks.

Minimalism is all about being incredibly well put-together without too much effort. It’s a nice, clean look, but it’s almost always easier said than done. Minimalist looks aren’t easy to pull off, as most newbie fashionistas tend to pile on the accessories like they’re afraid to run out of bling. Here’s a handy tip: invest in pieces that already have clean, minimalist looks so that you won’t have to stress out over how to keep your outfit as minimalist as possible.

We’re talking about latest abaya fashion styles this 2020 that feature subtle details along the cuffs or hemlines, just like this Shazam Abaya Royal Blue. The frills along the hemline don’t ask for too much attention, but they’re lovely enough to draw some visual interest across your whole look. Pro tip: match it with grunge boyfriend jeans on a casual Sunday for a guaranteed fuss-free day ahead.

Shop The Look: Shazam Abaya Royal Blue, £99.00 GBP | Shop other Abayas


4. Here’s one more athletic abaya fashion trend for 2020: subtle stripes!

You can’t round up a list of the latest abaya fashion without coming full circle on the athleisure trend! Sporty digs aren’t limited to workout clothes where you need to sweat it out to look good. You can infuse that kind of athleticism in your outfits as subtly as possible—you simply have to know where to look. 

Take this Black Abaya with Red and Green Stripes, for example. Not only does it combine minimalist looks with subtle details, but it also features red and green stripes along the hemline as well as along the cuffs for an athletic look that’s not too overt. You can easily style it open or closed for the ultimate versatility, because after all if you’re going to be sticking to trends, you might as well pick the ones that you can recycle over and over again no matter what the weather.

Shop The Look: Black Abaya with Red and Green Stripes, £85.00 GBP | Shop other Abayas

What are the newest abaya styles? Keep in mind that you don’t need to go for completely experimental looks like too-out-there designs and unconventional cuts. The best designs are those that incorporate both traditional features and current trends with an extra twist that revamps an old classic. You may be keeping up with abaya fashion for 2020, but that doesn’t mean you can’t wear these pieces until the next year and beyond.

With that said, it’s time to upgrade your tired old looks and give your closet a complete makeover! You don’t even have to move way out of your comfort zone—or break the bank and go over your budget—to do it. Simply head on over to FERADJE for the latest and the best abaya styles that the modest fashion world has to offer!


By Catherine Dellosa
25 Aug 2020  


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