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Cute, Cheap, And Comfy Finds From Abaya Shop Near Me

Here’s a thought: when you say to yourself, “What’s the best abaya shop near me?”, what factors come to mind? Do you look for where the nearest abaya shop is, or do you think about the particular designs you want to buy first? Is it a matter of your price range, or is it more of a question of proximity? When you’re thinking about “abaya stores close to me”, you shouldn't have to choose between the style that you want versus how far a physical store is from your location. When it comes to logistics, online stores can come and save the day—you can buy the perfect abaya anytime, anywhere, and these are just some of the cutest and most comfortable finds out there!


1. No abaya shop near me? Shop unique online patterns instead.

Abaya stores nearby may not always have the prints and designs you’re looking for, if you have any “abaya shop near me” at all. The thing about riding all the way to an actual brick-and-mortar store is that you have to go through all of that time and effort only to find that the design of your choice isn’t available, or the nearby abaya shop doesn't have it in your size. You will either have to think, “Where is the nearest abaya shop apart from this one?” Then, you will have to travel all the way over there without the assurance that the style you want is even available. 

Who wants to go through all that disappointment and wasted effort? A better alternative to the question of “where can I find an abaya shop near me” is simply to shop online! You can take your pick from the latest trends out there all from the comfort of your own home. Are you in a hurry to find the classiest abaya for that special evening occasion? Or do you need to find an outer layer for the cold weather in a pinch? An online shop can help you do just that, and it’s a more convenient (and definitely faster!) equivalent to scouring the metro for an “abaya shop near me” mentality.

For instance, this Beelove Abaya is fun, funky, and effortlessly cute, with its subtle gold bee motif and its comfy Nida fabric. You can check out all of the sizes available from the size chart and measurements guide, and you don’t even have to leave your home!

Abaya Shop Near Me Black Abaya with Bee Patches

Shop The Look: Beelove Abaya, £129.00 GBP | Shop other Abayas


2. Can’t find any abaya stores nearby? Here’s a pristine white abaya to the rescue.

While abayas are more commonly made in basic black, white is just as timeless, and it’s a fresh and fun take on the monochromatic trend. In particular, if you’re wondering about “where can I find an abaya shop near me”, the nearby abaya shop may not always have a lot of variety when it comes to white pieces. To solve that problem, just pick this feminine abaya online instead!

Abaya Shop Near Me White Abaya with Floral Back

Made from breathable thin crepe, this Chinois Abaya is delicately embroidered with a floral design to really up the ante when it comes to your femininity. Doesn’t it provide you with an excellent solution to the problem of looking for an “abaya shop near me”? Its versatility is due to the fact that you can don this affordable outerwear as an extra layer over casual jeans, or just as it is during sizzling hot summer days. You can easily throw it on during the morning rush or rock it after work when you’re relaxing after a hard day—not bad for a high-quality cheap find!

Abaya Shop Near Me White Open Abaya with Floral Back

Shop The Look: Chinois Abaya, £109.00 GBP | Shop other Abayas


3. Disappointed with the designs at your nearby abaya shop? Pick a two-toned piece online. 

No matter where you are in the world, you can find the classiest abayas and have them delivered to you regardless of your body shape and personal style. Online shops are the epitome of convenience, which gives you even more reasons to rock an abaya wherever you go. You no longer have to worry about where to find an abaya shop near you—after all, who needs a nearby abaya shop when you can score this two-toned beauty and flaunt your find from sun up to sun down? 

The Rukiyya Abaya instantly provides a welcome makeover to your wardrobe with its two-toned colour in an elegant texture. Made from premium Dubai silk, it features a kimono style design and sleeves that add visual interest to any get-up. You can even wear it open or closed because of the hidden buttons on the front, so figuring out how to match it with your hijab is not a problem. Why would you want to worry about an “abaya store close to me” when you can nab this elegant piece and closet must-have with a simple click?

Abaya Shop Near Me Black Abaya with Beige Sleeves
Shop The Look: Rukiyya Abaya, £99.00 GBP | Shop other Abayas


4. Where is the nearest abaya shop? Cancel your trip and order an occasion abaya instead.

An ideal “abaya shop near me” should have everything from everyday wear to evening pieces, but the reality is that not every abaya store nearby will have the item of your dreams. The problem with looking for where the nearest abaya shop lies in the fact that different branches will have different stocks. When you go the online route, however, you get access to the full range of collections that the particular brand has, no matter how unique—like this one-of-a-kind bespoke abaya!

The Esra Abaya in stunning black will definitely make heads turn the right way with the embroidered tulle that will surely make you the belle of the ball. Who says you need to worry about “where is the nearest abaya shop” all the time? This classy piece solves your event wear in an instant—all you need is an Internet connection!

Abaya Shop Near Me Black Abaya with Lace Hemline

Shop The Look: Esra Abaya, £99.00 GBP | Shop other Abayas

Worrying about “abaya stores close to me” should be a thing of the past. FERADJE’s curated collections of the latest designs and the trendiest styles out there will make you an online shopping fashionista in no time—plus, your whole squad will definitely want to consult with the fashion guru side of you day in and day out! 


By Catherine Dellosa
14 July 2020


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