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4 Must-Have Open Abaya Kimono Designs

What’s in an open abaya kimono? Modest women everywhere are donning the open abaya kimono style for good reason—it’s hip, happening, and honestly just super easy to pull off! Is it because of the ease with which you can elevate your look in a jiffy? Or is it mainly because it’s just so easily available in most of the online stores out there? The best thing about the kimono abaya design is that while it keeps you nice and covered up wherever you go, the open abaya trend also doesn’t sacrifice style and comfort. 

Which kimono type open abaya is right for you? There’s really no limit to what you can rock, but these four designs should at least get you started:


1. Open abaya kimono with colourful pockets

It’s easy to focus on embroidery and embellishments when you’re racking your brain to come up with ways on making your kimono abaya design stand out from the crowd. But if you really want your OOTDs to go viral, try to zero in on a different outfit detail altogether—your pockets! 

Unique pockets can highlight the fun and funkiness of your overall vibe without drawing too much attention to yourself. To make sure your open abaya trend stays at the top of the charts, opt for a burst of colour on your pockets to let your fab personality (and your inner fashionista) shine through! For instance, this Black Open Abaya with Colourful Pockets is perfect for everyday styling to add an extra oomph to your daily wear. Isn’t it about time your closet had a vibrant makeover?

Must-Have Open Abaya Kimono Designs Black Pockets 
Shop The Look: Black Open Abaya with Colourful Pockets, £79.00 GBP | Shop other Abayas 

By the way, it’s also a huge plus if your pockets are not just there for show! Be sure to pick a piece that features functional pockets so you can stash your essentials in there when you’re in a hurry. How many times have you had to lament your tortured fate whenever you need to grab some change or even a quick touch-up with your lipstick? You won’t have to rummage around in your bag if you have handy pockets. Who needs that kind of stress? Trendiness should also be all about practicality, after all!


2. Open front abaya kimono with fancy knit

The best kimono type open abaya not only elevates your sassiness, but it should also give you the privilege of getting named Trendsetter of the Year among your peers, don’t you think? Your open front abaya kimono shines bright with vibrant hues and different shades, but it’ll shine its brightest when you’ve got some extra texture for some added depth and dimension to your overall look.  

Must-Have Open Abaya Kimono Designs Red Maroon Knit

Knits can easily do that for you without the need for extra fancy fluff! With an open abaya kimono design like this Rachel Abaya, you can keep all eyes on you but still stay modest and minimalist. The knitted fabric made from high-quality crepe also serves a two-fold purpose with its double layer. You can wear this fabulous piece closed as a dress, or rock the open abaya kimono style to show off your outfit underneath. 

Must-Have Open Abaya Kimono Designs Red Maroon Knitted
Shop The Look: Rachel Abaya, £99.00 GBP | Shop other Abayas 

Here’s an extra tip when you’re shopping for open abaya kimonos: make sure that you pick one with matching belts so that you can use them to emphasise your waist and highlight your curves in all the right places. This is the perfect way to flaunt what you’ve got regardless of your body shape! It’s never a good idea to show off some skin or to opt for body-hugging pieces just to give yourself a flattering figure—a matching sash around your waist will have the same effect no matter what the angle.


3. Open abaya kimono design with a flowery touch

Of course, sometimes, the best way to wear a kimono abaya design is to K.I.S.S., or to “keep it simple, stupid!” For days when you don’t feel like making much of an effort but you still want to be runway-ready when you head out the door, a timeless open abaya trend in basic black should do the trick.

Add a hint of femininity to your kimono type open abaya with fun floral patches for everyday casual wear in jeans. This Charlotte Abaya Black takes things up a notch with its finest thin crepe material, because the best open front abaya kimono should keep you comfy from sun up to sun down, right? There’s no use looking like you just stepped out of a fashion magazine if you’re not comfortable in what you’re wearing.

Must-Have Open Abaya Kimono Designs Black Floral 
Shop The Look: Charlotte Abaya Black, £109.00 GBP | Shop other Abayas 


4. Brighten up your open abaya kimono style

Obviously, the most common open abaya kimono designs out there will be in timeless black, so you can make sure that yours stays unique by brightening it up with embroidered colours. Case in point: this Tribal Coloured Abaya features brightly coloured patterns embroidered beautifully throughout the piece. Made from premium Dubai silk, this open abaya kimono also has a matching corded tassel belt to complete your hijab and abaya combo. With the hidden buttons on the front, you can take advantage of its versatility no matter what the season may be!

Must-Have Open Abaya Kimono Designs Black Colourful Sides 
Shop The Look: Tribal Coloured Abaya, £109.00 GBP | Shop other Abayas 

For example, if you’re looking for something to layer over your dress underneath during a special occasion, you can wear this with an open front. It can also be to help the breeze blow through your body and keep you from feeling stuffy when you’re braving the heat of the sun. To top it all off, you can easily convert it into a cheap, comfy, and quality special occasion wear by classing it up in a pair of killer heels and a sassy tote. Cap everything off with a can-do attitude and you’re good to go!

If you’re ready to rock the world and show off your open abaya kimono style, it’s easy to pick an open abaya trend and let your fashion sense do the talking. Head on over to FERADJE and go on a stress-free and fuss-free shopping spree for the best wardrobe makeover ever!


By Catherine Dellosa
18 Nov 2020


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