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4 New Abaya Designs You Must Own

From pretty pleats to brilliant bedazzled details, the latest abaya designs can come in all shapes and sizes. It’s really all about how you take modern abaya designs to the next level—so how about focusing a spotlight on tantalizing tulle? 

Soft, dreamy, and innately elegant, tulle can elevate your whole outfit and keep your latest abaya trends totally on point. This gorgeous fabric is versatile and lightweight, making it the ideal choice for the newest abaya designs. Here are just a handful of the latest abaya designs that are all about comfort and practicality as well!


1. New abaya designs with tulle sleeves

No matter how you design it, tulle can always add an extra layer of elegance and sophistication to any outfit. Whether you’re heading out to a fancy ball-slash-wedding with all the glam and glitter or you’re gearing up for a romantic night out with your beau, tulle can always save the day and keep your new abaya styles on point.

Not only can tulle keep it classy no matter what the occasion, but it can also save you countless hours trying to figure out which accessories to match your get-up with. Tulle alone can be visually interesting enough to make your subtle but sizzling outfit stand out from the crowd—after all, the minimalist look is all the rage when it comes to the newest abaya designs.

What exactly do we mean? Here’s a perfect example: this totally tantalizing Tulle Abaya in beautiful black features graceful silver flowers that accent golden lace sleeves, making it the most sophisticated choice when you’re trying to be the belle of the ball. Special occasions call for special new abaya styles, so this deluxe piece made from premium Dubai silk perfectly encapsulates your inner fashionista while enhancing the magic of the night.

Latest abaya designs 2020 Black Abaya with Flowers and Lace on Sleeves

Shop The Look: Tulle Abaya, £109.00 GBP | Shop other Abayas

The concealed front buttons make for the perfect flexibility, as you can wear it open to flaunt your gorgeous get-up underneath or closed for an especially chilly night. So, if anyone ever asks, “What are the latest abaya designs?” All you have to do is gesture to your flowing piece and give them a playful wink!


2. Latest abaya designs with embroidered tulle

While tulle can keep things classy and subtly simple no matter where you go, it’s still a good idea to pair an accessory or two just to add a hint of your personality into every outfit. The latest abaya trends don’t have to be overly designed and too over-the-top—on the contrary, a simple sash or matching belt will do the trick and get the job done just fine!

Matching sashes or belts can not only help to break up the monotony of a long and flowing monochromatic piece, but they can also emphasise your waist and flatter your figure no matter what the angle. The best way to keep new abaya designs as flattering as can be without compromising the modesty of your clothes is to go for svelte silhouettes that can really bring out all the right curves in you. And to do that, black is your best bet—it’s already timelessly elegant and slimming as it is.

Latest abaya designs 2020 Black See Through Abaya

Top it all off with tulle and you’ve got an instant winner! This Black Tulle Open Abaya with Belt is elegantly embroidered with see-through tulle to keep your abaya style at the height of luxury and sophistication. You can rock a feminine white dress underneath, then layer it over as an open abaya. Slap on the corded tassel belt for full effect and be the talk of the town the next day!

Latest abaya designs 2020 Black See Through Abaya with Belt
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3. Latest abaya trends with lace tulle

What are the latest abaya designs? Pleats, polka dots, and other pretty embellishments may be at the top of the charts right now, but there’s one more style that’s an instant head-turner no matter what the runway is rocking—lace! Now, pair that lovely lace with tulle and it practically screams “viral OOTD” right from the get-go.

Latest abaya designs 2020 Black Abaya with Lace at Bottom

This Esra Abaya, for instance, takes pride in its uniquely embroidered tulle that runs from the hips down to the flowy hemline. It definitely lends a different kind of depth and dimension to an otherwise plain black abaya, don’t you think? Made from comfortable and high-quality Nida fabric, the classy piece also has a kimono style design so you can wear it open or closed however you want to. Best of all, you don’t even need any other fancy accessories to nab that title of “Trendsetter of the Year”.

Latest abaya designs 2020 Black Abaya with Lace at Hem

Shop The Look: Esra Abaya, £99.00 GBP | Shop other Abayas


4. Latest abaya style with colourful tulle

Tulle doesn’t just elevate modern abaya designs when it comes to the overall drape and the hemline—you can also infuse this versatile fabric into the bodice and combine it perfectly with other attention-grabbing elements.  

Latest abaya designs 2020 Black Abaya with Floral Lace at Waist

For example, bright colours and vibrant patterns are always instant crowd-pleasers. This Majesty Abaya takes it up a notch with vibrant floral details that perfectly blends together tulle and Dubai silk. The quirky combination of fabulous shades is an accent in itself—you can definitely rock this to any get-together or make it a professional go-to closet fave when you’re sealing deals and closing with clients at the workplace. The structured tailoring with an attached loose mesh from the waistline can be a nice change of pace from all the usual designs in your conservative closet. 

Latest abaya designs 2020 Black Abaya with Floral Lace
Shop The Look: Majesty Abaya, £99.00 GBP | Shop other Abayas

What are the latest abaya designs? The fashion magazines and runway models may tell you to go big and go bold this year, but just a single detail like tulle can already help you keep up with the latest trends without much effort. Besides, your budget should always be a concern whenever you’re shopping for the most recent styles—nobody wants to break the bank while they’re stepping up their fashion game, right? Head on over to FERADJE and check out the curated collection of fab finds and instant showstoppers today!


Catherine Dellosa
8 Sept 2020    


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