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5 Fab Reasons to Wear an Abaya

Why do women wear abayas? The modern modest woman can have many reasons to wear an abaya, but regardless of the meaning behind it, this comfortable trend should always be a part of any wardrobe. Here are just some of the motivations to wear an abaya to help you understand the purpose of wearing abayas, as well as find out when to wear an abaya when the occasion calls for it.


1. What is the reason women wear abaya?

More than just a fashion statement, this classic piece is a cultural symbol that fits the criteria for the dress code in Islam. Elegant and simple, this long and flowy item can keep you covered and classy while making sure that you follow the rules dictated by religious practices.

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Modern styles today add an extra layer of dimension to the intention of wearing an abaya. Because these elements feature long lengths and loose cuts, they make sure that nothing underneath is revealed.

Today, if you ask women what is the point of wearing an abaya, you will likely find that the reasons are varied. But while the first designs were made from a single piece that covered everything from head to toe, today, you can mix it up with various embellishments and different colours to suit your personality best—all while keeping to your culture and tradition, no matter where you are.

Why Women Wear Abaya
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Loose, flowing, and with comfortable long sleeves, modern styles you can buy online often have floor-length cuts that help you float gracefully from place to place in style. For instance, this poppy abaya is embroidered with refreshing red flowers to add subtle visual interest to your outfit without calling for too much attention during your religious service.


2. Why should I wear an abaya?

Modest women can identify with others who wear the same elements not just culturally but also in terms of personal dignity. The intention of wearing an abaya becomes clear here—the most beautiful modern designs provide women with innate self-respect. As this kind of quiet confidence springs forth from within, both men and women around them also feel compelled to show their respect, further adding to the motivations of a woman to wear an abaya.

Black Open Floral Abaya

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As this style is integrated into everyday life, so is the purpose of wearing an abaya in terms of human dignity. For instance, summer-ready abayas can feature elegant embroideries or a plain design altogether. It definitely helps any woman give off an air of confidence and a respectful vibe no matter where she goes, making it plain to see why women wear abayas today and beyond.

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3. Another reason to wear an abaya: it encompasses all socio-economic distinctions

What is the point of wearing an abaya when it comes to class and equality? Even if you are not a Muslim, not a local, or you simply find this trend fabulous and stunning, you can still benefit from this particular fashion statement if you wanted to!

Pink Black Open Abaya Kimono
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If you’re asking yourself why Muslims wear abayas, it’s not just about its religious implications. Some women wear them to work every day as a classy and respectable office uniform. Others find that it can be an effective equalizer when it comes to socio-economic classes—because even if it’s embellished or plain, the basic foundation of the design is the same.

Why Wear Abaya
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Here’s another reason why people wear an abaya: the contemporary modest woman can also find comfort in knowing that they are made for all occasions. For instance, there’s just no possible way you can be overdressed or underdressed in one. You can also rock it in this plain black piece that features tulle bell sleeves and white polka dots for added visual interest. Black is slimming and timeless, so it’s a definite win-win.


4. When can I wear an abaya?

Comfy, convenient, and conservative, it can be flexibly worn to protect from the elements, to keep you covered for religious reasons, or to serve as a no-frills and fuss-free way to feel confident no matter where you go. Regardless of religious inclination or secular background, a woman can fully own the intention of wearing an abaya in solidarity with modest women everywhere.

Grey Lace Open Abaya Kimono
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The best part of it all is that you can choose from a wide range of styles whether for casual or formal events. There’s the butterfly abaya for a stunning rippled effect, an open abaya for layering when it’s chilly outside, a closed abaya for when you just want to slip into something easily without worrying about what’s underneath, a unique kimono abaya with large open sleeves, and an elegantly draped abaya for special occasions. The issue is never about when to wear an abaya—it’s actually about which design to choose from out of all the choices out there!

Reasons To Wear Abaya
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Still asking yourself, “When can I wear an abaya?” We’ll answer you loud and proud: “Anytime, anywhere!” For instance, you should never ask yourself why you should wear an abaya when you’re headed to an evening event. With the way this stunning Majesty Abaya is embroidered with colourful floral mesh, you’ll be sure to be the belle of the ball from sun up to sun down.


5. Need more reasons to wear an abaya? It’s practical—‘nuff said.

The reasons to wear an abaya can change from woman to woman, but it’s undeniable that as time goes by, people will have more and more motivations to wear an abaya.  Anyone who’s ever tried it on for the first time will be compelled to wonder why they ever questioned the point of wearing an abaya in the first place. The purpose of wearing an abaya can be traced back to how comfortable and practical it can be when it comes to modesty. A mix of culture and fashion, it makes women feel connected to their ethnicity and identity, all while providing them with the right coverage and enough freedom of movement as they go through their day.

Here’s another answer to why people wear an abaya: even if this versatile piece conceals sensitive curves, it doesn’t mean it has to be unflattering. The best fabric types can still show off your silhouette in crepe, cotton, silk, satin, or jersey fabric. If you’re asking yourself when to wear an abaya during certain weather conditions, cotton, linen, and viscose are ideal in warmer weather. Denim and other thicker materials are preferable when it’s cold outside. Some abaya fabrics can be thick and heavy when winter comes along, but they can also be lightweight and easy when the sun is scorching hot.

Beige Pleated Abaya Coat with Collar
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This abaya, for instance, allows more movement and helps support all kinds of personal styling for your clothes underneath. You can also wear a belt to emphasize your waist. Made from the Abraham fabric, it features pleated details for a minimalistic touch.

Regardless of your reason to wear an abaya, one thing’s for certain—the question of “When can I wear an abaya?” should never be an issue! You can check out our curated collection at FERADJE and find out more about why people wear an abaya today!


By Catherine Dellosa
09 June 2020


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