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Top 4 Conservative Summer Outfits To Beat The Heat

Who says you need to bear the stifling heat of the sizzling summer sun this season? With the right conservative summer outfits in your closet, you can definitely beat the heat and stay fresh and fab all season long—because everybody wants to feel comfortably cool especially when the sun is relentless out there.

The best modest summer outfits should make you feel easy-breezy no matter where you’re headed off to. Choosing your conservative clothes for summer is all about knowing which fabrics to use and which colours to flaunt. From vibrant pastel shades to floral prints that remind you of the loveliness of the brightest summer days, these modest clothing styles for summer will definitely be your next closet faves—and might even be your wardrobe staples all year long!


1. Conservative summer outfits in bursting baby blues

When you’re on the hunt for the sassiest modest clothes for summer, one of the most important things to consider is the colour of your fashion find. Summer is all about bright shades and happy hues that remind you of the freshness of the clearest and bluest skies. While you often see modest outfits for summer that shine bright in yellows and vibrant oranges, you can definitely think out of the box and go with soft pastels instead!

Blue Abaya with White Flowers and Belt
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Think modest summer outfits in baby pinks and baby blues. Look for styles that are flexible enough to wear open or closed, as these value-for-money pieces can help you save up and stay within budget since they’re fabulously flexible. Conservative clothing for hot weather should be all about bursts of fresh air that help you give off a joyful and youthful vibe no matter where you go, and pastel colours can help you do just that. 

Blue Open Abaya Kimono
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We’re talking about modest clothes for summer in monochromatic baby blue with subtle frills on the cuffs, just like this Verdan Abaya Baby Blue. The timelessness of this minimalist piece lets you pair it with whatever you want to underneath, and the open front design can definitely let the air breeze through your body as you strut your stuff around town. Stroll through Sunday markets and have tea time with the squad in this modest clothing for summer made from the finest thin crepe to keep you comfy as can be. Why should you suffer the summer sun when you can breeze through without literally breaking a sweat?


2. Modest summer outfits in funky shades

If you really want your conservative clothing for hot weather to stand out from the crowd, you can choose pieces that have multi-coloured designs that are subtle and simple without asking for too much attention. The most ideal modest outfits for summer can add a touch of colour and revitalize any get-up whatever the occasion may be. If you need something effortless to throw on on lazy Sundays or when the heat outside is just too much, opt for open-style abayas that can let the air circulate. Make sure they’re made from a lightweight fabric that won’t stick to your skin because nobody wants that “ick” factor during the hottest of days.

Beige Peach Abaya
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Conservative Summer Outfits Red Knitted Abaya with Belt
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This Rachel Abaya in majestic maroon is the perfect everyday abaya to layer on with its comfy knitted fabric and lively shades. Imagine feeling as light and fresh when the sun goes down as you first feel when the sun goes up. The best conservative clothes for summer shouldn’t have you sweating buckets as the long day progresses, after all. With its thin crepe material that keeps things at the height of all-day comfort, it’s the ideal modest outfit for summer to help you survive excruciating hot days while feeling figuratively hot at the same time!


3. Conservative clothes for summer in black

While most women think that black isn’t exactly the best colour to rock during days when you feel like you’re melting, there’s an easy workaround to that—opt for open front styles in lightweight fabric. When you know how to make the shade work for you, then black can be back no matter what the weather. 

Conservative Summer Outfits Black Abaya with Floral Back

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You can definitely amp up the summer-y feel of any black piece with floral embroidery or printed flower designs. For instance, this  Dragon Abaya features an open front with beautifully sewn 3D floral details that emphasise your fashion sense when you turn around, making sure that all eyes are on you even as you leave the room! Its beauty is in its simplicity, with its timeless black shade making it perfect for elegant parties during the summer season. Who says black can’t be your modest clothing of choice for summer? Give those nay-sayers something to think about with this dazzling piece that shows off your feminine yet fashion-forward side!

Black Gold Flower Open Abaya
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4. Conservative clothing for hot weather in light grey

Speaking of special occasions, summer may be filled with special occasions you definitely don't want to stress about when it comes to your modest outfits for summer. When that happens, invest in pieces that have telling details that are striking but still not too obvious, like sparingly sewn embellishments in light colours. Grey is the perfect shade to help elevate your get-up’s elegance, making sure that you’re ethereal as can be as you float down the hallways of any function hall or cocktail party. 

Grey Open Abaya Plain
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Don’t you think that this Light Grey Open Abaya with Embroidered Flowers saves the day? With its light and airy fabric made even more sophisticated and graceful with embroidered 3D flowers, it’s one of the freshest modest clothes for summer that you can wear to any kind of event this season.

Grey Open Abaya with 3D Flowers
Shop the Look: Light Grey Open Abaya with Embroidered Flowers, £89.00 GBP | Shop other Abayas

Looking for the perfect conservative summer outfits really shouldn’t be a stressful endeavour! It’s all about having fun with shades and fabrics, and keeping in mind that at the end of the day, it’s your confidence and inner beauty that should shine through. Summer won’t last forever, after all, so you have to make the most of it while you can. Check out FERADJE’s curated collection of fresh abayas to help keep you effortlessly cool this season!


Catherine Dellosa
2 Sept 2020   


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