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Top 4 Plus Size Modest Clothing That Defines Fashion

Who says plus size modest clothing items are hard to find? When it comes to scoring the classiest plus size conservative clothes, you don’t need to set off on a scavenger hunt that will drain all your energy and resources (not to mention your hard-earned money). All you really need are a few key pieces that you can wear over and over again without anyone being the wiser, just because those closet pieces are fearlessly fashionable no matter what the weather.

Gear up with the best modest clothes for plus size ladies with these four runway-ready finds that you’ll absolutely swear by from here on out!


1. Plus size modest clothing in pristine white 

The trouble with finding plus size modest clothing that won’t look like you just haphazardly threw everything on in the morning rush is that conservative clothing for plus size women are often styled like you’re drowning in fabric. Nobody wants to look like everything is too oversized—we always want to look incredibly well put-together from morning ‘til night. 

Plus Size Modest Clothing White Abaya Dress

The best modest plus size outfit that will make you look classy and sophisticated doesn’t have to be filled with all of the bells and whistles of fancy bling and other what-have-yous. All you really need is the pristine colour of white to instantly elevate the elegance of your overall look regardless of the occasion. For instance, this Chinim Abaya in simply stunning off-white features contrasting black stitches that highlight the cuffs, plackets, and hemline in all the right ways! The minimalistic look makes it the ideal modest fashion for plus size women to help you look prim and proper even without piling on the accessories. Don’t the ideal plus size modest clothes mean looking effortlessly cool without all the frills?

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2. Plus size conservative clothes with subtle embroidery 

Speaking of minimal styling, another key to success for modest clothing for plus size women is knowing how to emphasise certain parts of your outfit without trying to grab too much attention. A key detail here and there can already make your plus size conservative clothes stand out from the crowd in the right way, especially when you’re getting all dressed up for a special event like a wedding or an important meet-and-greet with big bosses from the office.  

Make your modest clothes for plus size ladies unforgettable with the right embellishments, just like this Ethnic Black Floral Abaya. Featuring embroidered flowers sewn sparingly down the front, this conservative clothing for plus sized women also has concealed buttons so that you can wear the piece open or closed however you want to. It can look equally stunning as an added outer layer to whatever you’re wearing underneath, or as a pretty and flowy dress when closed (especially during colder weather!).

Plus Size Modest Clothing Black Floral
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3. Modest clothes for plus size in beautiful black 

Modest plus size outfit ideas that will make you go viral aren’t always the most outrageous ones. Sometimes, simple is best, especially when it comes to the timelessness of basic black. This go-to colour not only offers your plus size modest clothes an overall slimming effect that complements your body shape nicely from sun up to sun down, but it also provides you with the right kind of coverage you want especially when you’re sticking to cultural or religious rules and dress codes.

Still, why shouldn’t modest fashion for plus size women in black be as visually interesting as other colours that are brighter than the sun? Make sure that your modest clothing for plus size women stands out even in black with subtle details like sequins on the cuffs and back of this Shimmery Sequin Black Abaya. It’s a fabulously fashionable way to add some extra oomph to a plain outfit, be it in keeping to a special occasion or simply to add some shimmer when you’re heading out to the mall for a little daytime shopping. 

Plus Size Modest Clothing Black Sequins
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4. Conservative clothing for plus size women with all the right folds 

Of course, sometimes, you really want to keep your plus size modest clothing as simple as possible, especially if you’re planning to reuse it repeatedly without anyone noticing. In times like those, you can keep even your nosiest co-worker guessing with a piece that features subtle folds to set it apart and give your plus size conservative clothes some extra depth and dimension.

The perfect piece would be this Libas Black Dress Abaya, with its lovely folds on the chest and stunning batwing sleeves. The fitted cuffs make sure that the modest plus size outfit still has that perfectly polished look; plus, the high-quality jet black fabric made from Dubai silk makes it extra comfy when you’re wearing it all day. You don’t even need to wear other fancy accessories to class up your look, because this kind of subtle modest fashion for plus size women already does all of the fabulousness for you. You’ll definitely exude the right kind of attitude as you hop from place to place in confidence and pizzazz!

Plus Size Modest Clothing Black Loose Dress Batwing
Shop The Look: Libas Black Dress Abaya, £99.00 GBP | Shop other Abayas 

Finally, another trick to complete your plus size modest clothing is to opt for a matching sash or corded tassel belt for outfits that you want to switch up a little. With matching sashes, you can easily highlight your curves the right way regardless of your body shape. Plus, they make it look like you really put in a lot of thought and effort to making yourself look good—and when you look good, you feel good! Wouldn’t you love to feel like you can conquer the world every single day?

Obviously, plus size modest clothes don’t have to be too expensive (because while we all want our outfits to look runway-ready, nobody wants to break the bank just to get there). With FERADJE’s fab modest clothing for plus size women, you can score the most amazing deals that are cute, comfy, and value-for-money, so why not head on over there today? 


By Catherine Dellosa
11 Nov 2020


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