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Where To Buy Modest Clothing That Are Fashionable?

Modest clothing needs to be comfortable, flowy, yet still fashionably flattering. Conservative clothes not only have to be stylish, but they also have to cover you up the right way without making you look like you’re drowning in fabric. While plenty of women struggle with finding the perfect conservative clothing and if you are wondering 'where to buy fashionable modest clothing', who says you need to go through the same ordeal? 

Get the best that the fashion world has to offer with these below that will keep your style game on point all year long!


1. Where to buy fashionable modest clothing?

If you are asking yourself, 'where to buy fashionable modest clothing?', start with basic long and flowy dresses as regular dresses may not always make the best modest fashion. It’s definitely a challenge to find the perfect piece that flatters your figure while still looking modest. Picking the wrong piece can make things look frumpy and bulky, which is why it’s important to choose the perfect fit without indecently exposing any skin, of course!

To make sure that your modest outfit has what it takes to emphasise your body in all the right places without resorting to anything too tight-fitting (if you’ve got it, flaunt it, after all), invest in modest clothes that can double as a dress and an abaya at the same time—and this Majesty Abaya does exactly that! Its flowery mesh details come to the rescue with its unique and visually interesting embroidery attached to the waistline. This not only helps you give off a fresh and feminine vibe reminiscent of spring, but it also effectively breaks up the monotony of an abaya by emphasising your waist.

Where To Buy Fashionable Modest Clothing

Where To Buy Fashionable Modest Clothing Black Abaya Dress Floral

Shop The Look: Majesty Abaya, £99.00 GBP | Shop other Abayas  

It’s made from high-quality Dubai silk too, so you can rest assured that you’ll be comfy all day long. The standard measurement fits well for all body sizes, with a floor length of 148 cm or 58 inches so you can be sure it’ll fit you nicely even when your size fluctuates. The beauty of using abayas as dresses is that abayas tend to be more flexible when it comes to sizing, and it’s the perfect kind of conservative clothing that won’t feel bulky at all!


2. Where to buy conservative clothes for classy events?

Now, we talked about replacing your old dresses in your closet and giving your wardrobe an abaya-centered makeover, but what about for special occasions? More than regular everyday wear, you will need modest clothes that you can wear when you’re attending evening parties and other special events. You will also need modest clothes that will unleash the fierce femme fatale in you during special events at the office, networking nights, or formal presentations with clients.

Why not feel fancy with soft hues of blush? This Blush Abaya With Beige Lace is the ideal modest outfit that will show off your inner strength while adding an unmistakable air of elegance and sophistication. Let your modest clothes give off a classy vibe and an aura of empowerment with side lace details while keeping you nice and covered up. The hips measure 120 cm or 47 inches for this standard piece, so you can be absolutely certain that it fits you like a glove more than any regular dress ever could.

Where To Buy Fashionable Modest Clothing Blush Abaya Dress Side Lace

Shop The Look: Blush Abaya With Beige Lace, £95.00 GBP | Shop other Abayas  


3. Where to buy modest clothes for layering?

If you’re looking for modest fashion that you can layer over whatever you’re wearing underneath, kimono styles make for the perfect piece. Conservative clothes that have an open front design are flexible in that you can wear them to offer extra coverage or as an added layer when the weather is cold. Modest clothes in this style are also sized in such a way that they provide you with freedom of movement even with standard measurements.

For instance, this Charlotte Abaya Royal Blue makes for stylish conservative clothing for women that’s flexible enough to wear as part of your everyday closet or an outer layer for a fancy dress underneath. The embroidered floral patches coupled with the high quality thin crepe material keeps this modest outfit comfortable no matter what the weather. Because it’s meant to be worn as an open front modest clothing piece, you can be sure that it fits you the way you want it to

Where To Buy Fashionable Modest Clothing Blue Open London Cardigan Floral

Shop The Look: Charlotte Abaya Royal Blue, £109.00 GBP | Shop other Abayas  


4. Where to find modest outfits with hijab?

Sometimes, it can be a challenge to find the perfect outfit to pair with hijab—it can also be a challenge to find one that you can still rock even if you’re not wearing one. Flexibility is incredibly important when it comes to keeping your modest clothing budget in check, which is why opting for an abaya dress that is versatile enough will do the trick. 

This Black Open Abaya with Colourful Pockets comes in basic black to make sure that it’s easy to pair whether you’re wearing it open or closed. Since the colour is classic as can be, you can easily match it with any kind of hijab, headwear, or choose to go without it. The luxurious piece also features two functional pockets for a guaranteed elegant night.

Where To Buy Modest Clothing

Shop The Look: Black Open Abaya with Colourful Pockets, £79.00 GBP | Shop other Abayas  

Isn’t hunting for modest clothing absolutely enthralling? Gone are the days when you have to painstakingly drop by every single shop to find the best piece that fits you and flatters your shape the right way. With FERADJE’s curated collection of comfortable finds, The One is just a click away—so head on over there to spot the best deals and most amazing pieces to add to your wardrobe today!


By Catherine Dellosa
30 Sept 2020 


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