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Top 5 Tips on How to Style Your Abayas

With the abaya’s graceful sweeping length and its elegant modesty, how to style abayas shouldn’t be a problem. In fact, this conservative and comfortable outfit can be your instant go-to piece from formal evening events to casual days out in cozy jeans! Choosing what to wear with an abaya is easy as 1-2-3, and we’ve got the lowdown on the best way to style abayas in our handy-dandy list below.

1. How to style an abaya in basic black

Black is as timeless as can be, and there’s nothing more elegant. You can go from sun up to sun down in just a simple black abaya as part of your daily wardrobe, and you don’t even have to spend countless hours trying to plan the perfect outfit. If you’re pressed for time when your gal pals suddenly hold an impromptu get-together or you’re rushing through your morning prep while running late for work, how to style a black abaya is never a question! The minimalist vibe of this Mara Abaya Black will do the trick. 

Tips on How to Style Your Abayas Black Open Abaya with Frills

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No matter what your hem length may be or your sleeve design is, the classic black shade of your flowy piece will always elevate your look regardless of the occasion. But because this item is sleek and simple, people’s attention will always be drawn to the fabric itself. The best way to style a black abaya is to make sure that you keep your outfit immaculate and wrinkle-free.

Keep it looking good as new and freshly fab by steaming it. When it’s not in use, hang it on a hanger in your closet to prolong its lifespan. Then, before you wear it, give it a quick once-over to check if it’s wrinkled in any places. When you’re steaming it, be wary of the temperature as anything that goes up too high will ruin your abaya. You definitely want to go for a flawless finish, wouldn’t you?

2. What to match with an abaya: the right heels

Stressing out over what to wear with your abaya to that special occasion? The secret is in the right heels! If you’re heading out to a fancy event, here’s a quick guide on how to style your abaya: go for embellished designs or embroidered accents and pair your piece with killer high heels. You can also choose simple gold details like this Golden Abaya for a more luxurious look. 

Tips on How to Style Your Abayas Black Abaya with Gold Lace Sleeves

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A common misconception is to pick a sweeping length that drags along on the ground, but not only is that unhygienic (just think of all the dirt and grime you’ll be dragging along with you!), but it’s also incredibly impractical as you risk tripping and falling flat on your face with every step! The best thing to do when you’re looking for ideas on how to style your abaya is to find the right length. The hem should reach past your ankle at around a few centimetres to keep things glamorous and practical.  

Even if you’re thinking about how to wear an abaya during casual days out in the summer sun, you shouldn’t go for hemlines that are too short, either! Simply swap out those high heels with comfy flats and your everyday abaya should be good to go.


3. Ideas on how to style my abaya: sizzling sleeves

You don’t really need a specific reason to wear your abayas. When it comes to staying modest and sophisticated, it’s not a question of what to match with abayas but of which sleeve you should pick! Ideally, your sleeves should be somewhere those that run down to your wrist. This should keep you conservative yet comfortable no matter what the weather. 

Just as there are many different ways on how to style abayas, there are many different sleeve types too! For fancier digs, date nights, or religious occasions, you can opt for batwing abayas to keep things elegant and modest. For instance, this Shahnaz Abaya features handsewn floral embroidery in matte satin fabric to add visual interest and help you give off a sophisticated vibe throughout the night. With its intrinsic elegance in basic black, you won’t even have to worry about what to match with your abaya!

Tips on How to Style Your Abayas Black Batwing Abaya
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4. Quick guide on how to style abayas: fabric and fit

Bear in mind that the best way to style abayas is to make sure you’re not trying to squeeze into anything that’s too tight. Flattering fits don’t mean body-hugging fabrics! There are tons of tip-top tips and guides on how to style abayas, but the most practical one is to find the fit that flatters without clinging to your skin in all the wrong places.

How do you wear an abaya with grace? The easiest thing to do is to look for materials that flow beautifully and naturally down your body. Regardless of your body shape and what you match with your abaya, choose a fabric that doesn’t stick to your skin uncomfortably. Don’t pick ones that overwhelm you in fabric, either. If you want to find the simplest go-to fix-it for an overpowering piece, just grab a sash belt to tie around your waist for a flattering silhouette—talk about an easy-peasy strategy on how to wear an abaya in a pinch!


5. Best way to style abayas: watching the weather 

Finally, just like you wouldn’t want to have your fabric sticking to your skin, you definitely wouldn't want to be sweating bullets underneath all that fabric. How to style abayas with ease should always factor in the weather wherever you may be. Go for lightweight materials under the scorching sun, and opt for lighter colours when you’re thinking about what shades to wear with your abaya. Go pretty in pink in this Poppy Abaya, for example! 

How to Style Your Abayas Pink Open Abaya with Flowers

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When it’s a little chilly outside, it doesn’t hurt to think outside the box—the best way to style abayas during colder seasons is to use it as an outer layer. Go with wool during winter if you can as opposed to the cotton and linen ones during summer. With all that said, isn’t it easy to find ways on how to style an abaya no matter what the situation? Head on over to FERADJE to find your closet faves today!

By Catherine Dellosa
23 June 2020


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