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Best Abayas For Wedding That Are Literally Fashion Goals

Whether you’re the blushing bride looking for the best abaya for wedding for your own gown or for your entourage, or you’re an eager guest happy to celebrate the bride’s Big Day in the most beautiful wedding abaya styles out there, you need to find the best abaya design for a wedding. It’s not always easy to spot the ideal wedding party abaya right away when you’re scouring the metro for The One, but if you know how to style abaya for weddings, you know which features to look for to make sure that your abaya stands out from the crowd.

What do people wear for a wedding in UK? The answer is easier than you think! Check out these fab abayas for wedding functions that will guarantee your digs are the ultimate fashion goals no matter what the season!


1. Best abaya for wedding with sequins

Stressing about what abaya to wear for a UK wedding? You can be as elegant as can be in timeless black with a hint of shimmer. The best abaya design for weddings don’t have to be outrageously out there and over-the-top. In fact, all you really need is a little subtlety and a whole lot of confidence to boot!

Best Abaya For Wedding UK in Black with Sequins

To make sure that you attract the right kind attention as a guest in a sassy wedding party abaya, opt for details that are simple but impactful. Make a good impression that lasts in your wedding abaya styles that feature a little bit of shine and sparkle to show off your inner diva without asking for too much attention—after all, you wouldn’t want to steal the focus away from the bride. For instance, this Elegant Black Abaya with Matte Sequins in beautiful black features classy delicate sequins for a fancy special occasion. This abaya for weddings in the evening shows off your delicate side with the embroidered sequins on the sleeves so that you’ll shine with your every move. 

Best Abaya For Wedding UK Black with Sequins

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Top off this elegant look with the concealed front buttons, so that if you’re wondering how to style abaya for wedding, you can easily wear this open or closed for full flexibility. The black tassel belt also guarantees that you can flaunt your fabulous figure while staying modestly covered up. This abaya for wedding functions definitely flatters your figure no matter what the angle!


2. What abaya to wear for a UK wedding? Go with metallic floral.

Shiny sequins aren’t just limited to sleeves and necklines. They can definitely highlight the linings of your wedding abaya styles, but they can also be the focus of your whole get-up altogether!  

Best Abaya For Wedding UK with Colourful Sequins

Case in point: this Shimmery Sequin Black Abaya draws your visual focus toward its embroidered metallic sequins on the back and on the sleeves in a unique floral design. The style of this top abaya weddings is reminiscent of kimono trends that you can style open or closed. As an open abaya for weddings, you can use this as an outer layer to make sure you’re still comfortable even if it’s a little chilly outside. It’s also the best abaya for wedding when you’re itching to show off what you’re wearing underneath, whether it’s a fancy floor-length dress or a pretty below-the-knee length skirt that flaunts your refreshing feminine side!

Best Abaya For Wedding UK with Sequins on the Back

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3. Best abaya for weddings that feature pretty pearls

If you’re not a fan of shimmery sequins for your UK wedding party abaya, you can always turn to pretty pearls as your go-to style for your best abaya design for wedding. Pearls instantly add an air of sophistication and grace to any outfit, and when you pair it with the classic timelessness of the colour black, you can be sure that you’ll turn heads the right way as you float down the hall.

Best Abaya For Wedding UK in Black with Pearls

What do people wear for a wedding in UK? Don’t stress—this Pearl Abaya Ecru in monochromatic black features loose batwing sleeves in comfortable high-quality al-Madinah silk. Delicately embellished with faux white pearls, this top abaya for weddings not only keeps you cosy with its concealed front zipper for the ultimate versatility, but it also features cuffed sleeves for that extra but not-too-obvious oomph.

Best Abaya For Wedding UK in Black with Pearls

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4. How to style abaya for weddings? Go nude (figuratively, of course!).

If you don’t want to stick to blacks all the time, you can still elevate your elegant air with a minimalistic look in the soft and simple nude colour of beige! After all, the best abaya for wedding is all about simplicity, so why not pick a neutral earthy colour with just simple ruffle details for a fabulous finish?

This Blush Abaya answers the dilemma of what abaya to wear for a wedding with a flourish. The thin crepe material of this beautiful blush abaya for wedding functions provides you with a lighter option for special occasions that take place during the sunny summer months or in the freshness of spring. The lace details along the sides make this top abaya for UK weddings a delight to the eyes, and it’s even casual enough for everyday styling, so you can really get your money’s worth!

Best Abaya For Weddings
Shop The Look:  Blush Abaya | Shop other Abayas  

So, what do people wear for a wedding? The best abaya for wedding is just around the corner if you know where to look, and what features to search for! Go with shimmering sequins, floral details, and pretty pearls for your accent designs, or opt for lighter pieces that come in beautiful beige or soft nude colours. Make sure you have pieces that come with matching sashes or belts so you can wear them open or closed. And finally, make sure that the best abaya for UK weddings will be approved not just by the bride but by the whole squad!

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By Catherine Dellosa
4 Oct 2020 


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