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Modest Outfits For Winter For Anyone Who Loves To Layer Up

Feeling a little chilly? The most modest outfits for winter should be all about layering up and piling on the outerwear, but that doesn't mean you need to hide under a bundle of clothes and hibernate! Modest wear for cold weather can be hip and cool too—not literally, but figuratively!

Why waste all of that fab fashion sense and bury yourself under layers that don’t show off your fun and quirky side? Check out our fashion hacks on the most conservative outfits for the cold season that will still bring out the fashionista in you:


1. Modest outfits for winter: go velvet 

The velvety goodness of the latest abaya designs these days are making waves in the industry, and for good reason! Modest clothing for winter means keeping nice and toasty despite the cold and harsh weather raging on outside, and velvet abayas not only provide that cosy and comfy feel, but they also look absolutely fabulous no matter where you’re headed off to.

Just think: your velvet abaya will keep your fashion game on point when you’re killing it at the office or when you’re running out to do errands in the wintertime weather, making it the perfect modest clothes option during the season. Why should you settle for being a quivering mess when you can be comfy all throughout the winter?

Here’s another nifty pro to velvet abayas: they not only make for the ideal choice for modest ensembles for frosty weather, but they also add instant elegance for both indoor and outdoor events. You can totally be the star of the show at evening occasions as well—why shouldn’t a fashion diva be warm and toasty underneath, right?

Velvet abayas come in floor-length cuts, gowns, and frock styles, so you have plenty of options to choose from when you're picking out the trendiest designs online out there. For instance, this Velvet Abaya made from Jet black Dubai silk also comes with a corded tassel belt to emphasize your waist and flatter your figure no matter what the angle.

Modest Outfits For Winter Black Velvet Abaya

Shop The Look: Velvet Abaya, £99.00 GBP | Shop other Abayas


 2. Modest wear for cold weather: don’t forget to accessorise 

The tendency of throwing on conservative attire for winter all willy-nilly is that we often end up with a whole bunch of layers that hide our fabulousness under layers and layers of fabric. Modest wear for cold weather shouldn’t have to be unflattering! If you don’t have the option of reducing layers, you can always up the ante with the right accessories under your belt.

For example, you can opt for chic bangles, hip earrings, and statement bracelets. Break up your overall silhouette with a matching belt to add some dimension to an open abaya. You can also pair your conservative outfits for the cold seasons with cute handbags or killer heels. Just remember not to go overboard with the bling or you might end up looking like a Christmas tree—we know it’s the holidays, but that doesn’t mean you have to literally look the part! 

This Royal Abaya Black features a weighty material that can keep you covered up and cosy while helping you look elegant and sophisticated as you gear up for a luxurious night out. You can wear this to special occasions as your conservative attire for winter with its pleated Abraham fabric and classy lapel collar. Top it off with your fave hijab for an unforgettable modest ensemble for the frosty weather.

Modest Outfits For Winter Black Pleated Coat with Collar

Shop The Look: Royal Abaya Black, £99.00 GBP | Shop other Abayas


3. Conservative outfits for cold season: open front abayas 

Before you protest about how chilly it can get when you’re wearing an open abaya as your modest clothing for winter, think about the clothing that you actually wear underneath. Open abayas make fabulous outerwear when you need to layer up without sacrificing your fashionable get-up under the fabric. Modest clothes for wintertime don’t have to be all closed and zipped up all the time, after all! You can still strut your stuff as long as you pick heavier fabrics and thicker top-and-bottom combos under your outerwear. 

The beauty of open front abayas as your modest outfits for winter is that you can pair them with practically anything you want underneath. You can choose to wear long dresses, casual jeans, tucked shirts, or even formalwear. You can also use long coats as your modest wear for cold weather—pair this with those boots you’ve been hiding in your closet and you’ll definitely be the talk of the town and the life of the party! 

Modest Outfits For Winter Red Abaya with Black Lace Sleeves

Who says conservative outfits for cold seasons have to be dull and uninteresting? Keep up with the latest trends with this Ruth Abaya. It features hidden buttons on the front so you have the option to wear it open or closed for the ultimate versatility. Just remember to pick the right size for you on the sizing chart so that the modest clothes fit perfectly whether you’re freezing during the wintertime or at the height of summer.

Modest Outfits For Winter Red Closed Abaya with Black Lace Sleeves

Shop The Look: Ruth Abaya, £99.00 GBP | Shop other Abayas


4. Modest clothing for winter: colour your life

Finally, the coolest modest ensemble for frosty weather needs to be chic when it comes to bursts of color and lively shades. You don’t have to stick to boring hues, either—you can opt for plum, navy, burgundy, beige, and classic black! Top your overall look with statement pockets to keep your hands warm and closed shoes to keep your toes toasty and your conservative attire for winter will be good to go.

Modest Outfits For Winter Red Knitted Abaya

If you’re already covered up underneath and you just need an extra layer for a little chill, this Rachel Abaya is the perfect outerwear that brings a pop of colour to any dull weather. The knitted fabric on the side also elevates its coziness factor during the unpredictable weather in the UK.

Modest Outfits For Winter Red Knitted Open Abaya

Shop The Look: Rachel Abaya, £95.00 GBP | Shop other Abayas

For more of these fashion finds to keep you warm during winter and the latest trends that will make your outfits go viral out there, check out FERADJE’s curated collection of the hottest deals to keep you cosy and comfy throughout the whole year!


By Catherine Dellosa
4 Aug 2020 


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