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Best Design Of Abaya That Are Cheap and Stylish

What does it mean to have the best design of abaya that you want to wear over and over again? While there are different styles of abaya you can wear from sun up to sundown, the best abaya trend is one that you can wear no matter what the season or what the occasion. They should not only be affordable and stylish, but the best abaya designs should also be budget-friendly. What are the different designs of abaya that are easy on the wallet and won't require you to break the bank?

Because we want to make sure that all of your different abaya designs are right on the money, we've compiled the top 4 best designs of abaya that you absolutely swear by:


1. Best designs of abaya with an open front

While it's easy to pick the designs of abaya that you want to rock day in and day out, it can be difficult to find the best design of abaya that is super affordable. After all, what is the best abaya design if not something that won't make you have buyer’s remorse after you go on a shopping spree?  

To make sure that the best abaya designs won’t have you regretting anything, look for pieces that are flexible enough to be paired with anything. Different abaya styles online will often feature open or closed variants—what you should do is look for the designs of abaya that you can wear both open or closed. A closed abaya is a great way to keep yourself covered during the winter months, while an open abaya will make sure that the air circulates all over your body despite being properly covered up. An open abaya can also help you show off whatever you're wearing underneath! This is the ideal style of abaya to wear when you're looking for something to layer on top of your everyday outfit. For example, how can you go wrong with this Shazam Abaya Royal Blue paired with your favourite boyfriend jeans underneath? The frill details along the hemline lend an added layer of texture to any look—plus, the effortlessly cool vibe is unmistakable.  

Best Design Of Abaya That Are Cheap and Stylish Blue Plain Open
Shop The Look: Shazam Abaya Royal Blue, £99.00 GBP | Shop other Abayas  


2. Style of abaya with fun sleeves 

The best abaya trend doesn't have to be too out there. Different abaya designs will offer you a wide variety of choices whenever you're shopping online, but the best abaya design you should invest in is one that has subtle details that won't make it too obvious if you wear it again and again. What are the different designs of abaya that will fit your budget just right? We're talking about different abaya styles online that have an embroidered detail or two either on the chest or on the back. 

Best Design of Abaya Cheap and Stylish Black with Checkered Sleeves

The best design of abaya can also have detailed sleeves. For instance, a plain outfit that has an interesting cut of sleeves can be pretty stylish whether you're looking for formal wear during an evening event or just meeting up with your best buds over afternoon tea. This Black Abaya with Dark Beige Checkered Sleeves and Belt has funky sleeves that are memorably fun! You also won’t be needing any added accessories with this one.

Best Design Abaya Cheap Stylish Black Checkered Sleeves Belt
Shop The Look: Black Abaya with Dark Beige Checkered Sleeves and Belt, £75.00 GBP | Shop other Abayas  


3. Best abaya design in black or white

What is the best abaya design that won't drain your savings or give you bill shock at the end of the month? The best abaya designs out there shouldn't have to give you a heart attack when you look at the price tag. To make sure that your designs of abaya are smart investments, look for a style of abaya that already looks fashionably elegant as a plain piece. The best abaya trend is one that doesn't fade like a momentary fad!

Best Design Of Abaya That Are Cheap and Stylish Black Pleated Dress with Belt

What are the different designs of abaya that can stand the test of time? We're talking about the best abaya design in basic black and white. Different abaya designs in white can make you look ultra-hip and effortlessly cool without the need to wear any kind of accessories. In the same way, the best design of abaya in black is not only slimming for the perfect silhouette no matter what your body shape may be, but it also goes well with practically anything. Keep things even more interesting with added texture or double linings, like this Plica Pleated Abaya Dress. The two layers will keep you warm and toasty when it’s cold outside, and the flattering A-line cut is a huge plus too!

Best Design Abaya Cheap Stylish Black Pleated Abaya Dress Belt
Shop The Look: Plica Pleated Abaya Dress, £149.00 GBP | Shop other Abayas  

Because you're looking for something that is more budget-friendly, you definitely can't go wrong with black or white. You can wear them to formal evening events, wedding parties, or networking nights at work when you have to impress your bosses and clients, too!


4. Different abaya designs perfect for hijab

What is the best abaya design? There is definitely no single answer, but the closest thing to the best abaya design is one that you can also wear during religious occasions. You definitely want all of your different abaya styles online to cater to your cultural beliefs. Not only should they adhere to the rules of your religion, but they should also look fashionable to spice up all kinds of cultural events. 

Best Design of Abaya that are Cheap and Stylish Pink Open Flower Shoulder

For instance, designs of abaya that go perfectly well with your headscarf or hijab is a great way to save money but still look like you’re fresh off the runway. The trick is to invest in a piece that has a toned-down but still visually interesting colour, like burgundy or blush. This Spring Abaya even takes it up a notch with its floral embroidery from the shoulder to the chest for extra pizzazz, and it’s even made from the finest Dubai silk to make sure that you’re comfy as can be all throughout the day!

Best Design Abaya Cheap Stylish Pink Embroidered Shoulder
Shop The Look: Spring Abaya, £99.00 GBP | Shop other Abayas  

So what are the different designs of abaya that are runway-ready and easy on the budget?  Simply head on over to FERADJE to shop for the best design of abaya from our curated collection today!


By Catherine Dellosa
28 Oct 2020


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