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4 Super Stylish and Cheap Designer Abayas for Sale

There’s nothing more exciting than scouring online shops for cheap designer abayas for sale, don’t you think? The exhilaration of finding a good deal and the success of spotting cheap abayas on offer can provide a welcome adrenaline rush like no other, especially for the bargain-hunting fashionista. But more than the low-cost abayas for sale, it’s important to check the quality of the piece you’re hunting for before you hit that “Add To Cart” button—after all, you wouldn’t want to ride on the shopping high and come crashing back down promptly as soon as you receive a poorly made item. Buyer’s remorse is no laughing matter!

To help you score the best designer abayas on a budget with the best quality to boot, we’ve got the round-up on these four hot picks you definitely won’t regret investing in:


1. Cheap designer abaya for sale: raglan sleeves in Dubai silk 

The most affordable abayas for sale should not only be easy on the wallet but also easy on the eyes. Reasonable priced designer abayas for sale in the bargain bins will sometimes have really low prices but otherwise terrible quality—bad stitching, uncomfortable fabrics, and tacky designs abound in plenty of sale racks across the country. It’s important to keep an eye out for affordable price tags that have amazing quality as well, which is exactly what this stunning piece has to offer. 

The Meena Abaya features beautifully intricate details on the raglan sleeves that can instantly elevate your overall look in a single glance. This low-cost abaya for sale not only has a hidden zipper on the front so that you can easily wear it open over jeans or closed for the ultimate versatility, but it also features jet black Dubai silk for that final exquisite touch.

Shop The Look: Meena Abaya, £105.00 GBP | Shop other Abayas

The outer layer is made from see-through fabric for an added layer of dimension to your get-up, while the inner fabric is made from cotton jersey to make sure that you’re at the height of comfort all throughout the day even if it’s sizzling hot in the middle of a sunny day. Its hem length reaches just near the ankles to keep you modest and properly covered up no matter what the occasion, whether you're preparing for an evening affair or dressing up for a religious event. Don’t forget the killer heels to complete your look!


2. Affordable abayas for sale: faux black pearls for instant elegance 

It’s not enough to fill your closet with budget friendly desginer abayas for sale that won’t break the bank—it’s just as crucial to find ones that are easy to pair and can make you feel like royalty everywhere you go. What better way to make like a queen by strutting your stuff in faux black or white pearls sewed subtly onto your reasonable priced abaya for sale? 

Super Stylish and Cheap Abayas Black with Pearls

These pearl abayas not only feature a feminine cut with unique loose sleeves, but it also has intricate faux pearls around the abaya for a simple and subtle look. The concealed front zipper gives you the welcome option of wearing your budget friendly abaya for sale as an outer layer, giving you the freedom to pair it with whatever you fancy underneath your open abaya. If you choose to keep it closed, you can easily do so especially when it gets a little chilly outside. You can also easily pair it with your favourite hijab to add an elegant touch of sophistication to your cultural get-up—who knows? You might even have to give your wardrobe a complete overhaul with this piece as the main peg!

Super Stylish and Cheap Abayas Black with Pearls

Shop The Look: Pearl Abaya Black, £99.00 GBP | Shop other Abayas

Super Stylish and Cheap Abayas Black with Pearls

Shop The Look: Pearl Abaya Ecru, £99.00 GBP | Shop other Abayas


3. Cheap designer abaya on offer: eccentric coloured abaya

Embellishments, embroidery, and lace aren’t the only factors to consider when you're looking for abayas on a budget. The most affordable designer abayas on sale can also switch things up with colourful accents throughout the whole piece!

Super Stylish and Cheap Abayas Black with Colourful Side Seams

For instance, this Tribal Coloured Abaya helps brighten up the room no matter where you go (and it definitely adds a spring to your step, too) with vivid patterns on the side panels that really stand out when set against the timelessness of classic black. Made from premium Dubai silk, this cheap designer abaya on offer features a kimono style design with concealed front buttons for flexibility. The best part of it all is that this low-cost abaya for sale comes with a matching corded tassel belt! You can choose to tie it around your waist to emphasize your figure and show off your body shape that looks fab at every angle.

Super Stylish and Cheap Abayas Black with Colourful Sides

Shop The Look: Tribal Coloured Abaya, £119.00 GBP | Shop other Abaya


4. Abaya on a budget: two-toned sleeves

A burst of colour here and there is always refreshing, so when you can, try to look for cheap abayas for sale that have pops of different shades every now and then to help break up the monochromatic look of classic black pieces. Look for cheap abayas on offer that liven up your closet and improve your mood just by throwing it on!

Case in point: this Rukkiya Abaya comes with textured two-toned sleeves that attract plenty of visual interest from sun up to sun down. The premium Dubai silk keeps you comfy and adds overall value to the reasonable priced abaya for sale, as the quality fabric is a definite steal for such a good price. Just keep in mind to give your affordable designer abaya for sale a little TLC each time you wear them—hand wash it separately, hang it the right way, and don’t soak to make sure that it stays fresh and fab for years and years to come.

Super Stylish and Cheap Abayas Black with Beige Sleeves

Shop The Look: Rukkiya Abaya, £99.00 GBP | Shop other Abayas

With these four fab fashion picks, you can keep your OOTDs totally on-point even with abayas on a budget! Rocking budget friendly abayas for sale is really all about knowing how to rock what you own with confidence and ease. To make sure that you score the best cheap designer abayas for sale out in the market today, check out FERADJE and its fabulous collection of cheap abayas on offer that will keep your whole squad lusting after your finds all year long!


By Catherine Dellosa
22 July 2020 


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