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Best Hijabi Outfits To Stand Out At Parties

It doesn’t take a ridiculously huge budget to make your hijabi outfits stand out from the crowd! All you really need is the right combination of quality material, the right cut, classy drape quality, and the subtlest designs that make the most impact. Of course, it helps if you have the confidence to boot—and the right place to find the best hijabi party outfits out there. 

Still a little worried? Don’t fret—we’ve got the latest hijabi fashion for parties that’ll solve all your woes this holiday season and all throughout the year.

1. Top hijabi outfits for special occasions

This holiday season (and for all seasons, actually!), let your special occasion hijabi outfits speak for themselves! You don’t need outrageous colours or lavishly expensive pieces that will leave you with buyer’s remorse after your shopping spree. The best thing you can do is go with basic black—the timelessness of this classic colour will let you customize it easily and match your hijabi outfits with anything to cater to the specific party you’re prepping for. 

If you’re thinking that it’s impossible to stand out in such a seemingly boring hue, think again! Take this Elegant Black Abaya with Shiny Sequins, for instance. With its elegant sequins that are delicately highlighting the shoulders down to the cuffs (as well as around the neckline and down the plackets), you can be sure that you’ll look as graceful and sophisticated as can be with just a tiny telling detail that’s not too out-there. You can also style it as an open or closed front, so customizing it to fit any occasion is easy-breezy.

Best Hijabi Outfits Black Sequin AbayaBest Hijabi Outfits Black Abaya Belt Sequins
Shop The Look: Elegant Black Abaya with Shiny Sequins, £89.00 GBP | Shop other Abayas  

By the way, if you’re looking for more ways to make the most of all of your closet faves, here’s an extra bonus: if you’re done showing it off at a formal party, you can dress it down for daily wear by pairing it with your favorite jeans underneath.

2. Hijabi outfit party ideas for any season

The best thing about the latest hijabi fashion for parties is that they’re extremely flexible, so you can easily match them with anything depending on the occasion. The most amazing hijab party outfit ideas involve dressing up or dressing down basic pieces that can be flexibly worn to any event and during any season, no matter what the weather.

Best Hijabi Outfits Black Rose Abaya

For instance, the kimono style design of this Black Rose Abaya means that you can wear it open during the summer when you want to let the breeze blow through, or closed during the winter when it’s a little chillier. The elegant black colour lets you wear it to formal evening events, but the feminine 3D flowers embroidered all around the piece means you can also rock this during the spring when it’s all about flower power. Talk about a smart wardrobe investment!

Best Hijabi Outfits Black Flower Abaya
Shop The Look: Black Rose Abaya, £109.00 GBP | Shop other Abayas  


3. Dress-like hijabi outfit for all occasions 

What’s the most ideal hijab outfit for all occasions? Is it the one that has the most embellishments, or those that feature fabulous frills from head to toe? Do you need to spend your hard-earned money on embroidery with skyrocketing price tags? While you might think that your special occasion hijabi outfits need to be decked to the nines with pricey accessories and over-the-top add-ons, it’s actually quite the opposite—the best party hijabi outfits make you stand out in simplicity and not by asking for too much attention.

Case in point: this Majesty Abaya features a unique and colourful floral mesh that’s subtle yet vibrant at the same time. It has a dress-like design that makes your abaya stand out at parties, and with the high-quality Dubai silk material, you’ll definitely have a comfortable time from morning ‘til night. Top it all off with a flattering drape quality and you’ll be sure to highlight your curves in all the right places with a flattering fit no matter what your body shape (this works great for spring and summer too!).

Best Hijabi Outfits Black Colourful Floral Abaya Dress
Shop The Look: Majesty Abaya, £99.00 GBP | Shop other Abayas  


4. Special occasion hijabi outfits in tulle

Hijabi outfits always need to follow certain rules when it comes to cultural nuances. Whether you’re dressing up for a fancy formal event or wowing the big bosses at an office cocktail party, it pays to have the best party hijabi outfits that will not only make you feel like royalty, but also help you stick to your cultural ideals.

How well do your hijabi outfits make you feel good and look good? The latest hijabi fashion for parties doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg—in fact, the most affordable and value-for-money finds are readily available and easily accessible out there. All you have to do is know what to look for, which is exactly what this Esra Abaya is all about.

Best Hijabi Outfits Black Mesh Abaya
Shop The Look: Esra Abaya, £99.00 GBP | Shop other Abayas  

Featuring tantalising tulle that’s intricately embroidered from the hips to the hemline, this bespoke piece made from jet black Nida fabric lets you float down the aisle during weddings or class up the evening at any holiday party. Not only does it help you stick to your modest ideals and cultural dress code, but it also lets you stay within your budget with its budget-friendly price tag that’s easy on the wallet. 

In summary, you don’t need to go all out if you want to attract the right kind of attention at parties with your hijabi outfits. Just a few key pieces will already elevate your level of sophistication and add some welcome flair and pizzazz to your overall look. Having the right pieces will also make your whole squad want to go twinning with you—not to mention your OOTD might just go viral! 

Afraid of running out of hijab outfit party ideas? The most practical thing to do is to pick a handful of wardrobe staples and convert them into hijab outfits for all occasions with just a modification or two for every different event. After all, why should you spend on a lovely piece and not reuse it whenever you get the chance?

Ready to wow the world with your impeccable taste and unleashed the inner fashionista in you? Head on over to FERADJE and shop for your faves today!


By Catherine Dellosa
16 Dec 2020


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