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Best Modest Outfits To Wear Every Day

When we’re shopping for modest outfits, we don’t often think about pieces that we can easily throw on at any given time of the year. More often than not, we shop for top modest clothes for very specific special occasions, whether for weddings, holiday parties, or for work wear. While there’s nothing wrong with looking your absolute best from head to toe whenever you’re prepping for a big event, it definitely doesn’t hurt to get decked to the nines with the latest modest styles for everyday looks too!

From sleek and sassy black to open abayas you can pair with anything, these are the best modest clothing pieces that will carry you all throughout the year!


1. Modest outfits with practical pockets

When we think about daily wear, we don’t always consider modest outfits that are both fashionable and functional. The thing about the latest modest styles out on the runway or splashed on the front cover of a magazine is that they’re not always the most practical bunch, often foregoing functionality over form. They can be pretty uncomfortable too, with the stiff fabrics or heavy materials that you can’t breeze through from morning ‘til night.

The most important thing you should look for when it comes to the best daily modest outfits is how your lovely pieces will serve you well when you’re out running errands or when you’re too preoccupied with your to-do list at work to worry about your outfit during the morning rush. When that happens, this Black Open Abaya with Colourful Pockets definitely saves the day! You don’t even have to worry about which tote or pouch to pair with this modern front pocket design since the pockets will carry your little essentials for you. Perfect for everyday styling, this piece can be dressed up with stilettos, or you dress it down with jeans and you’re good to go!

Best Modest Outfits Pockets 
Shop The Look: Black Open Abaya with Colourful Pockets, £79.00 GBP | Shop other Abayas  


2. Best daily modest outfits with an edgy street style

What’s the one thing that all the best modest clothing items have in common? They make simple, classic black look oh-so-good. It doesn’t matter if it’s a subtle little embellishment here and there or a unique kind of texture that’s pleasing to the touch—the best daily modest outfits can make you look like royalty even without doing too much. Think of it this way: when you’re attending a wedding as a wedding guest, you wouldn’t want to overshadow the blushing bride on her Big Day—but you still want to look your best and stand out from the crowd the right way, don’t you?

Best Modest Outfits Black Patch Abaya Dress

Best Modest Outfits Black Long Patch Cardigan

That’s exactly the case with this Dolce Abaya that features colourful patches with funky designs that aren’t too attention-seeking. The patches scattered sparingly over the bodice helps you give off a casual street style in a subtle but sophisticated way, with an open front abaya style that lets you flaunt what you’re wearing underneath for the perfect daily wear. Plus, it’s made from the finest thin crepe, so it’s an affordable closet staple you definitely wouldn’t want to miss out on.

Best Modest Outfits Embroidery
Shop The Look: Dolce Abaya, £99.00 GBP | Shop other Abayas  


3. Best everyday modest clothes that double as occasion wear

Of course, you can’t talk about affordability without reusability! Pieces that are worth the investment should have that reusability factor that lets you wear your modest outfits over and over again without anyone being the wiser. It also helps if your best everyday modest clothes can also double as something you can wear during special occasions, just so you won’t have to spend on event wear all the time.

Case in point: this Black Sash Abaya features beautiful sleeve tabs and a subtle belt detail that classes up any kind of daily wear and takes things up a notch. As it takes inspiration from the timeless trench coat, you can be absolutely certain that it goes well with pretty much everything! Made from jet black Nida fabric with a gathered waist, it flatters your body shape no matter what the angle for a sizzling silhouette.

Best Modest Outfits
Shop The Look: Black Sash Abaya, £95.00 GBP | Shop other Abayas  


4. Top modest clothes in good ol’ black 

Last but not the least, the top modest clothes you can wear every day for the rest of the year will always have the basic timelessness of black. Don’t let the latest modest styles you see on the runway intimidate you into going for wild and over-the-top colours that just aren’t you! You can stick to your modest ideals and still look runway-ready with a black number alone—plus, this basic colour lets you wear it all day, every day totally fuss-free.

To make sure that your best everyday modest clothes are as versatile as ever, go for open front kimono styles that you can wear open or closed depending on the weather. A simple matching corded tassel belt will always do the trick to emphasise your curves the right way. Plus, subtle details along the hemline with a flowy drape quality can all contribute to the overall visual interest of your modest outfits. 

Best Modest Outfits Black Long Cardigan

What exactly are we talking about? This Shazam Abaya Black proves that simple is best with its frilled open front design that adds depth and dimension to any look. After all, shouldn’t the best modest clothing tick all the right boxes when it comes to practicality and fun factor?

Best Modest Outfits Black Long Sleeve
Shop The Look: Shazam Abaya Black, £99.00 GBP | Shop other Abayas  

Ready to end the year with a bang with the hippest and most fearless everyday looks that will make your OOTDs as memorable as your year-end throwback photos?  That said, keep in mind that your daily wear doesn’t have to be too pricey either! Just because you’re investing in a piece you can wear repeatedly doesn’t mean you need to break the bank doing it.

Cheap, comfy, and cute closet staples aren’t that hard to come by if you know where to look—and FERADJE’s top collections of the best modest outfits can save you a whole lot of stress and buyer’s remorse after a healthy shopping spree, today and in the rest of the years to come.


By Catherine Dellosa
22 Dec 2020


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