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Conservative Summer Outfits: How To Dress Modestly

The sun is up and the sky is endless blue—while it’s nice not to get pelted with heavy raindrops all the time, the stifling hot season also begs the question of which conservative summer outfits to wear to rock these hot, hot months! It can be a pretty huge problem for modest fashionistas to find the perfect balance between conservative clothes for summer and modest summer outfits that won’t have you melting underneath the fabric. While it’s admittedly a challenge to still feel bright and breezy with your conservative clothes for summer without having to show off any exposed skin, it can be done if you know where to look.

So, without further ado, we’ve got four of the breeziest modest clothing for summer that will never make you dread the scorching heat of the summer sun ever again!


1. Conservative summer outfits in floral pink

Nothing says “conservative clothing for hot weather” better than being pretty in pink! Even if you’re not feeling especially girly for the day, wearing pink or anything that has flowers on it will instantly elevate your mood and leave you feeling fresh, fab, and ready to frolic around town in the happiest disposition ever. After all, modest clothing for summer is all about brightness and cheeriness, so what better way to help you do just that than with the pumped up shade of pink? 

Case in point: our Summer Abaya Pink is so incredibly perfect for the summer season that it says so in its name. This modest outfit for summer not only features fresh flowers as its main centerpiece, but it also has black french lace embroidery to class things up in the most subtle way. The high-quality soft crepe material is sure to keep things light and airy even when you’re nicely covered up. Plus, the kimono style design makes sure that you can wear it open (along with the concealed buttons on the front) to really let the air in and help the breeze circulate through your body. Talk about modest clothes for summer that keep you cool—literally and figuratively!

Conservative Summer Outfits Pink Abaya with Black Lace

Shop The Look: Summer Abaya Pink, £149.00 GBP | Shop other Abayas 


2. Modest summer outfits reminiscent of the ocean

What comes to your mind when you think of summer? Do you think of warm days enjoying ice cream as a child, or the sound of seagulls flapping overhead as you stroll along the beach? If your idea of the summer season is all about the sun, sand, and sea, then you might want to throw on breezy pieces that remind you of the clear blue waters.

Conservative clothes for summer should not only be lightweight and light-coloured, but they should also make you feel an innate peace and lightness from within. Shades that remind you of the ocean are a sure bet, which is why this Ocean Abaya is just that—it’s all about the ocean!  The off-white colour is classic and flexible enough to pair with whatever you want to, from casual jeans underneath to fancy dresses that you can show off when you’re heading off to a special occasion.

How To Dress Modestly For Summer White Abaya with Blue Flowers

Shop The Look: Ocean Abaya, £99.00 GBP | Shop other Abayas 

It’s incredibly easy to wear this on a casual day out too—the subtle 3D floral embroidery on the sleeve and on the chest lends a subtle little wink-wink to the get-up so that it’s chic but not too over-the-top (perfect for daily wear). Freshen up your overall vibe with this no-frills go-to look this summer, because after all, modest clothing for summer should be totally fuss-free.


3. Modest clothing for summer in light colours

Conservative clothing for hot weather has the unfair reputation of being too stifling and heavy. Nobody wants to sweat buckets under their long and flowy piece, especially when it’s already hot and humid outside. The best way to keep cool during the summer season (aside from thinking positive and feeling confident all day, of course!) is to wear light colours that help you radiate your inner cheeriness from within.

How To Dress Modestly For Summer Pink Abaya with Flowers

We’re talking about modest outfits for summer that stand out in yellows, peaches, and pinks—but more than that, you can also rock the colours of blush and burgundy to make things more romantic this season. Make your modest clothes for summer instant pick-me-ups with their hues alone! 

Conservative Summer Outfits Pink Abaya with Red Flowers

Shop The Look: Poppy Abaya , £99.00 GBP | Shop other Abayas 

These pink abayas also feature floral embroidery so that you’re always reminded of the freshness of flowers this season. Who says your modest summer outfits can’t be ultra-fashionable, right? With this refreshing piece, your OOTD will definitely go viral!

How To Dress Modestly For Summer Pink Open Abaya

Shop The Look: Spring Abaya , £99.00 GBP | Shop other Abayas 


4. Conservative clothing for hot weather in carefully curated black

A lot of people may think that modest outfits for summer can’t possibly come in black, but when you know the right ones to look out for, black can be a total summer staple too. Not only is the colour black slimming on its own, but it also lends a great silhouette that really flatters your figure in every angle. Make sure that you choose abayas that have lightweight fabric that won’t stick to your skin whenever you’re sweating. They have to be breathable so that you won’t even feel the heat!

This Chiffon Abaya features classy batwing sleeves in high-quality chiffon that’s ideal to wear during special occasions (because summer celebrations are pretty common too!). The subtle lace details really make the pleated cuffs and neckline more unique, and can definitely differentiate itself from other modest clothes for summer out there. These kinds of small details are especially important if you’re shopping online for the cutest and most affordable finds, because you wouldn’t want everyone to have the same get-up as yours. Of course, if you’re twinning with your whole squad, then that’s a different story altogether!

How To Dress Modestly For Summer Black Kaftan

Shop The Look: Chiffon Abaya, £95.00 GBP | Shop other Abayas 

Have you finally changed your mind about the notion that looking for conservative summer outfits is a drag? Our curated collection over at FERADJE certainly begs to differ! Head on over there and shop for the most fashionable finds and you just might spot your next closet fave today.


By Catherine Dellosa
16 Sept 2020 


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