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Different Abaya Styles for Every Body Shape

With all of the different abaya styles in the market out there, it can be overwhelming (and totally exciting!) to find unique abaya fashion ideas that fit your body type. There’s just nothing more frustrating than finding the best abaya styles online or at the store window and then bringing it home with you only to find out that it doesn’t match your figure at all.

Not only should you be aware of your own body shape, but you should also know which unique abaya design style suit you best. Here’s a quick guide on how to pick the most fabulous abaya with different styles for your special body shape!


1. Different abaya styles for different body shapes

Needless to say, you should know your body shape to know which of the unique abaya designs will fit you best. After all, what’s the point of grabbing the latest abaya designs if you’re going to look like you’re drowning in all that cloth? Don’t waste your time and money, and be smart about your purchase.

  • The pear body type is characterised by a waist that is wider than your bust. You have slim arms that are proportional to your shoulders, with a wider rear and thighs that are fuller. For this kind of body shape, you need an abaya with unique styles of sleeves. This is because it’s important to steer the attention away from the wider hips and instead draw the focus to the upper part of your body, hence the emphasis on the sleeves to compliment your body.
    Different Abaya Styles
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  • If your hips and your bust have nearly equal measurements and you have a narrower waist, you have an hourglass figure. This body type is characterised by a defined waistline, so it’s important to follow your natural silhouette and place emphasis on the waist. Choose unique abaya styles that flatter your waistline. Go for different abaya styles that have a naturally balanced proportion from top to bottom.   
    Different Abaya Styles Ideas
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  • On the other hand, women who have an inverted triangle body shape (also known as the apple body type) will most likely be concerned about the lack of a defined waistline. While you have a bigger bust, you have a fuller midsection, so try to look for clothes that keep you from looking too top-heavy. The best abaya styles for you should be those that add fullness to the bottom.
    Different Abaya Styles
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  • Meanwhile, the athletic body shape or straight and rectangle shape will benefit from any kind of abayas with unique designs. Hip measurements and shoulders are generally the same. For this body type, choose abayas with different styles that break up the rectangle with a fitted waist by accessorising with a waist bag, or choosing an abaya with a belt. 
    Different Abaya Styles
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    Differenet Abaya Styles
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2. Unique abaya designs for those unsure of their body type

The best abaya styles flatter your body not only through their shape but also through their shades. The most beautiful abayas with unique designs can make you stand out with colours that pop. But if you don’t want to be too bold about your choices, and if you’re not sure about which cut fits your body type best, you can always pick black as it’s both slimming and elegant. Black abayas with unique styles can be anything from embroidered and embellished to simple and clean.

Different Abaya Styles
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You can also choose neutral shades like different abaya styles in beige, as well as darker hues like deeper blues if you don’t want to go for classic black. There are also lots of abayas with unique designs in delicate champagne.

Abaya Styles Ideas

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3. Abaya style ideas for all body shapes 

Fabric plays an important role in flattering your body shape and in keeping you comfortable regardless of the weather outside. Lots of new abaya designs are made with fabric that falls elegantly down your body, no matter what your shape may be. Make sure that the unique abaya designs you pick are both comfortable and classy.

Different Abaya Styles Ideas
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For instance, new abaya designs made from crepe gives off an elegant vibe with its weighty drape fabric and matte texture. The jersey knitted fabric, which is breathable, stretchy, and lightweight, also gives a wonderful flow to your unique abaya designs.

Abaya Styles
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4. Best abaya fashion idea for shorter women

No matter what your fabric or colours may be, make sure you don’t pick items that are too overly fitted because you still want to maintain your modesty. The best abaya styles will keep you sophisticated and graceful even without accessories! Remember that staying simple is always best if you want to look put-together and classy.   

That said, vertically challenged women can still pick abayas with unique styles that flatter even their shorter height. While plenty of petite women may feel like they are drowning in fabric because of the length and flow of the closed abaya, you don’t have to feel like you’re even shorter than you truly are! It’s all about how to pull off your outfit with confidence. Many abayas with different styles can fit shorter women perfectly—simply stick to a  look with a single colour. This singular look is very vertically inclined, giving you the illusion that you look taller than you are.

Different Abaya Styles

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Flatter your height with a longer open abaya, and maybe try to pair your inner outfit with some fabulous jeans. Steer clear of ankle-length cuts for your abaya style. Make sure that you avoid abayas with different styles and designs at the hem as this can divide your silhouette and make you look shorter. Finally, don’t forget those killer heels while you’re at it!

There are many reasons why you might want to don an abaya today, but bear in mind that different abaya styles can make or break your look depending on how they flatter your body. While you can take your pick from a wide variety of unique abaya designs out there, be judicious with what you grab—think about your body shape first before you buy. Why not check out the latest abaya designs that flatter you best over at FERADJE today?


By Catherine Dellosa
19 June 2020


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