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Fancy Abaya Designs: 4 Ideas On How To Style Them

Fancy abaya designs don’t have to be intimidating. Just because you’re getting ready to attend a huge networking night or cocktail event with your bosses and clients doesn’t mean you need to fuss about the most elegant abaya designs you can get your hands on! Sometimes, the simplest patterns or cuts can serve as the most sophisticated abaya style if you know how to rock ‘em.

When it comes to how to style fancy abaya, all you really need is a touch of imagination and a whole lotta confidence to pull anything off—and these graceful abaya designs will help you do just that!


1. Fancy abaya designs that mimic the classic trench coat 

Top fancy abaya designs shouldn’t have to be too complicated. The most elegant abaya designs not only stand out in their simplicity, but they also make you look prim and proper without the need to over-accessorise. Just a few simple details like sashes, little ribbons, pleats, or even monochrome embroidery can already add visual interest to your sophisticated abaya style, whether you’re prepping for a huge client meeting or getting all dolled up for a romantic night out. And which sophisticated abaya style checks all of those boxes as effortlessly as possible? Yes, you guessed it—the classic trench coat cut.

Forever flawless and instantly “femme fatale” material, the classic trench coat shows people that you mean business. It’s sleek and sophisticated; plus, it’s easy to match with anything else you might have in your closet. For example, this Black Sash Abaya definitely fits the bill. With its fancy abaya style complemented by fab sleeve tabs and belt details, it’s the perfect graceful abaya design that will make you the star of the show no matter what event you’re attending. It’s made from high-quality Nida fabric too, so you can be sure it’s a comfortable fit even if the event lasts well into the night.

how to style fancy abaya designs black sash sleeves and waist
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2. Fancy abaya styles in shiny sequins 

If you really want to up the ante when it comes to how to style fancy abayas, there’s definitely nothing fancier than shiny sequins. These little miracle-workers can instantly make you sparkle regardless of the occasion—when the soft light hits the sequins on your elegant abaya design, there’s nothing quite like it. Who wouldn’t be the star of the night with sequins sewn delicately across a stunning evening piece? 

how to style fancy abaya designs black sequins

For instance, this Elegant Black Abaya with Shiny Sequins features classy sequins that run from the shoulders to the cuffs. The sophisticated abaya style also features shiny sequins around the neckline and down the plackets, so you can be sure to turn heads the right way as you grace any event with your presence. To top it all off, you can wear this graceful abaya design as an open or close front, which means that it’s as versatile as ever, leaving you free to wear whatever you want underneath. Plus, the corded tassel belt makes for a fabulous kimono style if you want to show off a pretty dress under the outer layer.

fancy abaya designs how to style black shiny sequins
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3. Graceful abaya designs in matte sequins

If you’re not a fan of all the glam and glitter, you can tone down all that shine with some matte sequins instead. When it comes to where to buy fancy abaya designs, you don’t need to look too far—often, your modest clothing store near you will have what you need, or you can browse through online shops for cheap finds that are worth the most bang for your buck. Matte sequins are easy on the wallet and aren’t too difficult to find, so they’re perfect for occasions when you want to stand out just a little bit without calling for too much attention.  

how to style fancy abaya designs black sequins

This is exactly the effect that this Elegant Black Abaya with Matte Sequins is going for. With its delicate matte sequins embroidered on the neckline, plackets, and sleeves, it makes you shine bright like a diamond and feel like royalty without going overboard. The elegant finish makes for the perfect go-to outfit not just for evening events but also for important work meets, with a matching black tassel belt to help flatter your figure whatever the angle.

how to style fancy abaya designs black sequins
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4. Top fancy abaya designs in beige

Where do you buy fancy abaya designs that are worth every penny? Do you need to painstakingly search every nook and cranny for The One when you’re prepping for an important event? Where to buy fancy abaya designs isn’t a matter of finding the perfect outfit you can only use once—it’s more of a matter of finding beautiful basics that you can style the right way to make it fancier and more regal. Fancy abaya styles can come in different forms, from sparkling pieces to long and flowy dresses. But aside from the cut and the embellishments, you can also elevate the fancy factor of your piece with the colour on its own!

What exactly do we mean by that? From the name itself, this Royal Abaya Beige will definitely make you look and feel like a queen with its luxurious premium quality Abraham fabric. The beige colour makes you stand out the right way, and you can easily pair it with a tiny clutch, a pouch belt, and some killer heels to class it up for any occasion. The lapel collar makes it ideal for workwear too, and if you want something more casual, just wear it as an open front abaya and pair it with jeans underneath for a lazy day out. Talk about versatility, which is the key to keeping your fashion budget in check!

how to style fancy abaya designs beige pleats
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How to style fancy abayas is a walk in the park! All you really need is some imagination to make your top fancy abaya designs the talk of the town no matter where you go. Head on over to FERADJE to shop for your next closet fave (and your next go-to outfit for special occasions) today!


By Catherine Dellosa
14 Oct 2020 


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