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Fancy Abayas For Weddings That Are Too Cute For Words

No woman should ever have to stress about fancy abayas for weddings! An elegant abaya for weddings shouldn’t have to be a rare gem. Also, you don’t even have to ask “can I wear an abaya for weddings” because the answer is always a resounding “Yes!”

So, where can I buy fancy abaya for weddings, you ask? The most beautiful wedding abaya style is simple yet sophisticated, and we’ve got the lowdown on the most fabulous ones for you right here. 


1. Fancy abayas for weddings that shine

If you’ve ever wondered how to style elegant abaya for wedding, you’re not alone. Most women don’t have a lot of options when it comes to styling their conservative looks, much less one that would be perfect for a fancy wedding party. The thing is, you can totally rock whatever fancy abaya for wedding function you’ve got with just simple, easy-to-style details that won’t break the bank—all you really need is a go-getter attitude and the courage to try something new and you’ll be runway-ready in no time!

We’re talking about evening abayas for weddings that shine bright like a diamond! Who wouldn’t want to be shining, shimmering, and splendid as they float down the aisle whether as the blushing bride or the stunning entourage? From the mother of the bride to the excited bestie celebrating the bride’s Big Day in the crowd, you can elevate your fancy abayas for weddings with a simple touch of glam alone.

Fancy Abayas For Weddings Black Gemstones

For instance, having a beautiful wedding abaya style decked in faux gemstones can easily make heads turn the right way no matter what the occasion. And if you’re wondering “can I wear an abaya for weddings” that’s pretty in pearls, you’re not wrong, either! The question is where to buy fancy abayas for weddings that won’t steal the spotlight from the bride, of course—you definitely wouldn’t want her to turn into Bride-zilla with one look at your outfit. The trick is to make sure that your elegant abaya for weddings only has bling sewn sparingly throughout the piece. Subtle is best, after all, and this Stones Abaya Black won’t let you down! 

Fancy Abayas For Weddings Black Gemstones
Shop The Look: Stones Abaya Black, £129.00 GBP | Shop other Abayas


2. What abaya to wear at a wedding? Styles with flowers!

Where can I buy fancy abayas for weddings that won’t leave me bankrupt or wallowing in self-pity afterward? Buyer’s remorse can be terrible, so to make sure that you’re happy with your purchase from the day you shop for a piece to the day it gets worn out from overuse, shop online for affordable, value-for-money pieces that don’t scrimp on the quality for a really good price. How to style elegant abayas for a wedding don’t require much, to be honest—you just have to pick a striking detail on your piece, whether it’s a fun and funky sleeve detail or a conversation piece that draws visual interest.

Evening abayas for weddings also look good with floral embroidery—you definitely can’t go wrong with injecting a little bit of spring goodness into an evening affair. You can either choose floral embroidery that emphasises your sleeves, or a floral patch that’s sewn on your chest or your back. It doesn't really matter where the floral patch goes as long as you know how to rock it! Who says flowers should only be worn during spring, right? That little detail alone can instantly level up your fancy abayas for wedding functions no matter what the season.

For instance, this Ocean Abaya features floral embroidery on one side of the shoulder as well as on the sleeve for a classy, pristine, and ultra-hip look. The immaculate white colour can immediately freshen up any look, especially when you want to take memorable photos for the Big Day. With its finest high-quality crepe material, it’s instant all-day comfort, because nobody wants to be a grouch in a wedding!

Fancy Abayas For Weddings White Floral
Shop The Look: Ocean Abaya, £99.00 GBP | Shop other Abayas


3. Elegant abaya for weddings as a layer

Where to buy fancy abayas for weddings is a valid dilemma, especially if the event is drawing near and you still have no idea what to wear. If you simply need to class up your regular outfits underneath, opting for an open abaya style can be a great way to add some versatility to your outfit. With an open abaya, you can choose anything underneath as your evening abaya for weddings and still look classy. You can wear a simple dress below the knee or a long gown, then layer on your fancy abayas for wedding functions on top. This is also a great trick to use when it’s especially chilly whether it’s an outdoor wedding or an indoor event with the A/C turned up high. 

To make sure that you pick where to buy fancy abayas for weddings in the right place, go for a style that’s plain but with a touch of femininity on the sleeves, like this Princess Abaya. True to its name, this classy piece will definitely make you feel like royalty with its white floral lace detail on its cuffs, ideal for an elegant abaya for weddings.

Fancy Abayas For Weddings Black Open Lace White Sleeves
Shop The Look: Princess Abaya, £99.00 GBP | Shop other Abayas

Open abaya styles are also versatile enough so you can wear them open or closed. If you can pick one that has a matching sash or belt around the waist, this can further emphasise your figure and flatter your body shape with every angle.


4. Evening abayas for weddings in black 

Fancy abayas for wedding functions don’t have to be too wild—sometimes, wearing an outfit in plain classic black is as sophisticated as it gets!  This Khatun Abaya achieves all that and more, with its comfortable crepe fabric and pelican-arm design that’s sure to make it your next closet fave. After all, if you really want to get your money’s worth, your fancy abayas for weddings shouldn’t just be a one-time-use kind of thing. And because black is as timeless as ever, you can easily reuse this piece either for everyday casual wear or for killing it at the office.

Fancy Abayas For Weddings Black Plain
Shop The Look: Khatun Abaya, £95.00 GBP | Shop other Abayas

So, where can I buy fancy abayas for weddings? FERADJE is the only place to look, so head on over there and check out the curated collection of fab finds today!


By Catherine Dellosa
04 Nov 2020


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