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Hijab Fashion Style That Will Not Go Out Of Trend

With the rise of the modest fashion revolution, hijab fashion style is now as versatile as ever! No longer will fearless fashionistas have to scour the whole Metro in search of the latest hijab outfit trend to spruce up their closets. Modest fashion is steadily growing in popularity both on the streets and on the runway! Trendy hijab fashion style is accessible, flexible, and totally on-point no matter what the season, so you can be sure to make the most out of the best hijab fashion trends all year round. 

Now that 2020 is at an end, say goodbye to all the negatives and embrace the positives up ahead. Let these top hijab outfit fashion styles keep your spirits up now and as you ring in the New Year!


1. Hijab fashion style to pair with practically anything

Who says that the latest hijab outfit trend needs to be totally out there? If you want to make sure that your outfits will last you from January to December, make sure that you pick closet staples that you can wear all day, every day. Need something to throw on when you’re stressing about the morning rush? How about a quick outfit to pair with your casual jeans when you need to run errands at the supermarket on a lazy Sunday? Do you need something to class up a much-awaited date night, or a basic office attire to make a good first impression for your first day at work? The best hijab fashion trends can help you do all that and more—and it’s all in the colour and cut. 

Stylish hijab trends that will last you all year long are not only practical and easy to match with anything underneath, but they’re also incredibly light on the wallet! For instance, this Verdan Abaya Black features fuss-free frill details at the cuffs and doesn’t call for too much attention. The basic design and the timeless colour of black lets you easily throw it on whether it’s summertime or winter, and you won’t even have to worry about whether or not what you’re wearing is appropriate for the occasion (because it’s perfect for any occasion!).

Hijab Fashion Style Black Plain Open Abaya
Shop The Look: Verdan Abaya Black, £99.00 GBP | Shop other Abayas  

By the way, this hassle-free piece also includes a black corded tassel belt, so even if it’s styled as an open front abaya, you can still wear the matching belt to emphasize your curves the right way.


2. Stylish hijab trends to elevate special occasions

If you’re thinking that the top hijab outfit fashion styles need to be all about the embellishments when you’re attending special events with all the glam and glitter, think again—you can always elevate any event with just a touch of romantic red on a completely black piece. Stylish hijab trends always feature a single detail that’s subtle yet striking at the same time, and with this Vera Abaya Red, you can keep things elegant and sophisticated without even trying!

Hijab Fashion Style Black Red Ribbon Abaya Dress
Shop The Look: Vera Abaya Red, £79.00 GBP | Shop other Abayas  

With an eye-catching red sash that wraps around the batwing abaya beautifully, this top pick from the trendiest hijab fashion styles is made even more appealing with the comfortable, high-quality Dubai silk fabric. You can wear it during date nights, networking cocktails, and even as a wedding guest, making it worth every single penny.


3. Trendiest hijab fashion in feminine white

What’s one surefire way to guarantee that your trendiest hijab fashion choices will stand the test of time? Opt for the classic colour of white and stay as pristine as ever regardless of the season or weather. The most ideal hijab fashion style that will always be part of the runway should also be practical enough to be worn wherever you’re headed off to, whether it’s to meet your S.O.’s folks or to go for a stress-free tea sesh with your besties.

Hijab Fashion Style White Abaya Black Trim

Let your whole squad admire how much confidence you’re exuding with top hijab outfit fashion styles like this Ayesha Abaya White. Designed to be worn either with an open or closed front, this classy all-weather piece helps you look effortlessly cool with its sophisticated black trim and the matching sash belt. It’s made from the finest thin crepe, because looking your best also means feeling your best. After all, nobody wants to strut their stuff and sweat buckets underneath during a long and tiring day, right?

 Hijab Fashion Style White Abaya Black Line
Shop The Look: Ayesha Abaya White, £99.00 GBP | Shop other Abayas  


4. Trendy hijab fashion style to wow at work

Staying decked to the nines with the best hijab fashion trends isn’t just about social gatherings and running errands solo. You also have to don your finest trendy hijab fashion style when you’re working at the office, because why shouldn’t you look good while you’re making a living?  

Make sure that you blow away all your clients and big bosses at the boardroom with the latest hijab outfit trend that commands respect and unleashes your inner femme fatale at work. This Royal Abaya Beige not only makes you feel like royalty with its weighty pleated material made from high-quality Abraham fabric, but it’s also prim and proper enough to get you from work hours to after hours. It also comes with fitted arms and a lapel collar to show that you really mean business, and that nothing will distract you from your goal when you’ve set your eye on the prize at work.

Hijab Fashion Style Beige Collar Pleated Abaya Coat 
Shop The Look: Royal Abaya Beige, £99.00 GBP | Shop other Abayas  

Making the most of the coolest and hippest hijab fashion style doesn’t have to be rocket science! All you have to do is to pick versatile pieces you can repeatedly wear all throughout the year and you’ll surely never go out of style. Keep in mind that you should pick the pieces that are also easy on the budget because there’s no use welcoming the New Year when you’re broke and suffering from buyer’s remorse, right?

To make sure you’ve got everything you need as the old year passes and a new one comes along, head on over to FERADJE and shop for your next closet fave today.


By Catherine Dellosa
30 Dec 2020


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