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Modest Clothes: How Do I Make Them Modest?

If you are wondering 'how do I make my clothes modest', just know that not a lot of women have it all figured out. Sometimes, sassy fashionistas who are looking for how to dress modestly may have to dig a little deeper, especially when you’re trying to make the most of your online shopping. The truth is that making your clothes modest isn’t really rocket science, and it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, either! Sometimes, all it really takes is a can-do attitude and a whole lotta confidence, and you can make your UK outfits conservative and shine brighter than the sun.

What in the world do we mean? You can totally think out of the box when you’re staying true to your modest ideals! Here’s some surefire fashion inspo on the best UK modest clothes to get you started.


1. Best modest clothes UK in white

When you’re thinking about how to make your clothing in UK more modest, you might immediately think of black as your go-to colour. After all, black is not only slimming regardless of your body shape, but it also doesn’t require you to go on a treasure hunt when you’re searching for how to make clothes modest. While we’ll definitely get into black later on, we’ll start you off with something else entirely—wonderful white like this Unique Abaya!

How To Make Clothes Modest White Abaya Dress
Shop The Look: Unique Abaya, £99.00 GBP | Shop other Abayas 

Before you raise an eyebrow and wonder how on earth you can make white work, remember that the best UK modest clothes have the right fabric that won’t show off any exposed skin. The same is true with your white outfits—you have to make sure that your pieces in pristine white aren’t too thin and see-through. But the problem now is how to dress modestly in white that’s covered up and cosy? White clothes often give women the same dilemma—if the fabric isn’t right, it’s easy to give people an unwanted peek at what’s underneath; plus, white often reveals seams underneath, too. 

So, the key to make your clothes modest work in white is to pick the ones that aren’t too body-hugging and have high-quality fabric that won’t expose your skin. To make things even classier, go for minimalist looks like the subtle contrasting stitching of this Unique Abaya for the perfect prim-and-proper look.


2. Conservative clothes UK with lace

Speaking of revealing what’s underneath, you might think that you don’t have any other option but to go with thick, heavy fabrics that will have you burning underneath all that cloth. How to make your clothes modest that are lightweight but still covered up? We’ve got the answer right here with this Blush Abaya with Beige Lace!

How To Make Clothes Modest Blush Beige Abaya Dress
Shop The Look: Blush Abaya with Beige Lace, £89.00 GBP | Shop other Abayas 

Before you do a double-take with the word “lace”, it’s not as raunchy as you might think. If you want to make your clothes modest, you can still work in lace if you make sure that the section that’s see-through isn’t anything too outrageous.  For instance, in this elegant piece, the see-through lace is simply an accent design that elevates the overall level of sophistication in this classy piece, and when you complement that intimate detail with the soft and feminine tint of light blush, you’ll be sure to be the talk of the town in any semi-formal event or evening affair.


3. Sheer modest clothing UK

Since we’re talking about see-through sassiness, we’ve got another unconventional way you can make your conservative UK outfits stand out in the right way, and it’s all about what you’re wearing underneath. If you go for simple white tees and your favorite casual jeans, you can make your outfit even more glamorous with a see-through open abaya in tantalising tulle.

How To Make Clothes Modest Black Sheer Abaya Outer

This Black Tulle Open Abaya with Belt makes for one of the best UK modest clothes that not only add depth and dimension to your overall vibe, but also keep things covered up appropriately whether you’re out on a day trip with your best buds or attending a religious event. Who says see-through can’t be part of your 'how to make clothes modest'? We certainly beg to differ! This lovely piece even comes with a matching corded tassel belt, so emphasising your curves and highlighting your waist is as easy as tying that belt around and heading out the door.

How To Make Clothes Modest Black See Through Open Abaya

Shop The Look: Black Tulle Open Abaya with Belt, £99.00 GBP | Shop other Abayas 


4. Conservative UK outfits in black with a twist

How to dress modestly that won’t burn a hole through your wallet? While you want to make sure that your closet is filled with modest clothes that your mother would approve of, you also want to be runway-ready so that you can feed the inner trendsetter in you. You definitely want your OOTDs to go viral, but how can you do that without sacrificing your ideals (and your budget!) every single day? Is that even possible, or is it just a pipe dream? 

The good news is that yes, it totally is—which is why we’re here to help in the first place! If you don’t want to make too much of an effort trying to come up with unconventional ways of how to make your clothes more modest, just go with simple and classic black! This no-frills and effortless look can also make heads turn the right way with subtle add-ons, like this Ethnic White Floral Abaya and its colourful floral embroidery on its plackets and cuffs. They’re handmade too, so that definitely lends a welcome burst of colour to an otherwise plain outfit.

How To Make Clothes Modest Open Outer Coat Abaya
Shop The Look: Ethnic White Floral Abaya, £109.00 GBP | Shop other Abayas 

If you’re worried about sweating buckets under the heat of the sizzling summer sun, the high-quality Nida fabric ensures that even though black may be commonly misconceived as a heat-absorbing colour, the comfy fabric will still keep you cool as a cucumber all day long. 

Ready to go out and conquer the world? Wondering how to dress modestly or how to make clothes modest should be a thing of the past! With these four fab picks, all you need to worry about is looking your best no matter where you’re heading off to. Check out our curated collection of fab finds over at FERADJE today!


By Catherine Dellosa
18 Nov 2020


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