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How to Style Abaya in Summer

Looking for how to style an abaya in the sizzling summer heat? When you think about the classic length and cut of the traditional abaya, it can be daunting to find tips to style your abaya in the summer—after all, how can you stay fresh and cool under all that cloth? How to dress modestly in the heat with an abaya can be a challenge, but don’t fret—we’ve got just the thing to help you stay fresh and fab even under the scorching sun! Check out our best abaya summer ideas below to help you beat the heat this season.

1. How to style an abaya in summer: pick the right fabric

Summer should be all about freedom of movement, and while a typical abaya can do just that, how can you be carefree as can be if you’re sweating buckets underneath? So here’s how to wear your abaya in the summer: choose the right fabric. The best abaya to wear for summer should be made from linen, cotton, nida, or lightweight crepe. You can’t go wrong with a pretty design with contrasting colour, either! For instance, this abaya features delicate florals and is made from soft crepe for a perfect touch of elegance and comfort this season.

How to Style Abaya in Summer
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Luxurious and elegant, the nida fabric is made from 100% high-quality polyester, making it an ideal choice for how to style an abaya in the summer. Linen, on the other hand, also makes for the best abaya to wear for summer as it’s made from the fibres of a Flax plant and is as durable as it is breezy. It has wonderful heat conducting properties and is actually stronger than cotton! If you’re looking for summer abaya outfit tips, these two fabrics definitely take the cake.

Lightweight crepe is also a fabulous choice when it comes to ideas to style abayas in the summer. It has a twisted weave that provides a textured appearance, adding to the overall dimension and depth of your outfit. Crepe will also do wonders for your figure, as the cut of the fabric flatters your form in all the right places without compromising your modest rules.


2. Tips to style abaya in summer: thin is in

When it comes to hot weather, the material of your open abaya should be thin fabric, but here’s the thing—just because the fabric is thin doesn’t mean it’ll help you stay cool under the heat. In addition to ensuring that the fabric is thin enough, make sure that the material doesn’t stick to your skin. There’s nothing more annoying than having the fabric of your outfit stick to your body like glue, so when you’re thinking about abaya summer ideas, remember to find breathable fabrics with the right modesty and weight.

How to Style Abaya in Summer

For example, a type of crepe called mustaqbal crepe can be an excellent choice for the best abaya to wear for summer. The weave of the fabric makes it very airy, but it’s not revealing enough because it’s still dense and opaque to keep you conservative. This is why it helps to choose the abayas that are made with quality standards. Cheap crepe can be lightweight but without any open weave, restricting airflow and bringing on the heat. How to style abayas in the summer simply means you have to look for the right features before you buy anything. The soft crepe from this Summer Abaya Blue not only keeps you breezy, but the hints of white and grey also add to its overall summery feel.

How to Style Abaya in Summer
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3. How to dress modestly in the heat with abayas: colour your clothes

How to wear an abaya in the summer isn’t just about the fabric—you can save yourself from melting into a pile of goop on the floor by breezing through with bright colour combinations for your abaya. Whenever summer is in full swing, your first abaya outfit tip should be to find the best colours that will complement the weather to keep yourself casually cool all throughout the season.

How to Style Abayas in Summer

It’s time to chuck those black pieces back into the closet and whip out your beiges, whites, blush pinks, and khakis. These shades also go well with jeans during this season! Go for soft greys and other earthy and pastel colours to make sure you keep the heat absorbed to a minimum. How to dress modestly in the heat with an abaya can be a matter of shades and hues—the most refreshing ones are also the shades that remind you of summer. Now is the perfect time to go big and go bold! Be bright and airy with these vibrant shades and you’ll feel like a burst of flowers everywhere you go.

How to Style Abaya in Summer

How to Style Abaya in Summer

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4. Best summer abaya idea: choose the right fit

Minimalist and elegant, duster coat styles are as versatile as they are airy. You can also don an everyday A-line for a casual look, or go for embroidered flowers for a full summer vibe. Here’s another great idea to style an abaya in the summer: accessorise. Complete your look with sunglasses especially if you’re heading out in the sun for long periods of time. It can be stylish and feminine, and can be a wonderful complement to your abaya summer ideas.

How to Style Abaya in Summer

When you’re racking your brain to come up with how to style your abaya in the summer, don’t forget to slather on some sunscreen! Keep your skin young and wrinkle-free with the right SPF, and protect your peepers with polarized sunglasses. Stay sassy while beating the summer heat with a matching sash belt for your open abaya and you’ll be good to go.

How to Style Abaya in Summer

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Do you even need a reason why you should rock an abaya in this weather? You can always find different ideas to style abayas in summer by simply getting creative with your colours and fabrics. Check out our fabulous collection at FERADJE for more tips to style the classic abaya in the summer!


By Catherine Dellosa
16 June 2020


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