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How To Style Open Abaya Kimono Designs

Open abaya kimono styles are one of the most versatile designs you can ever find in the market out there today. They not only give you the full flexibility of pairing whatever you want with them, but they also give you the opportunity to flaunt what you’ve got underneath! 

From open abaya kimono styles that are worn as they are to pieces that can be styled open or closed, these four fab finds tick all of the right checkboxes if you are wondering how to style open abaya kimono designs today.


1. How to style open abaya for special occasions 

When you’re invited (or even hosting!) a fancy event, it’s only natural to stress about what to wear to wow everyone at the party. Not only do we often want to impress certain people especially if it’s a work thing, but we also often just want to make ourselves feel good by looking good. If you’re gracing any occasion, whether at night or during the day, with your presence, you’ll definitely want to make a good impression, wouldn’t you?

The fabulous thing about the kimono abaya design is that you can easily style it however way you want to no matter what the event. Because the kimono type open abaya is extremely versatile, you can not only use it as an outer layer when the A/C is a little chilly during an indoor event, but you can also use it as a way to class up what you’re wearing underneath. A pretty open front abaya kimono can elevate your whole look if you are styling it with a simple dress whether it ends just below the knees or flows elegantly down the floor.  

How To Style Open Abaya Kimono Designs Grey Flowers with Jeans

What exactly do we mean? This Light Grey Open Abaya with Embroidered Flowers is the perfect open abaya kimono design that can help class up any outfit whether you’re hosting a cocktail night with your besties or primping up for a wedding. With its embroidered 3D flowers that literally pop sewn throughout the piece, this eye-catching number definitely has you covered whatever the event may be. The hidden front buttons give you even more versatility, as you can wear this kimono abaya design open or closed depending on what you fancy!

How To Style Open Abaya Kimono Designs Grey Flowers 
Shop The Look: Light Grey Open Abaya with Embroidered Flowers, £89.00 GBP | Shop other Abayas  


2. Open abaya kimono style in dazzling black

Black never dies—it’s as timeless as it is elegant, and you can pair it with anything under the sun. For example, style an open abaya with a pair of denims and round-neck white top, or a midi or maxi dress, and you can never go wrong. You can also add a belt to your outfit and voila, you just created a whole new look!

Wearing a black ensemble also have that added appeal that makes any body shape look fab and flattering, so you can be sure you’ll flaunt your figure regardless of the open front abaya kimono you’re donning. 

How To Style Open Abaya Kimono Designs Black Sequins

How To Style Open Abaya Kimono Designs Black Sequins

A svelte silhouette aside, black may be a little too vanilla for some women, as practically everyone has a black kimono type open abaya as part of their everyday wardrobe. You can stand out from the crowd and make your “it” factor shine by adding dazzling details to your open abaya trend with sizzling sequins instead! This Elegant Black Abaya with Shiny Sequins is embellished with the right kind of pizzazz from the shoulders to the cuffs, with concealed front buttons so that you can wear it closed or keep up with the open abaya trend. For a little extra oomph, you can use the matching corded tassel belt to emphasize your waist and flaunt a flattering figure no matter what the angle.

How To Style Open Abaya Kimono Designs Black Sequins
Shop The Look: Elegant Black Abaya with Shiny Sequins, £89.00 GBP | Shop other Abayas  


3. Kimono abaya design for lounging around 

Who says open abaya kimono designs are all about fancy-schmancy events? What makes the kimono type open abaya  an absolute joy to throw on is the fact that you can make it a wardrobe staple as your go-to everyday outfit when you’re feeling too lazy to glam up. Just slip into your favorite open abaya kimono style and let this no-frills trend speak for itself!

Whether you’re running errands on a lazy Sunday or just chilling out with your squad for a laidback afternoon tea, the kimono type open abaya won’t let you down. This effortlessly cool and ultra-comfy Rachel Abaya in earthy maroon adds a welcome breath of fresh air to your everyday closet with its high-quality thin crepe material to guarantee that easy-breezy feeling all day long. After all, you definitely can’t scrimp on comfort, especially during those lazy days out!

How To Style Open Abaya Kimono Designs Red Half Knitted
Shop The Look: Rachel Abaya, £95.00 GBP | Shop other Abayas  


4. Ways to style open abaya with hijab 

Culturally on-point and still stylishly sassy, open front abaya kimonos keep you covered and runway-ready at the same time. Many conservative women out there are keeping conservative rules and regulations when it comes to sleeve lengths, hemlines, necklines, and fits. It’s important for clothes to have relaxed fits or to be on the looser side without making you look like you’re drowning in fabric. The most conservative clothes also have the right fabric that won’t expose any unnecessary skin. Thankfully, the open abaya trend can do all that and more. They’re incredibly easy to pair with your hijab attire for religious events too—they’re just that flexible!

For instance, this Guipure Abaya Black crafted from a rich premium French lace not only helps you stay true to your cultural beliefs, but it also keeps you nice and toasty during the warmer weather with its double-layer style. This open abaya kimono design features an inner piece in thin jet black Nida fabric with hidden front buttons so you can wear it as an open abaya kimono or as a dress when it’s closed.

How To Style Open Abaya Kimono Designs Black Lace 
Shop The Look: Guipure Abaya Black, £149.00 GBP | Shop other Abayas  

The wonders of the open abaya kimono don’t stop there! You can mix and match tons of different cuts, designs, sleeves, pleats, embellishments, embroidered details, prints, and patterns to your heart’s desire and they’ll still look fashionably fab all year long. All you really need is a little bit of imagination and a whole lotta confidence—and insider knowledge on where to look! In that sense, FERADJE has everything you’ll ever need, so head on over there and browse their latest collection of the freshest and most value-for-money pieces to upgrade your wardrobe staples today.


By Catherine Dellosa
21 Oct 2020


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