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Latest Abaya Designs That Actually Look Good

How do you make sure that your latest abaya designs are always at the top of the charts? From visiting all the runways in town to subscribing to every single fashion magazine you can get your hands on, there are so many ways you can try to keep up with the newest abaya designs. But because you can’t possibly have all that extra money to scour the metro for modern abaya designs that are just hot off the runway, it’s not practical (not to mention it’s extremely tiring) to hop from place to place every time.

How, then, do you make sure that your new abaya styles are on point? We’ve got you, modest fam! Whether you’re looking for something casual and cool or itching to show off your slender figure in the most conservative way possible, these four finds will make sure you'll never have to ask, “What are the latest abaya designs?” ever again!


1. Latest abaya designs: lace it up! 

You can add a level of depth and dimension to any old look with intricate embroidery or little embellishments here and there, but the most delicate way to do just that is to lace it up! Lovely lace can not only class up any casual look, but it can also add to the overall feminine vibe of your whole get-up. Because lace is already stunning as it is, you won’t need to add any extra accessories or pile on the makeup just to stand out from the crowd—after all, true beauty doesn’t need to ask for attention, right?

This classy Hilal Abaya will not only help you glide through any occasion no matter what the weather, but it will also keep your new abaya styles on point. Made from high-quality Dubai silk and in the timelessness of the colour black, this versatile piece features see-through black lace details on the sides and on the sleeves, making sure that your look is as minimalistic as can be. You can make it even more elegant by using this as an open abaya and pairing it with a pristine white dress underneath for the vogue black-and-white look.

Latest Abaya Designs 2020 Black Abaya with Lace Sleeves

Shop The Look: Hilal Abaya, £99.00 GBP | Shop other Abayas 


2. Latest abaya trends with subtle flowers 

What are the new abaya designs? You may wonder if you need to go bold with the colours or add all the bling that you can possibly get your hands on, but the truth is that sophistication is at its best when it’s done subtly and simply. This is exactly why we’re all about the basic shade of black in this list—after all, the latest abaya designs will always include the timelessness of this go-to shade no matter what the decade may be!

Latest Abaya Designs 2020 Blue Closed Abaya with Flowers

Of course, if you want to add just a little bit of a pop of colour to an otherwise monochromatic look, why not opt for subtle flower embroidery down the hemline? We’re talking about this Charlotte Abaya Royal Blue’s fun floral patches along the hem! Made from the finest thin crepe, this open front abaya is simple and sweet in all the right ways for new abaya styles that turn heads the right way.

Latest Abaya Designs 2020 Blue Open Abaya with Flowers

Shop The Look: Charlotte Abaya Royal Blue, £109.00 GBP | Shop other Abayas 


3. Newest abaya designs spotlight: sizzling see-through

The latest abaya trends don’t need to be too fancy, too formal, or just too over-the-top. Sometimes, the best way to show off modern abaya designs is to go with a whole lotta subtlety. From subdued colours to simple details that may not be too obvious to the untrained eye, these little things may seem like they're not much, but they actually add to the overall awesomeness of the newest abaya designs.

Of course, there are times when all you have to do is add a little bit of sheer to your wardrobe—yes, see-through can be conservative too! This Blush Abaya with Beige Lace ticks all of the right checkboxes when it comes to new abaya trends. Its simple design in subtle blush colour makes it an easy and comfortable choice for a no-frills look, and when it’s especially chilly outside, you can rely on the outer layer’s see-through fabric to add some padding to the inner layer of cotton jersey. This is an especially useful trick for when you’re trying to navigate through the unpredictable UK weather. When it’s stifling hot one moment and chilly the next, it can be a pain to lug around a jacket everywhere you head to—which is why a double-layered piece is the efficient way to go.

Latest Abaya Designs 2020 Blush Abaya with Lace

Shop The Look: Blush Abaya with Beige Lace, £89.00 GBP | Shop other Abayas 


4. New abaya designs with pretty pleats

Finally, you can take a leaf out of the latest fashion runway’s book by going with pleats for your latest abaya designs. Pleats are an ingenious way to add texture and depth to an outfit without having to pile on the layers. This can be especially classy when you’re heading out to attend a fancy event or a luxurious date.  

Latest Abaya Designs 2020 Black Pleats with Belt

The non-pleated inner lining of this Plica Pleated Abaya Dress keeps you nice and toasty when the A/C is on full blast, because the heavyweight chiffon fabric is sure to protect you from the elements without the need for extra outerwear. It also features a corded tassel belt so that you can flexibly wear it open or closed—plus, the matching belt also helps to flatter your figure to make sure that your outfit highlights your curves in all the right ways. After all, the secret to turning heads wherever you go is to make sure that your abaya has the right drape quality that flatters your waist in every angle.

Latest Abaya Designs 2020 Black Pleats Abaya Dress with Belt

Shop The Look: Plica Pleated Abaya Dress, £150.00 GBP | Shop other Abayas  

So, what are the latest abaya designs? You don’t really need to look too far and wide to find the most high-fashion features out there! Sometimes, the smallest touches and the simplest details can already elevate your look in more ways than one. Head on over to FERADJE to find new abaya designs that will make your whole closet go viral—this year and in all the years to come!


By Catherine Dellosa
17 Sept 2020 


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