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Why Modest Dressing Is Your Best Bet

Modest dressing is making waves across the whole fashion industry, and for good reason—more and more women are opting to cover up rather than show off some skin. Why is modest wear gaining popularity, and what is modest dressing in the first place? While not everyone will be privy to the importance of modest dressing, it’s definitely here to stay—and it’s not just a trend.

Why do people dress modestly and why is modest dressing important? We’ll break it down for you—and with a handful of style staples you should try to boot!   


1. Benefit of modest dressing: it is easy.

It’s really no surprise that modest dressing is all the rage right now—in fact, it’s been steadily growing in popularity in recent years. While the question of “why is modest dressing important” used to be just for religious and cultural reasons, nowadays, even fearless fashionistas with different beliefs are opting to cover up more and more.  

To understand this transformative trend, it’s important to know what is modest dressing in the first place. In general, it simply means foregoing the short hemlines for longer, more floor-length or ankle-length pieces, or anything that’s below the knee. It also favours longer sleeves and higher necklines, with more high-quality fabrics that offer proper protection from both the weather and prying eyes. In essence, it’s really all about being comfortable and confident in your womanhood without the need to show off any skin exposure, because being respectable is sexy! 


2. A simple guide to modest dressing: stick with basics. 

That’s precisely why Halima Aden, the revolutionary hijab-wearing supermodel who wowed the world with her modest get-up on the runway, is such a big hit. “Modesty is not for one culture, it is not for one group of women. Modesty is the oldest fashion staple. It has been around since the beginning of time. It is going to be around for another 100 years. It's an option, just another option for people to participate in," she explains in Hardtalk from BBC.

We definitely couldn’t agree more, and if you do too, you can get started with a basic black dress that will keep it simple and sophisticated no matter where you go. If you’re just new to the modest dressing world, going with the timeless staples is a good bet.

Modest Dressing Black Simple Abaya Dress
Modest Dressing Black Dress Abaya 
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3. Why do people dress modestly? Because it’s all about coverage. 

As opposed to the common misconception that you need to shed the layers to gain some attention, modest dressing instead promotes loving your body and exuding a calm confidence while staying covered up. Why do people dress modestly? It’s not just about religious notions—more prominently in mainstream fashion, it’s now about layering for the sake of comfort, and a laudable way of standing your ground.

Coverage isn’t just about piling on the layers and disappearing under all that cloth. You can avoid indecent exposure and save yourself from any embarrassing faux pas by covering up with sleeves—and who says your sleeves need to be plain and boring? The lovely thing about modest dressing is that you can still express yourself in a wide variety of ways, from shiny embellishments to beautiful embroidery. To take things up a notch, you can make your sleeves more interesting with different cuts and patterns as well.

Case in point: you can go with floral embroidered sleeves for classier formal events during the evening, or stick to two-toned panel sleeve designs for a more casual street look. You can even pick an open abaya with shimmery bell sleeves if you want to show off what you’re wearing underneath. 

Modest Dressing Black Abaya See Through Sleeves
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Modest Dressing Black Abaya Textured Sleeves
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Modest Dressing Pink Open Abaya Coat

Modest Dressing Pink Open Abaya Silver Sleeves
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4. The importance of modest dressing: practical functionality.

Why is modest wear gaining popularity as the years go by? Skimpy body-hugging clothes not only elevate all kinds of discomfort—especially if you’re going to be wearing them all day long—but they also open you up to a whole mess of possible slip-ups. They’re usually not as practical when it comes to all-weather wear, and they’re not functional enough to be worn to all kinds of occasions, whether you're running errands down at the local grocery store or you’re prepping for a big client meeting at work.

The importance of modest dressing is that it can save you from all that stress of rummaging around your wardrobe for something appropriate to wear during the morning rush. You can wear them no matter what the occasion or the weather, saving you the hassle of needing to buy new clothes only to be used once at a particular event. They make sure you’re still being budget-conscious when it comes to your shopping fund, and they’re just so, so functional! 

We’re talking about abayas that feature functional pockets for all of your little necessities—you won't even have to worry about lugging a heavy handbag with you when you’re on the go. And to add some extra oomph and more visual interest, you can pick frilled pockets or those with bursts of colour to really let your personality shine.

Modest Dressing Blue Abaya Frill Pockets
Modest Dressing Blue Open Abaya Pocket Frill
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Modest Dressing Black Open Abaya Pockets
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5. Why is modest wear gaining popularity? Because it’s fun!

Finally, why is modest dressing important? Here’s the thing: it keeps you covered, respectable, elegant, and confident—and it’s just darn good fun. You can wear different colours, cuts, and designs without worrying about appropriateness regardless of occasion or weather. They’re easier on the wallet because you can wear them over and over again with their practicality and comfort level. Plus, they can flatter your figure in the right way without the need to show off any skin. You can even emphasise your wait even more with matching sashes or belts you can wear around an open front abaya for full flexibility no matter what your body shape. Can it possibly get any better than that?

Still unsure about what is modest dressing? Head on over to FERADJE and you’ll see exactly what we’re talking about—and maybe even find your next closet fave that you’ll be wearing from sun up to sun down today!  


By Catherine Dellosa
22 Feb 2021


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