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Open Abaya Outfits: What to Wear Under an Abaya

Open abaya outfits are all about style—underneath the unbuttoned abaya, outfits are a different story altogether! The abaya with no front buttons is similar to the kimono style outerwear that plenty of modern modest women love to flaunt from sun up to sun down, and all for good reason. From belted varieties that emphasize your waist to modest lengths with fantastic drape quality, these open front abaya outfits should be closet staples all year long if you are looking for what to wear under an abaya!


1. Trousers under open abaya outfits with embroidered details

Need to add a feminine touch to your regular open abaya dress? Some subtle embroidery will instantly class up your abaya with no front buttons. There are tons of choices out there to pick from—you can opt for embroidered designs on the cuffs, on the sleeves, or down the hemline, which you can check out on You can even pick an open abaya dress with embroidered details! Usually, these designs tend to lean toward more flowery patterns, but you can always go with other prints to really add a whole new level of depth to your overall open abaya outfit.

Black Open Abaya White Flowers
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What to Wear Under Abaya
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Because embroidered details that are more floral tend to give off a delicate and feminine vibe, you can balance out that look by wearing casual tops and your favourite pair of jeans underneath. Abaya outfits with no buttons don’t leave you with the option of keeping things closed when it gets a little chilly or when you need to add just a little bit more modesty to your open abaya outfit. This is precisely why it’s a good idea to wear jeans underneath to make sure that you’re nice and toasty even when the breeze blows by and exposes your inner get-up.

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Black Gold Floral Open Abaya
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To top it all off, wearing trousers or jeans will keep things casual and fuss-free to counter the outfit delicateness of the embroidery on your unbuttoned abaya. For instance, the abaya above features embroidered floral patches all over and can go perfectly well with an all-black ensemble or a simple white top and denim jeans underneath. It’s the ideal open-front abaya outfit to wear on casual Sundays running errands or when hanging out with your gal pals at the nearby cafe!


2. Light dress under open abaya with belt 

When you’re wearing abaya outfits with an open front, it can sometimes be inappropriate if you’re wearing see-through fabrics and shorter outfits underneath. The trick when choosing the best way to style an open abaya is to make sure that you have the option of keeping your unbuttoned abaya closed so that your outfits can still be modest and covered up.  

What to Wear Under a White Open Abaya
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What To Wear Under Abaya
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If you want to wear airy skirts in the summer but you’re afraid of the draft, close up your abaya outfits using matching belts or sashes. You can easily throw this outerwear over casual get-ups or fancier evening wear without having to stress about what’s underneath. The matching belt for your abaya with an open front can also give your outfit a more A-line look without revealing too much. It adds a flattering shape to your silhouette and can keep the loose fit of your open abaya outfit more streamlined and put-together.

Beige Black Open Abaya with Belt
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Black Open Abaya with Red Stripe Sides
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Just like these abayas above, you can class up your look with a simple dress to complete your elegant vibe, all while choosing to emphasize your waist with a belt and keeping things nice and covered.


3. Pristine black outfit under your open abaya

Some outfits look too over-the-top with an abaya with no buttons, mainly because these outerwear pieces can sometimes be too embellished. The fancier and more elegant designs of abayas with no front buttons can have anything from two-tone lace accents to actual gemstones sewn into the fabric. Some designs even have ruffles and pleats galore to keep up with the latest trends, making it a challenge for women who want to keep things light and casual.

What to Wear Under Black Open Abaya with Belt
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To make sure that you don’t end up looking like a Christmas tree with over-designed elements in your overall look, go with plain colours with no accents for your abaya outfits with an open front. Monochromatic get-ups under a fancier outer layer can balance out your vibe while still keeping a certain level of dimension and adding a little bit of oomph to your look. Particularly, you can choose to wear plain white or black hues for your outfits under open front abayas. It will make stand-out features like the embellished sleeves of these abayas less dramatic with just the right amount of pizzazz.


4. Plain monochromatic colours to go with an abaya with front buttons

In keeping with the dress codes of women with certain religious obligations, some open abaya outfits look particularly stunning when paired with monochromatic colours. Whatever your chosen get-up underneath may be, it’s important to match everything with a classy outfit to complete your look. This is also a handy trick to use when you’re watching the weather and making sure that you’re properly covered up to prep yourself for the unpredictable UK climate. No fab fashionista would want to be caught soaking wet in the rain, after all!

What To Wear Under Open Abaya
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What to Wear Under a Beige Peach Open Abaya
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It can also be handy for modern modest women to pick an open abaya dress with hidden buttons down the front. This kind of flexibility can make your hijab outfit more versatile, whether you’re heading to a religious service or just chilling with your significant other during date night.

What to Wear Under a Red Open Abaya
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Regardless of the style of your open abaya outfit, it’s important to pick a comfortable fabric so that you can easily layer it on top of your innerwear without sweating buckets underneath. Remember: an abaya with no front buttons means that your clothes within have to speak for themselves, too! Outfits should be comfy, cosy, and appropriately covered up, regardless of the open abaya style you choose. Check out the hottest collections of the latest abaya designs over at to restock your closet today!


By Catherine Dellosa
9 July 2020


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