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Top IG-Worthy Modest Summer Outfits

Summer is in full swing, but are modest summer outfits a thing? Whenever the sizzling hot season comes around, women everywhere seem to be obsessed with showing off some skin—after all, what’s summer without shedding all those layers? Of course, as a modest woman keeping up with your conservative ideals, you might think that it’s impossible to stay covered up in the heat, but we certainly beg to differ!

Yes, you really can stay fresh and covered with the latest viral modest summer outfits this season to make your Instagram account shine brighter than the sun!


1. Modest summer outfits in lighter colour palettes

It may have been a seemingly insurmountable problem to wear layers under the heat for your modest summer outfits back then, but these days, you can update your best modest summer outfit OOTD with fresher, livelier, and brighter colours. This may come as news to some women, but since 2018, lighter coloured abayas are now an actual thing.

According to the Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman during a CBS interview in 2018, “The laws are very clear and stipulated in the laws of sharia: that women wear decent, respectful clothing, like men. This, however, does not particularly specify a black abaya or a black head cover. The decision is entirely left for women to decide what type of decent and respectful attire she chooses to wear.” This means that the black abaya is no longer a specific requirement as long as you stay “decent and respectful”—which makes stylish modest summer outfit for Instagram all the more fun!

Modest Summer Outfits 

Modest Summer Outfits
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We’re talking about pinks, burgundies, and blush—and while you’re at it, throw in a bunch of florals in there too! The top modest outfit for summer OOTD doesn’t have to be the most outrageous and over-the-top, nor does it have to be the most expensive. All you really have to do is stand out with your lighter colours this season. Made from finest Dubai silk, the best modest summer outfit OOTD should make you feel breezy under the heat. A kimono style design can help you wear it flexibly open or closed as well, so plus points if your modest summer outfits have hidden buttons on the front.

modest summer outfits

Modest Summer Outfits
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Aside from lighter colours, here’s how to style modest summer outfit OOTD: go with see-through fabric—hold your violent reactions, please! See-through doesn’t necessarily mean exposing your skin—you can opt for see-through sides to let the breeze in via mesh side panels with lace details. Talk about creative layering!

Modest Summer Outfit
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2. Latest viral modest summer outfits in blue

Speaking of lighter colours, pinks and florals aren’t the only way you can spruce up your IG feed. When you’re picking a stylish modest summer outfit for Instagram, baby blues are not only easy on the eyes, but they also make for the perfectly refreshing modest summer outfits this season. After all, if these fashion-forward femmes on Vogue can update what it means to be modest with innovative layering, you can definitely create your own ways on how to style your modest summer outfit OOTD too!

Of course, it’s not just about blues and effortlessly cool shades. The subtle details matter too, because the latest viral modest summer outfits definitely always have a single detail or two that makes it stand out. For instance, you can pick pieces that have adorable frills on cuffs or plackets. And if you really want to have the best modest summer outfit OOTD, you can opt for bolder blues with french lace in soft crepe (because remember: lightweight material will keep you comfortable all throughout the sizzling weather).

 Modest Summer Outfits

Modest Summer Outfits
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3. How to style modest summer outfit OOTD: go white

Want to know the secret to having the top modest outfit for summer OOTD? It’s not really how high the price tag is on the rack, but it’s more of how you carry yourself and the confidence that lets you shine no matter what you’re wearing—and there’s no better way to let your inner self shine than with pristine white! Summer is as fresh as can be in immaculate white, and with such a minimalist colour, you can be sure your fun and fab self will always be front and center (and your inner beauty in the spotlight!).

The most stylish modest summer outfit for Instagram won’t amount to much if you don’t know how to carry yourself well, which is why your attitude should be at the forefront especially during the summer season when everyone else around you is flaunting their skin. Who says you need to expose to feel beautiful? Staying covered up in white keeps you elegant, sophisticated, and undoubtedly respectable. Just add a touch of a floral detail here and there and your white abaya can be instantly summer-ready in a flash!

 Modest Summer Outfit

Modest Summer Outfit
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Top it all off with the fact that white is one of the most versatile colours ever, so you can easily pair it with your headwear and headscarves to complete your hijabi outfit. After all, it’s important to stick to your modest ideals and to stay true to any cultural and religious rules even when it’s summertime. The beauty of white is that your headscarves can be in all manner of bright hues to complement your monochromatic abaya, which means it’s way easier to grab-and-go when you’re hurrying through the morning rush before work.

Of course, white can also be one of the most challenging colours to maintain—nobody wants to sport a huge stain or a particularly noticeable wrinkle everywhere they go (watch out for spilled coffee and lipstick marks!). Always make sure that you keep your closet faves stain-free, so be wary of accidentally sitting on something you don’t want to sit on! Hand wash your lovelies separately, and do not soak to make sure they look brand new every single day.

So, are you ready to rock the top modest outfit for summer OOTD? How to style modest summer outfit OOTD shouldn’t have to be rocket science! Check out our curated collection of cheap modest summer outfits over at FERADJE today!


By Catherine Dellosa
17 June 2021


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