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4 Perfect Abaya And Hijab Styles For Parties

Humans are social creatures by nature, so it’s inevitable for you to scour the world for the perfect hijab styles for parties out there. When you’re invited to an evening event every other week (or even every single week, for heavens’ sake), it can be a huge challenge to find the best hijabs styles for festivities that won’t make you look like you’re repeating the same look over and over again. This dilemma is especially true for women who love to switch things up when it comes to different styles of hijab for parties here and there.

Here’s a quick tip from us from the get-go: if you stick to the timelessness of the colour black, you won’t have to worry about mixing and matching every single time. But how do you make the average black abaya look varied every time? This is where our handy guide comes in!


1. Hijab styles for parties with pearl embellishments

Head covering styles for celebration can come in different wrap styles and colours. The important thing to remember is to keep the style simple, which is why having a black abaya is the perfect way to emphasize your hijab styles for festivities. No matter what the colour of your hijab may be, a black abaya in the latest style will always work with it - all you have to do is to elevate the elegance and fancy factor of your piece with subtle pearl embellishments.

With a timeless piece such as this Pearl Abaya Ecru, you can wear your different styles of hijab for parties however you want to and still look fashionable and fab. It comes with faux white pearls that can really make you glow as you glide through the hallways and the dance floor for any formal evening event. Who wouldn't want to be the Belle of the ball, after all? It also features comfortable and loose batwing sleeves that will instantly make you feel like royalty, proving that the best way to complement your hijab techniques for parties is to level up your abaya just the same.

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2. Head covering styles for celebration paired with pleats

A plain and single-coloured outfit can look stunning in itself when you know how to think outside of the box. A multi-coloured hijab scarf paired with a cute, comfy, and cheap abaya will no doubt look stunning from sun up to sun down. While there are many different ways to wear hijab for parties, you can keep it plain and simple with an abaya that has ruffles or pleats for an extra layer of depth and dimension no matter where the party may be.

This Plica Pleated Abaya Dress in timeless black not only adds instant texture to your party get-up, but it also keeps what otherwise might be a plain and boring colour fun and interesting. The luxurious piece is perfect for pairing with your go-to hijab technique for parties. With its inner layer that’s made from non-pleated lining, it can be the perfect choice for a chilly evening event when you need an extra layer or for festivities set during wintertime.

Shop The Look: Plica Pleated Abaya Dress, £160.00 GBP | Shop other Abayas

To top it all off, it has a flattering A-line cut in high-quality chiffon fabric plus a corded tassel belt so that you can emphasize your waist and flatter your figure as you mingle with other guests at the party. The concealed buttons in the front gives the illusion that it’s a single seamless piece, so it doesn’t distract from your unique head covering styles for celebration.


3. Hijab styles for festivities with faux gemstones

While you can make your hijab styles for parties more party-worthy by adding clips or brooches to your head piece or scarf, the fancy sequin work doesn’t have to be limited to your head gear. You can complement your different ways to wear hijab for parties with an abaya that’s embellished with faux gems for instant sophistication.

For example, this Stones Abaya Black made from breathable Nida fabric is perfect for summer evening events and can really make you stand out from the rest of the guests. You can opt to make a statement not just with your hijab techniques for parties but also with your stunning studded abaya. After all, when you’re attending an important celebration, why wouldn’t you want to look like a VIP?

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4. Other styles of hijabs for parties: sleeves with embroidery 

Why do you wear a hijab, and why do you wear an abaya? The reasons for different women may vary, but there are also different ways to wear hijab for parties even when you’re bound by a strict dress code. You don’t have to go wild with your colours or embellishments, either - sometimes, a simple accent embroidery will do the trick. 


While other styles of hijabs for parties involve intricate beadwork or huge embroidered patches everywhere, you don’t have to be as bold if you don’t want to! With just a simple embroidery accent on the cuffs of your abaya, you can trump all of the other different styles of hijab for parties in an instant. For example, this Golden Abaya made from the finest thin crepe features embroidered gold taffeta at the cuffs in an open front style so you can mix and match the outer layer with anything you want underneath. You can not only throw this on when it’s a little chilly on casual days, but it also makes for an elegant addition to your wardrobe whenever there’s a party invitation you just can’t say no to.

Shop The Look: Golden Abaya, £129.00 GBP | Shop other Abayas

There are countless other styles of hijabs for parties out there that you can experiment with! At the end of the day, hijab styles for parties all depend on your own personal preference and taste. All you have to do is boost your confidence and strut your stuff as you walk through those double doors into that fancy event, and you can totally own the night without even breaking a sweat. Check out FERADJE’s collection of fancy finds and get all glammed up for that next celebration today! 


By Catherine Dellosa
6 Aug 2020


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