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4 Abaya With Hijab Styles You Must Own

We all have our favourite clothes—you know, that abaya with hijab combo that you immediately grab right off the shelf as soon as it’s back from the laundry. You know the one. You always look forward to wearing it, and whenever you do, your whole day is instantly transformed—colours are brighter, days are better, and nothing can ruin your week. But we all need to update our wardrobe every so often, and with these abayas with hijab styles, you’re definitely going to want to give your whole wardrobe a complete makeover!

1. Abaya with hijab in monochrome

Abaya and hijab fashion is all about mixing and matching the right combination to make your overall vibe work like a charm. Contrasting colours are bold and vibrant, while monochrome looks paired with subtle embroidery can look posh and put-together. Regardless of the colours of abayas that you choose from, you can instantly elevate abaya with hijab style ideas when they’re made from sophisticated fabrics.

Abaya with Hijab Styles
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As one of the strongest natural fibres out there, silk can keep you comfortable all throughout the day with its breathable quality. It can keep you warm and toasty in colder weather and helps you regulate your body temperature properly when it’s hot outside. It’s also usually hypoallergenic and very gentle on your skin so that you won’t have to worry about any uncomfortable chafing and body static. After all, the best abaya styles with hijab should also give your skin some well-deserved TLC, right?

Abaya with Hijab Styles
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You can really add flair and sophistication to your abaya with hijab style. Some shades are a unique departure from the typical monochromatic black all while retaining its classic timelessness. Just be sure that it made from high-quality materials to keep you comfortable all throughout the day, whether you’re running errands on a casual Sunday with jeans underneath or attending a classy event in the evening. The A-line cut is perfectly designed to flatter your figure elegantly, so you can really rock your best abaya with hijab style all day long. 

2. Two-tone abaya and hijab fashion

If you really want to give your wardrobe a complete makeover, why not ditch the one-colour items and try dual shades for your abaya and hijab fashion combo? There is a certain appeal that dual colours have that really makes you stand out from the rest of the crowd without going overboard. You don’t need to overly accessorise, either—the contrasting colours themselves will already add enough visual interest that will draw the attention of people to your fabulous abaya style with hijab. After all, while you do want to be the Belle of the ball, you don’t want to attract too much unwanted attention, either!

Abaya With Hijab Styles

To add another extra layer of dimension to the dual colours of your outfit, you can throw in some patterns in there for the perfect combo. The best abaya style with hijab idea doesn’t need to be frilly, but a little bit of pattern certainly can’t hurt. For instance, this Black Abaya Light Beige Checkered Sleeves and Belt features checkered details along the sleeves for a unique touch. 

Black Abaya with Light Beige Checkered Sleeves and Belt | FERADJE

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3. Gemstones abaya with hijab styles

Rummaging around your closet all the time each moment you have an impromptu evening event? With this fancy hijab to wear with your abaya, your last minute dilemmas can finally be a thing of the past.  The best abaya style with hijab helps you give off a sophisticated vibe without the need for any additional embellishments, and you can do just that with some subtle gems and beads across your whole outfit.

Abaya with Hijab Styles

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You can immediately make a bold statement with the faux gemstones of this Stones Abaya Black piece, for instance. Made from graceful and breathable black Nida fabric, this classy abaya style with hijab also has a corded tassel belt to make sure that it flatters your figure and leaves you with a sleek silhouette no matter what the occasion. No need for any fancy jewellery here!

Abaya with Hijab Styles
Shop The Look: Gemstones Black Abaya | Shop other Abayas

4. Embroidered abaya styles with hijab

Finding the right hijab to wear with your abaya shouldn’t have to be a challenge. Infuse some much-needed and well-deserved life and depth to your current wardrobe with funky embroidered styles to really up the ante when it comes to your daily abaya with hijab! And no, embroidery doesn’t mean you need to class it up to the highest level during evening events and special occasions. It’s not all about floral embroidery on the back or along the hemline. Keep in mind that embroidery can be all kinds of patterns and designs, and they can be anywhere across your whole abaya with hijab style!

Abaya With Hijab Styles

Case in point: this Dolce Abaya features street style embroidery pathces along the front and sleeves! It has a modern cut made from comfortable crepe and with an open front, it would allow you to wear this as a layered piece over your casual jeans with hijab style for the ultimate versatility.

Abaya With Hijab Styles

Shop The Look: Dolce Abaya | Shop other Abayas

Isn’t abaya with hijab fashion fearlessly fun? It’s time to ditch your rusty old outfits and give your closet a refreshing revamp. The best abaya style with hijab should never be restricting in any way, and you should have the complete freedom to choose how you want to upgrade your closet!

To help you do just that, FERADJE has a complete and curated collection of the most fabulous hijab and abaya style ideas that you can wear for everyday use, for killing it at the workplace, or for special events. Have fun with it, keep up your confidence, and don’t be afraid to experiment! Don’t forget to pair everything with to-die-for heels and you’ll really feel like you’re a queen no matter where you go. Look out world—here you come!


By Catherine Dellosa
2 July 2020 


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