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Best Hijabi Outfits Everyone Is Wearing

Want your hijabi outfits to go viral? What does it take to have the best hijabi outfit? Is it piling on the embellishments so that you will always look like royalty everywhere you go? Does it mean that you have to wear the latest hijabi fashion on the runway? What about the latest hijab outfit trend with the highest price tag on the rack?

There are many different kinds of hijab outfit ideas that don’t require you to break the bank, nor do they force you to wear something you’re not entirely comfortable with. After all, modest fashion is all about practicality and comfort too, so what is the latest hijab fashion that will keep you cosy yet sassy at the same time?


1. Hijabi outfits that defy conventions

What is the latest hijab fashion that will help you stand out but still keep you on-trend? Wearing the latest hijab outfit trend that everyone is wearing doesn’t mean you need to disappear in a crowd of sameness. On the contrary, hijabi outfits that are at the top of the charts can ensure that you turn heads the right way too, because the modest fashion movement is definitely on the rise.

While modest women want to stay covered up, does it mean they have to forego trendiness and other embellishments as well? According to Orthodox Jewish fashion journalist Michelle Honig as quoted from The New York Times, “there’s a general misconception that modest clothing is inherently oppressive”, but if you choose to wear it even during these more liberated times, then that choice gives you agency. It then becomes your own conscious decision. You can still look fashionable and stay modest, even when you’re properly covered up. The thing is that even if you don’t want to show off your body, that definitely doesn’t mean you can’t show off your fashion sense!

For example, you can show off your unique taste by going completely unconventional with see-through abayas. If you’re wondering how you can pull off staying covered up with see-through material, it’s easy to find a workaround—simply go for double layers made from high-quality lightweight material so you can wear the layers even when it’s hot outside. For special occasions, you can wear see-through tulle as an open abaya with a fancy dress underneath, or wear it closed when the event calls for it. We’re talking about this Black Tulle Open Abaya with Belt, of course!  

Best Hijabi Outfits Black Lace See Through AbayaBest Hijabi Outfits Black See Through Abaya
Shop The Look: Black Tulle Open Abaya with Belt, £99.00 GBP | Shop other Abayas   

Another option is to opt for see-through sides so that you can still wear the trend without showing anything off underneath, like this Blush Abaya with Beige Lace perfect for weddings and formal events. 

Best Hijabi Outfits Beige Abaya with Side Lace

Shop The Look: Blush Abaya with Beige Lace, £89.00 GBP | Shop other Abayas  

You can also go with see-through sleeves if you’re not feeling too adventurous—this Leathery Abaya will do just the trick!
Best Hijabi Outfits Black See Through Sleeve Abaya
Shop The Look: Leathery Abaya, £99.00 GBP | Shop other Abayas  


2. Best hijabi outfits that shine just the right amount

While some may think that the latest hijabi fashion means hiding from the rest of the world and making sure that you’re never drawing the attention of the crowd, in reality, you can still stand out in the right way even when you’re trying to stay covered up. After all, wearing modest clothes doesn’t mean you can’t don embellishments or more unconventional shades. In fact, today’s youth have found a multitude of creative ways on how to update the old notions of modesty to put together the best hijabi outfit that will express their own unique personalities. You certainly don’t have to compromise your ideals just because you want to look trendy, and vice versa.

Modest fashion today still lets you flaunt your clothes without being the center of attention. Some may argue that being modest means you need to do everything you can not to stand out, which includes steering clear of non-muted colours, fancy embellishments, and other unnecessary bling. Given how the younger generation of today is now embracing change more and more, it only makes sense for you to keep with the times. These trendsetters, for instance, are challenging norms and breaking barriers every day, constantly pushing the boundaries of what it means to wear the latest hijabi fashion. The best hijabi outfit can’t stay the same throughout the years, after all.

Best Hijabi Outfits
Image: @sajeda_m

That said, you can still go all out on the embellishments without going overboard, because being discreet can have different meanings. According to modest fashion model Wafeeqa Azeem from Vogue Arabia, “I can point you to many gorgeous women who can stand out in all-black abayas. I would not associate wearing bright colors with being non-discreet versus wearing muted colors with being discreet. I can guarantee you it is possible to wear bright colors and not stand out.”

Bright colours aside, you can still wear shiny and shimmery hijabi outfits that keep you modest and on-point with the latest hijab outfit trend at the same time. This Shimmery Sequin Black Abaya, for example, says it loud and proud with its metallic blue and bronze sequins on the back and sleeves, but it’s nothing too over-the-top. 

Best Hijabi Outfits Black Sequins Back Sleeves Abaya

Shop The Look: Shimmery Sequin Black Abaya, £119.00 GBP | Shop other Abayas  

And who says you can’t don pearls all over your best hijabi outfit? Whoever declared with finality that littering your clothes with pearls defies modesty? With this Pearl Abaya Ecru, you can stay fab and fashionable without asking for too much attention. Plus, its al-Madinah silk makes for all-day comfort, because what is the latest hijab fashion if not for ease of wear?

Best Hijab Outfits
Best Hijabi Outfits Black with White Pearls Abaya
Shop The Look: Pearl Abaya Ecru, £99.00 GBP | Shop other Abayas  


3. Latest hijabi fashion for casual, low-key days

Obviously, there will always be days when you don’t want to make too much of an effort—those lazy days definitely can’t be helped. When it comes to modest hijab outfit ideas, you can’t go wrong with the versatility and functionality of open front abayas.

Remember how we talked about muted colors and sticking to boring ol’ classics all the time? You don’t have to stay invisible to stay discreet. You can definitely wear brighter and more technicolor hues and still stay modest, like this ultra-comfy Rachel Abaya for casual, no-nonsense, no-frills days.  The knotted fabric lets you walk around easy-breezy during Sunday brunches or quick errands, and they add a touch of colour to your wardrobe without keeping the spotlight on you.

Best Hijabi Outfits
Best Hijabi Outfits Red Knit Abaya

Shop The Look: Rachel Abaya, £99.00 GBP | Shop other Abayas  

So, do you want to keep up with what the latest fashion bloggers are wearing, all while staying true to your ideals? Vogue itself makes a strong argument about the paradox of modesty, and for good reason. You certainly can’t restrict yourself to too-traditional hijabi outfits, especially not when the fashion world is always changing! Get with the times and find your next fave at FERADJE today.

By Catherine Dellosa
28 Jan 2021


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