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Best Modest Outfits For All Occasions

The best modest outfits are easy to style, effortlessly elegant, and even comfier than ever. Plus, since they’re already sophisticated enough when worn, they can easily double as your go-to outfit for special occasions and fancier events without the need to add any unnecessary accessories. With the rise of the modest fashion revolution, it’s not hard to find the best modest outfits for any occasion out there, as everyone from the younger generation of religious youths to non-Muslim Youtube vloggers is getting on-board with today’s trends.

And why shouldn’t they? The latest modest outfits are ultra-hip, conservatively covered, and easy on the budget—and we’ll show you just how you can make the most of your trendy modest outfits right here!


What are the best modest outfits for any occasion? 

To the untrained eye, the top modest outfits usually need to be subdued and muted, with hush-hush colours and nothing that makes any part of your outfit stand out or ask for attention. This is actually a common misconception—on the contrary, the best modest outfits for any occasion should have a striking quality to it that makes it turn heads the right way. For example, letting your outfit give off a slight glimmer as you make your way through the dance floor or banquet halls is always a good thing—it helps you stand out in just the right amount without you looking like you’re trying to outdo the host (or worse, the bride!).

The important thing to remember is to make sure that the glow and glimmer catches the eye but doesn’t pull too much focus on you. You can do this by picking a trendy modest outfits that’s embroidered with metallic sequins, or embellished with sequins from shoulders to cuffs. Details should be littered sparingly—remember: subtle is always best, especially when it comes to modesty.

Best Modest Outfits

Best Modest Outifts
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If you’re not a fan of shiny sequins, you can also embellish your evening wear with faux pearls scattered across the whole piece. Faux black pearls pinned on a black abaya will make things look even more subtle, so you can enjoy the rest of the night and enjoy the festivities without pulling focus away from whatever you’re celebrating.

Best Modest Outfits
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Best Modest Outfits
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What are the top modest styles

Aside from the touch of shine on your latest modest outfits, you can keep things interesting with fun and funky sleeves as well—and no, just because the event is all fancy-schmancy doesn’t mean you need to restrict yourself to stay prim and proper. You can still have fun with sleeves in your top modest styles by sticking to the colour black for a classic and timeless look, along with a hint of polka dots on tulle belle sleeves. Sleeves are the perfect way to add an extra level of depth and dimension to your look while still keeping yourself covered up the right way.

Best Modest Outfits For All Occasions
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Best Modest Outfits
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Keep in mind that when it comes to the latest modest outfits, while you want to stay subdued in a way, you don’t want to blend faceless into the crowd. It’s just like the hashtag "inside-out abaya" used to fight for—modesty doesn’t mean you need to buckle under the pressure of a restricting abaya. You can express your personality and individuality through the latest modest attire out there, and there’s no better time than now!


How to style modest outfits?

Need one final fashion hack on how to style modest outfits? Be a little bit of a rebel by foregoing black in exchange for something lighter and airier! The trendy modest outfits to look out for this year (and in all the years to come, to be honest!) is the delicateness and feminine touch of white, pastels, and light grey, because black is no longer all you’re limited to wearing. Modest outfits are conservative enough when they cover all the right parts, so switching up the shade shouldn’t be a problem when you’re sticking to your modest ideals.

Best Modest Outfits For All Occasions
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Best Modest Outfits Any Occasion
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In fact, lots of luxury brands are also embellishing the classic black abaya with different kinds of fabulous details, because luxury fashion should be ever-evolving to get with the times as well. To make sure that you’re totally on-point when it comes to the top modest styles in the market, be sure to liven up the party with lighter coloured pieces. It’s also a good idea to go for open abayas where you can wear them flexibly open or closed. If your fave piece has a matching sash or belt, you can make sure that you can emphasise your waist and flatter your figure at every angle—after all, just because you’re keeping modest doesn’t mean you need to be drowning in all that fabric while looking chunky and too layered up.

Obviously, when the weather is a little chilly, you really do need to pile on the layers, don’t you? Invest in a high-quality piece with heavier fabrics rather than donning too many layers over yourself. For instance, this abaya is made from a heavyweight pleated fabric that will help you look dressed up, but also nice and cosy during the sweater weather and all throughout the winter months. It also helps if the hemline goes all the way down to make sure you’re really comfortably toasty whether the special occasion is indoors or outdoors.

Best Modest Outfit
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Best Modest Outfit
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So, are you still fretting about how to style modest outfits? It’s nothing too big a challenge! In fact, all you really need is to know which pieces to work to your advantage when you’re shopping online for the comfiest, sassiest, and most affordable finds in the market. Just remember to check size charts and the fabric whenever you’re browsing as well to make sure you won’t end up with buyer’s remorse, and be sure to stick to your budget. Speaking of which, why not check out our lovely collection over at FERADJE and update your whole wardrobe today?


By Catherine Dellosa
19 May 2021


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