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4 Latest Abaya Designs You Must Own This Year

The latest abaya designs are always changing, and fads inevitably come and go, especially in the volatile world of fashion. This year, however, modesty is trending even more than ever. From quirky sleeves of different styles and cuts to sophisticated drape qualities that help you ooze confidence and pizzazz, the most popular abaya designs have it all! Stand out from the rest and be the trendsetter of your whole squad with these top abaya designs you just HAVE to own this year:


1. Latest abaya designs in timeless black 

To say that black is back is an understatement because it never really left in the first place. If there’s one thing that will always be in style even as you choose from the best abaya designs, it’s the sleek sophistication of black. Not only is this colour fashionably slimming for days when you feel bloated and lazy, but it can also help you give off an air of mystery and elegance no matter where you go—you don’t even have to put that much effort into it!

The latest abaya fashion trends may come and go, but black will always be chic. Imagine strutting your stuff down the catwalk of a glitzy and glamorous dance party, or flaunting your latest abaya fashion as you ace that job interview of your dreams. You can also wear long, flowy lengths in this minimalist shade when you’re out on a romantic date, or impress your clients and bosses in this no-nonsense shade. You just can’t go wrong with the sultry sophistication of this newest abaya style.

Latest Abaya Designs Black with Frills on Hemline

This current abaya trend is made even more sassy and sensuous with added subtle embellishments like a frilled hemline and cuffs. For instance, this Bubble Abaya features fun frills that add an extra layer of dimension to this versatile look for all kinds of occasions. Made from the highest quality fabric, this perfect up to date abaya trend can keep you cosy no matter what the weather, with a concealed zipper down the front for the ultimate sophistication.  

Latest Abaya Designs Black with Frills on Hemline and Sleeves

Shop The Look: Bubble Abaya, £95.00 GBP | Shop other Abayas


2. Newest abaya style with sensational sleeves 

You can always put your own fun twist into the current abaya fashion trends with fun and fab sleeves in different styles! Some people might think that abayas are dull and uninteresting, but who says you can’t switch it up a little? The top abaya designs should never be static—the dynamism of fashion is what makes it so interesting in the first place. And with that fluidity and versatility comes a wide variety of sleeves you can choose from!

It’s time to juice up your wardrobe and go for a welcome overhaul of the latest abaya fashion design. Aside from shimmery bell sleeves, you can go with textured honeycomb sleeves for extra femininity or lace sleeves with sewn embroidery on the cuffs. Full-length sleeves work well when you’re feeling a little chilly, or you can go with ¾ lengths with frilled cuffs for an added layer of depth for your newest abaya style.

Latest Abaya Designs Black with Polka Dots Tulle Sleeves

This Polka Abaya features tulle bell sleeves that add visual interest to any outfit with its white polka dot design. It also flatters the waist with a corded tassel belt, so you can really show off your fashionable swag at every angle.

Latest Abaya Designs Black with Tulle Polka Dots Sleeves

Shop The Look: Polka Abaya, £95.00 GBP | Shop other Abayas


3. Popular abaya designs with fancy embroidery

High-quality embroidery instantly elevates the look of the most popular abaya designs. The best ones are subtle and sophisticated, and they don’t look too overpowering when it comes to your overall look. These embroidered designs are usually floral in nature, breathing fresh new life into your closet with every lovely piece. 

You can take your pick from embroidered patterns either on the back, on the cuffs, or along the hemline. Just make sure that the embroidered design isn’t too flashy—you want your latest abaya fashion trend to stand out, but you wouldn’t want it to cause a racket!

Latest Abaya Designs Pink Open Abaya with Flowers

Let your best abaya styles speak volumes about your unique personality with refreshing splashes of colour on a monochromatic piece. For instance, this Spring Abaya features flowery embroidery from the shoulder down to the chest in a unique way that sets itself apart from the typical back designs and hem styles.

Latest Abaya Designs Pink Open Abaya with Flowers on Shoulder

Shop The Look: Spring Abaya, £95.00 GBP | Shop other Abayas


4. Best abaya designs with pleats and ruffles

How else can you revolutionize the classic abaya? To make sure that your OOTD ranks first on the top abaya designs this year, invest in ruffles and pleats! Don’t be afraid of the ruffles galore, whether they’re on your sleeves and cuffs or down on your hemline. The current abaya trend is nothing but experimental, and you still have the rest of the year to mix things up! Keep your abaya and jeans combo hip, or bring the sunshine along with you during sizzling summer days.

Latest Abaya Designs Black Pleated Abaya Dress with Belt

This Plica Pleated Abaya Dress boasts of a luxurious silhouette for special evening events with its dual layers for chillier nights. The outer layer is fashionably pleated to keep up to date with the most popular abaya fashion, while the inner lining keeps you warm and toasty while covered up modestly at the same time. The all-around pleat detail keeps it subtle but also adds depth to your overall vibe. It also features a corded tassel belt to emphasize your waist.

Latest Abaya Designs Black Pleated Abaya Dress with Belt

Shop The Look: Plica Pleated Abaya Dress, £149.00 GBP | Shop other Abayas

The most up to date abaya fashion trends this year don’t have to be wild and outrageous—in fact, most trends are normally just updates to the foundation of the styles that are already there. If you already have enough plain ol’ abayas in your closet, why not give your wardrobe a makeover with ruffles, pleats, and embroidery? It certainly never hurts to try these new abaya fashion hacks this year.

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By Catherine Dellosa
2 July 2020


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