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4 Modest Outfits for Summer To Get You Inspired

With the sizzling sun high up in the clear blue sky and the weather as hot and humid as ever, it can be a huge challenge to find the perfect modest outfits for summer. After all, who wants to melt under the scorching heat of the summer sun and sweat buckets underneath all that fabric? It can be especially troublesome to look for conservative clothing for summer that actually lets you breathe—everyone knows that poorly picked modest ensembles for hot weather can be pretty stifling (both weather-wise and fashion-wise).

To make sure you don’t burn up under the sun, we’ve got the most ideal tips on how to dress modestly for summer to keep you feeling easy-breezy everywhere you go:


1. Modest outfit for summer: choose lighter colours.

Before anything else, you have to have the right frame of mind when you’re shopping for modest summer clothing. When you’re lamenting your own tragic fate under the summer heat, it’s important to remember why you’re doing what you’re doing. You are a fab and fashionable modern modest woman who values her fashion ideals above all else, and there’s absolutely no shame in that! 

Modest Outfits for Summer Blue Open Frills Abaya

To make sure that you rock your modest summer attire without suffering a heatstroke, remember that it’s all about confidence and the right attitude. It’s really just mind over matter—when you zero in on the heat with laser-like focus, you really will feel like the heat is unbearable. But if you stay positive and stop complaining about the weather, it will actually make you feel better inside. After all, shedding your layers and coverage won’t suddenly change the weather, but it will definitely change your ideals and principles negatively.

Modest Summer Outfit

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So, why not prep for your modest clothes for summer with breathable fabrics and lighter colours this season? This Mara Abaya in beautifully fresh baby blue keeps things light and airy as the best modest outfit for summer. You can easily wear this funky open abaya over light pieces of clothing underneath, or go simple and sweet with a casual pair of your favourite jeans. You can go as subtle as you like with what’s underneath as the frills down the side of the open abaya will do all the talking for you—it gives off a burst of freshness and an added level of dimension to your overall get-up.


2. Best conservative clothing for summer: using the right fabrics.

When you’re throwing together the most modest ensemble for hot weather, it can be frustrating to find the right pieces that will keep you cool through the fire. It’s important to wear natural fabrics like linen and cotton to keep yourself cool as opposed to polyester (unless it’s the breathable kind). Make sure that the air can blow through your summer modest clothing or you really will feel like you’re all wrapped up in a heat shrink tube when the heat is unbearable. 

You can also wear light cotton material, and lay off the layers. The most you can do is wear an open abaya as an outer layer over a sleeveless piece so that the air can still blow through your outfit without compromising your modest ideals. The best modest summer clothes should make you feel comfortable yet still covered up, after all. Look for lightweight pieces that don’t stick to your skin when push comes to shove—there’s nothing worse than having to give a big presentation in front of your clients or gearing up for a big romantic date while you’re soaking from all that sweat.

Modest Outfits for Summer Pink Open Abaya

This Peony Abaya Blush is the perfect layer to keep you company when you’re having a bad case of the summer blues. The simple frill design keeps things feminine while the pristine blush colour makes it as versatile as can be from morning until night. It’s also made from the finest thin crepe of the highest quality, so you can easily bid adieu to your summer sadness in a snap.

Modest Outfits for Summer Pink Open Abaya

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3. How to dress modestly for summer: choosing the right fit.

Who wants clothing that’s too tight and skinny when the weather is hot as heck? Wearing pieces that are too body-hugging is a surefire way to suffer a heat stroke no matter how confident you may feel out there. The best way to keep yourself covered and safe healthwise is to wear loose clothing when you’re rummaging around online for the most ideal conservative summer outfits. Loose sleeves, leg widths, and hijab wrapping techniques will be your ultimate best friends in the heat! 

Of course, you have to make sure that the elements of your clothing aren’t too loose, or you risk exposing certain parts of your body that you otherwise don’t want to expose. The best way to go about it is to opt for a loose and flowy abaya as your main piece for your modest outfit for the summer. For instance, batwing sleeves make for the perfect loose-fitting outer layers when it comes to conservative clothing for summer. They’re long enough to cover you up but loose enough that nothing is sticking to your skin.

This Pearl Abaya Black features subtle pearl details on top of the fabulous batwing sleeves. You can easily wear this out during the day or pimp it up for a special occasion at night!

Modest Outfits for Summer

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4. How to stay cool and modest in summer: wearing the right colours.

Light is right! Darker shades tend to absorb more heat, while lighter hues make for the perfect modest outfits for the hot weather. Summer isn’t the best time to try to hide your body shape behind blacks and dark blues!

Modest Outfits For Summer

If you’re really concerned about the slimming effect of black but don’t want to wear the colour, simply choose lighter-coloured modest summer clothing that has matching sashes or belts like this Ayesha Abaya White to keep your silhouette as flattering as can be from every angle.

Modest Summer Outfit White Abaya

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Remember to apply the same concept with your headwear—keep the fabrics lightweight, breathable, airy, and light-coloured. And with that said, check out the summer modest attire collection over at FERADJE today!


By Catherine Dellosa
4 Aug 2020  


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