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4 Outfit Hijab Ideas For Your Fam

Now that the holidays are upon us, it’s easy to get lost in a flurry of shopping and splurging to tick everything off our outfit hijab wishlist. While there’s absolutely nothing wrong with shopping for yourself, the holidays make for the perfect opportunity to shop for top hijab outfit gifts for the most important people in your life!

From outfit hijab gift ideas for your whole squad to outfit hijab gifts your Mum would absolutely adore, these are the best gifts for hijabis you’ll be glad you splurged on.


1. Outfit hijab ideas for parties

What is the holiday season without get-togethers and social shindigs? Even if you’re opting for something a little bit more toned down and intimate, it still can’t hurt to gift someone with pieces they can feel glamorous in. The top hijab outfit gifts that’ll land your present in the Most Memorable Gift Of All Time list should be practical, fab, and functional at the same time. It shouldn’t be just a one-time thing—after all, the best party outfits are those you can reuse as many times as you want to. And when we’re talking about timelessness and re-wearability, there’s only one answer—basic black.

What are the best hijab outfit gifts? Clothing presents that come in timeless black can guarantee that your dear recipient will be able to wear your gift anytime, anywhere. Of course, while black is as basic as can be, you wouldn’t want your loved one to disappear in a sea of similar shades out there. What you can do is to pick pieces that have striking accents to them, like a welcome pop of colour in red along the sleeves or hemline. This Hass Abaya lets you do just that with its colourful floral embroidery and black lace that delicately adorn the cuffs and hemline. The high-quality Dubai silk fabric also ensures your friend or family member will be comfy in your present all throughout the day!

Outfit Hijab Ideas Black Abaya Floral
Shop The Look: Hass Abaya, £119.00 GBP | Shop other Abayas 


2. What are the best hijab outfit gifts in beige?

While black can definitely scream “feminine and bold”, it’s always a good idea to present your recipient with other options when they’re rummaging through their wardrobe for something to wear at a moment’s notice. If you want your outfit hijab gifts to stand out, why not go for something in lovely beige instead?

Outfit Hijab Ideas Beige Lace Abaya

The soft shade of this heavenly hue can be made even more ethereal with other embellishments like embroidered accents or delicate lace. An outfit hijab like this Chichek Abaya Beige can definitely fit the bill; plus, the cool lightweight fabric makes it the ideal piece to wear for summer. And because the sophisticated lace details add visual interest to the outfit, it can also make for the perfect party piece.

Outfit Hijab Ideas Beige Abaya White Lace
Shop The Look: Chichek Abaya Beige, £99.00 GBP | Shop other Abayas 


3. Outfit hijab gift ideas for work

Speaking of beige hues, it’s not just about attending social gatherings and looking prim and proper at balls. The modern femme fatale also has to look insanely good at the office, so consider outfit hijab gift ideas that your family member can rock at work. The modern working woman has to look respectable especially when she’s wowing clients at the boardroom or making their way to the top of the company, so the best gifts for hijabis that are all about their careers should be fuss-free and effortlessly pretty. 

Why not match this Royal Abaya Beige with a no-frills bag and a pair of killer heels to complete the whole look? The weighty pleated material in premium quality Abraham fabric makes it an easy-breezy outfit to wear from office hours to after hours, and the lapel collar keeps things classy and formal at work. The fitted arms also ensure that sleeves won’t be all over the place when making a big presentation or closing a huge deal, because you wouldn’t want clients to get distracted by what you’re wearing!

Outfit Hijab Ideas Beige Abaya Collar
Shop The Look: Royal Abaya Beige, £99.00 GBP | Shop other Abayas 


4. Best gifts for hijabis for daily wear

Rounding out the beige-coloured top hijab outfit gifts in this list, this Leylak Abaya Khaki in comfy Dubai silk is a no-brainer. Besides, what are the best hijab outfit gifts if not the ones that can be worn as an everyday piece? Pick gifts that your recipient can wear closed during the chilly winter weather, or open when they want to feel the breeze blow through their bodies during a warm summer day (or when they want to show off what they’re wearing underneath!). It’s also a good idea to pick presents that have the least amount of details as possible, so that your fam can dress it up or down as they wish.

The lovely black lace coupled with the modern A-line cut of the Leylak Abaya Khaki offers a great drape quality that will no doubt flatter at every angle without revealing anything too over-the-top. The hidden buttons on the front mean your recipient can wear this flexibly as an open front piece as well. Paired with the right head scarf and a cute tote, this outfit hijab will definitely make you your recipient’s most favorite family member ever!

Outfit Hijab Ideas Plain Abaya
Shop The Look: Leylak Abaya Khaki, £99.00 GBP | Shop other Abayas  

Of course, you should always keep in mind that your outfit hijab gifts should be easy on the wallet. While you want to make sure that all of your family members (and your best buddies) have the most awesome outfit hijab items in their closet, you also wouldn’t want to go broke by scouring the metro for the most expensive gifts you can get your hands on! Your family members wouldn’t want you to drain all of your life savings just so you can give them gifts you bought at skyrocketing prices this season. Remember: the true value of a present isn’t really in the price tag—at the end of the day, it’s about you, the giver, and the heart you put into it.

So, if you’re ready to shop stress-free and budget-friendly for your loved ones for the best gifts for hijabis, head on over to FERADJE and browse the fabulous collection of affordable yet fashionable finds out there!


By Catherine Dellosa
10 Dec 2020


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