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Top Abayas You Need To Dress Modestly

Once you’ve made the choice to dress modestly, it’s important to remember that it’s not just a passing trend. Do you want your OOTDs to go viral, or your whole squad to want to go twinning with you? The best abayas for dressing modestly can get you through all seasons and all occasions, whether you’re aiming to be the Trendsetter of the Year or you’re just looking for the latest modest abayas that will stand the test of time. After all, the top modest dressing styles should be all about practicality—but it certainly doesn’t hurt to be totally on-point with the runway trends too! 

From basic blacks to special occasion wear, these are the best abayas for dressing modestly in four fool-proof designs!


1. Dress modestly in black

The top modest dressing styles aren’t just about being runway-ready on any given day of the week. When it comes to tips on modest abaya trends, the best thing you can do is to look for something basic enough so that you can wear it every day, but also something that lets you stand out from the crowd in a subtle and sophisticated way.

If you’re thinking that it’s not going to be possible to find something so versatile and fashion-forward, think again! This Khatun Abaya literally and figuratively has you covered. Ideal for any kind of umrah or hajj visit, this sleek black abaya features shirred cuffs that add a subtle touch of elegance to your overall look. Don’t be fooled by the simplicity of this pelican-arm piece—the high-quality and ultra-comfortable crepe fabric will actually make you want to wear it all day, every day. Plus, the hidden front zipper lets you wear it with a closed front just in case it gets a little chilly. Talk about your go-to all-weather wear!

Dress Modestly Black Dress Abaya
Shop The Look: Khatun Abaya, £95.00 GBP | Shop other Abayas  


2. How to dress modestly with abayas in blush

How do you dress modestly during spring and summer? Can the best abayas for dressing modestly really help you survive the unforgiving heat of the sizzling summer sun? During seasons when everyone else around you is shedding layers and showing off some skin, how do you stick to your modest ideals without any unnecessary body exposure?

Being modest is all about knowing how to stay respectfully covered up, but that doesn’t mean you need to torture yourself and sweat buckets underneath all that fabric. To make sure you stay fresh and fab even when the heat is on, why not go for pieces in blooming blush? This Spring Abaya takes it up a notch with some lovely floral embroidery that runs from the shoulder down to the chest, adding an overall air of effortlessly cool fun to your vibe. The kimono style design is perfect for when you want to let a little breeze in or when you want to show off whatever you’re rocking underneath. Plus, the finest Dubai silk makes sure that you stay comfy no matter where you’re headed off to.

Dress Modestly Pink Floral Abaya
Shop The Look: Spring Abaya, £99.00 GBP | Shop other Abayas  


3. Tips on modest abaya trends: go with the blues 

How to dress modestly with abayas isn’t just about cuts and embellishments—the shades of your wardrobe choices also perfectly reflect not just your own fashion sense but your fearless personality! If you want to add a burst of colour to the latest modest abayas in your closet, why not feel like royalty with some royal blue in your life?

Case in point: this Freya Abaya Royal Blue is minimalist in its overall approach, but it definitely doesn’t scrimp on its classiness and style. The open front design makes it ideal for a sassy everyday look, and the two functional front pockets keeps things practical. After all, why fuss over tote bags and clutches when you can stash your essentials in your pockets? You can easily grab your phone (or makeup necessities!) during a pinch since they’re just within reach whenever you need them. Then, add a little extra oomph to those pockets with the subtle frills of this high-quality crepe piece!

Dress Modestly Blue Open Cardigan Abaya 
Shop The Look: Freya Abaya Royal Blue, £99.00 GBP | Shop other Abayas  


4. Latest modest abayas with lace

Confident, ethereal, and elegantly covered up, the modern modest woman knows that her own self-worth isn’t measured by how much skin she has exposed. It’s all about inner beauty and confidence, and the right attitude to show off your fashionista side with perfectly flattering top modest dressing styles that emphasise your lovely curves at every angle. When it comes to how to dress modestly with abayas, all you really need is to know that you look good and feel good—plus, your top picks should have fab colours and great drape qualities too!

Let your modest ideals shine through along with your fearless celebration of womanhood with this feminine Blush Abaya with Beige Lace. Not only does this delicately detailed abaya keep things light and airy with its intricate details along see-through sides, but it also elevates the elegance of any get-up with its soft hue and airy feel. You can easily style it as an open front piece or a closed abaya for ultimate versatility—just remember to hand wash separately and not to soak to keep it nice and dandy for more and more years to come.

Dress Modestly Beige Lace Abaya 
Shop The Look: Blush Abaya with Beige Lace, £89.00 GBP | Shop other Abayas  

Here’s an extra tip on modest abaya trends: it doesn’t really matter what the runway models are wearing. The secret is knowing how to rock what you’ve got with the body shape you have! Whether you’re lovingly curvy or small and petite, your confidence is really what makes you shine brighter than the sun.

So, are you looking for the perfect piece to help you cruise through the new year decked to the nines and effortlessly fashionable? Do you need something extra special for a wedding, or do you simply want to look your best even when you’re running errands or taking a quick trip to the grocery store on a regular ol’ Sunday? These four picks are all you’ll ever need, so head on over to FERADJE and shop for the cutest, cheapest, and most value-for-money fashion finds today!


By Catherine Dellosa
05 Jan 2021


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