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What Are The Different Designs Of Abaya Available Online?

What makes the different designs of abaya out there so attractive? Not only do the best abaya trends provide you with so many options to choose from, but they also keep you covered up and conservative to make sure you stay in tune with your modest fashion goals. Different abaya designs have their own elements that make them unique, but the best abaya designs are the ones that will help you stand out without asking for too much attention.

What are the different designs of abaya to keep your fashion-forward game on point? These different abaya styles online will do just the trick!


1. What is the latest designs of abaya? With subtle floral details!

Who can resist the beauty of flowers? Fresh, fab, and fearlessly feminine, floral designs of abaya make you look as carefree as can be. Flowery embroidery or print patterns can keep your style of abaya look youthful and vibrant, or they can make different abaya designs look elegant and delicate. Flowery details never fail to add an extra oomph to an otherwise boring ol’ outfit!

designs of abaya with embroidered red flowers on shoulders

Still, if you don’t want to end up looking like a meadow of flowers, you can always choose the best abaya design that features subtle floral details that aren’t too obvious. This Black Abaya with Embroidered Red Flowers, for example, highlights your shoulders with small floral details in contrasting colours—they don’t call for too much attention, but they’re visually attractive and interesting enough to add a pop of colour to your plain monochromatic abaya. If you want to stick to the timelessness of black but you don’t want to look like a Plain Jane, this style of abaya can keep it interesting without going overboard.

What Designs Of Abaya Available Online

Shop The Look: Black Abaya with Embroidered Red Flowers, £79.00 GBP | Shop other Abayas  


2. What is the best abaya trend for all seasons? Pastel hues!

While the most common designs of abaya out there often feature plain blacks or even plain whites, you can take it up a notch and go one step further with pastel colours and baby hues for your different abaya styles online. Pastel colours are always refreshing to look at no matter what the occasion! They’re also perfect to wear with casual get-ups and ideal as a closet staple for everyday wear.

designs of abaya open baby blue with frills

Case in point: this Mara Abaya Baby Blue is the best design of abaya that can bring out your quirkier side with its fun frills along the plackets. Because this different kind of abaya design is made to be styled as an open front abaya, you can pretty much wear whatever you want underneath, from casual jeans to formal workwear.

What Designs Of Abaya Available Online

Shop The Look: Mara Abaya Baby Blue, £89.00 GBP | Shop other Abayas  


3. What is the best abaya design? With versatile belts!

What is the best abaya design? The best abaya trends are not only affordable, but they should also be versatile to make sure that you get your money’s worth. Opt for the best design of abaya that won’t hurt your budget whenever you're shopping for different abaya styles online. So, what are the different designs of abaya that can keep your wallet happy? Pick the best abaya design that can be styled both as an open front abaya or a closed one! Best abaya designs that have matching sashes, corded tassel belts, or ribbons around the waist mean that you can wear them open or closed however you want to, and pair them with anything you want underneath! Kimono styles of abaya are all the rage right now as well, so you can definitely wear them over your outfits as added layers when the weather is a little bit on the colder side.

What Designs Of Abaya Available Online

What exactly do we mean by this? This Black Tulle Open Abaya with Belt comes with a matching black corded tassel belt and hidden front buttons so that you can wear it open or closed. Also, this elegant design of abaya is exquisitely embroidered with black see-through tulle. These kinds of best abaya designs are always fool-proof choices for when you’re looking for something to wear during special occasions, evening events, or fancy parties. You can wear a simple white dress underneath to really pull off that clean and minimalist look.

designs of abaya with see through black tulle and belt
Shop The Look: Black Tulle Open Abaya with Belt, £99.00 GBP | Shop other Abayas  


4. What is the best design of abaya? With unique sleeves!

What is the best abaya design? Is it the one with the wildest colours from the spectrum imaginable? Or the one that has its own unique design that nobody else has? How about loud and proud prints that are always at the center of attention, or those that you can only wear once and never reuse ever again? You can certainly buy these when you’re shopping online, but the most efficient use of your hard-earned money should be the ones that are cheap, cute, and comfortable— and those that definitely don't require you to break the bank.

designs of abaya black with beige checkered sleeves

If you want to make sure your piece is one-of-a-kind but still reusable, opt for pieces that have unique sleeves. These added elements are subtle enough that they won’t be too noticeable when reused, but they’re also visually interesting enough so that you won’t need to pile on the accessories whenever you’re wearing them. What are the different designs of abaya sleeves you can invest in? There are batwing sleeves, bell sleeves, long, fitted sleeves, embroidered sleeves, and printed sleeves. This Black Abaya with Light Beige Checkered Sleeves and Belt for example features checkered sleeves that proudly sport the printed Burberry-esque design to give you a full fashionista vibe. It can also be styled open or closed with its concealed front buttons and corded tassel belt to help emphasise your waist in all the right ways.

designs of abaya with beige checkered sleeves and belt 
Shop The Look: Black Abaya with Light Beige Checkered Sleeves and Belt, £75.00 GBP | Shop other Abayas  

So, what is the best abaya design that will make you Queen of the Runway and help you float down any aisle or hallway like royalty? You don’t need to be a runway copycat or experiment with too-out-there designs for your OOTDs to go viral. All you really need are a few versatile basics that are affordable and value-for-money and you’ll always be runway-ready! Head on over to FERADJE, browse the latest trends there, and you’re good to go!


By Catherine Dellosa
7 Oct 2020


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