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Best Abaya Fashion To Wear Every Single Day

How can you make the most of your best abaya fashion? While some women might think that the best abaya styles are only for special occasions like formal evening wear and fancy weddings, we certainly beg to differ—you can definitely let your abaya fashion ideas and your imagination run wild when it comes to the latest abaya fashion trends out there. Besides, even if you’re sticking to religious beliefs or you simply love the practical functionality of modest wear, abaya fashion can save the day, every day.

Need more inspo from abaya trends online? Let these super attractive abaya fashion pictures scratch that itch for you!

1. What is the best abaya fashion today

Abaya fashion isn’t just about long, flowy, gown-esque pieces that help you float through the dance floor like royalty at a banquet (but they certainly give off that effect effortlessly!). The latest abaya fashion is also practical enough to be worn every single day, because why spend on any piece of clothing if you’re only going to be able to wear it once, right? The wonderful thing about the best abaya trends is that they help you reuse to your heart’s content to save yourself (and your wallet) a great deal of heartache, so if you are wondering what is the best abaya fashion today, then look for one that is versatile to transcend through different seasons. 

Best Abaya Fashion

Best Abaya Fashion
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2. Best ideas on how to style abayas

You can keep it casual with jeans or lightweight trousers underneath an open front abaya, which is especially fab during the sizzling summer months when the weather is unforgiving. An open abaya can help let the breeze flow through, and you can even flaunt your favourite dress underneath for when you need to be on the go during the day. There’s no shortage of abaya fashion ideas online that show women having the time of their lives in casual digs with no-frills pieces for all-day comfort. You can take things up a notch with simple floral embroidery or checkered sleeves for a more posh and fashion-forward look.  

Best Abaya Fashion

Best Abaya Fashion
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Of course, when we say “no-frills”, we don’t really mean that literally—on the contrary, you can totally rock fun frills on your casual abaya to keep it fun and interesting. The best part about having frills on your black abaya is that you can style it with a simple white top and any pair of comfy trousers, and you can never go wrong! From embroidered frills on the sleeves to frills that run along the plackets, these eye-catching but subtle elements can elevate your casual look to a whole new level. 

Best Abaya Fashion
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Best Abaya Fashion 
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Pro tip: frills can also let out your feminine side, so it’s the perfect design to don on a romantic date with your S.O. even if you’re wearing red (hint: Valentine’s Day is coming up!).


3. What is the best abaya fashion trend online

There are many different abaya trends that are all the rage right now, and one of them is the edgy street wear for athleisure fans out there. While you might think that this look is reserved for fashionistas with a flair for tracksuits and jerseys, who says you need to limit yourself? The best abaya fashion can totally be your go-to fix for when you’re feelin’ funky. All you really need is the right attitude and you can be as “street” as you want to be. 

Best Abaya Fashion

Best Abaya Fashion
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For instance, an abaya with simple red and green stripes or one that’s littered with colourful and edgy patches can instantly give you that casual street vibe without much effort. Remember: diversity is a beautiful thing, especially in the fashion industry. With hijab-wearing models making waves across the globe today, you can get bold with your abaya fashion ideas and even go viral with your OOTDs as confidently as can be.

 Best Abaya Fashion

 Best Abaya Fashion

Best Abaya Fashion
Shop The Look: Dolce Abaya, £99.00 GBP | Shop other Abayas 


4. Latest abaya styles for lounging around

Aren’t the best abaya styles the ones that you can wear daily without the need for extra embellishments or accessories? Wearing your closet faves every day will always include that lazy weekend where you just want to lounge around the house and chill without a care in the world. Days like these require no effort, especially if you’re working from home or keeping yourself tech-savvy with virtual tasks and other online appointments. For these fuss-free days, the latest abaya fashion has you covered too!

When you’re picking out your go-to lounge wear, make sure you choose the fabric carefully depending on the weather. Lightweight and breathable fabrics will always keep you fresh during the summer, while heavier ones with more layers will keep things nice and toasty when it’s chilly. Cosy clothes also mean that they give you the freedom to move around the house without worrying about snagging on anything sharp or accidental slip-ups in the kitchen. 

Of course, even when you’re at home and not expecting any guests, it definitely doesn’t hurt to add a burst of colour to your wardrobe to brighten up your day and perk you up. Go for lighter colours instead of the usual black—or better yet, opt for a multi-colour piece to really get you going. You can’t afford to get lethargic and feel the blues when you’re at home, right?

Best Abaya Fashion
Best Abaya Fashion
Best Abaya Fashion
Shop The Look: Rachel Abaya, £99.00 GBP | Shop other Abayas 

When you’re shopping online and browsing through all of the lovely abaya fashion pictures in the market, don’t forget to take the fabric and cut into consideration. The convenient thing about abayas is that they’re often a fabulous and flattering fit whether you’re a plus-sized woman or a little on the smaller side. To make sure you really flatter your finger in all the right ways regardless of the angle, opt for pieces with matching sashes to emphasise your curves and highlight your waist.

The bottom line is that you shouldn’t be afraid to experiment with the different abaya trend out there for casual daily wear, because after all, if Barbie can be a hijab-wearing modest woman and totally own it, then so can you!

That said, have you found the best abaya fashion faves that will land you that coveted spot as Trendsetter of the Year among all of your besties and your whole fam? Today, you can conquer your own social circles; tomorrow, the world! Going viral on Instagram is as easy as 1-2-3. Head on over to FERADJE and shop for the cutest and most affordable value-for-money pieces today.


By Catherine Dellosa
20 July 2021


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