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Conservative Summer Outfits: What To Wear For Summer

Most women balk at the idea of choosing conservative summer outfits that can withstand the relentless heat of the summer sun—after all, how can something long, covered, and conservative possibly be breezy enough to brave the heat? Don’t worry, fab fashionista—we’re here to give those nay-sayers a run for their money. 

Yes, modest summer outfits can be just as airy, and you don’t even have to bare any kind of exposed skin! The best conservative clothes for summer are all about the colours, the fabric, and your overall confidence as you strut your stuff under the summer sun, so gear up and let’s get started!


1. Conservative summer outfits in pristine white 

Fancy taking a quiet stroll down the beach? Resortwear pieces always go for white, and for good reason—white is always reminiscent of airy summer days with the softest breeze caressing your face under the clearest blue sky. Keep your modest clothing for summer perfectly in tune with the season’s theme with pristine white pieces that are clean, comfy, and timelessly elegant. Because black may not be the most ideal choice when it comes to conservative clothing for hot weather, go for the complete opposite instead.

Case in point: this Unique Abaya makes sure that your modest outfit for summer is ready for the runway, with its sophisticated minimalistic design that helps you give off an unmistakable air of grace and beauty whatever the occasion. The neutral shade makes it ideal to pair with anything, and the posh black stitching acts as an edgy contrast to provide an effortlessly posh and put-together look. The fine crepe material makes sure that it doesn’t stick to your skin when the temperatures rise outside—after all, nobody wants to sweat buckets underneath all that fabric!

Conservative Summer Outfits Plain White Abaya

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2. Modest summer outfits in beautiful blush colour

What are the most common elements that make modest clothes for summer stand out in a fun and fashionably fab way? Why, the vibrant colours, of course! While plenty of conservative summer outfits out there will opt for going bold with loud and proud prints, why not go for more feminine hues like pastel shades and other subdued tones? Blush is always a lovely choice when it comes to conservative clothes for summer—the soft and feminine shade is easy on the eyes, and reminds everyone of the freshness of flowers and the crispness of the summer air.

What To Wear For Summer Pink Open Abaya

Aside from the colour itself, add another level to your modest clothing for summer with dramatic sleeves to really be the talk of the town! Own it and rock it with this Silver Abaya and its brilliant bell sleeves. The stylish open front design only adds to the overall attitude of the stunning statement piece, and the crimped silver fabric that makes the cuffs stand out draws any spectator’s attention the right way. Pair it with some killer stilettos and your conservative clothing for hot weather will undoubtedly go viral! Don’t forget to hand wash this soon-to-be closet fave separately—you definitely want to give it all the TLC that it deserves.

Conservative Summer Outfits Pink Open Abaya with Frill Sleevs

Shop The Look: Silver Abaya, £109.00 GBP | Shop other Abayas


3. Conservative clothes for summer in premium black and gold

Speaking of visually interesting sleeves, they can really make for conversation pieces when they’re styled subtly and elegantly. Now, we know we said that black may not be the best colour to choose for your modest outfits for summer, but to be honest, it’s really all about the fabric. If it’s made from high-quality lightweight material, it can be just as perfect as a modest summer outfit—just make sure that you’re investing in the right piece that won’t have you drowning in heavy fabric.

Conservative Summer Outfits Black with Gold Sleeves Open Abaya

That said, you’ll still have to attend a fancy gathering or two even if summer is in full swing, and the A/C at an indoor event may leave your ultra-thin modest clothing for summer lacking in the cosiness department.  Be sure to have all of your bases covered this season with a piece that you can wear to air-conditioned evening events too—and turns heads the right way to boot! This Golden Abaya made from the finest thin crepe features a classy golden design embroidered around the cuffs for a premium look like no other. Style it as an open front abaya to let the air circulate through—and to let you show off your gorgeous get-up underneath, of course! 

What To Wear For Summer Black with Gold Open Abaya

Shop The Look: Golden Abaya, £129.00 GBP | Shop other Abayas


4. Modest outfits for summer with vibrant ethnic themes 

Again, we’re keeping things unconventionally cool with another black piece in this list! Modest clothes for summer don’t have to stick to certain restrictive rules, right? When you’re trying to come up with the best conservative clothing for hot weather that won’t make you feel like you’re melting under the sweltering heat of the summer sun, things aren’t as black and white as they seem—literally and figuratively. 

Conservative Summer Outfits Black Open Abaya with Floral Plackets Collar

Take this Ethnic Black Floral Abaya for example. The colourful floral embroidery immediately adds a refreshing burst of colour to your overall look. It’s styled as a kimono-esque abaya that you can wear open or closed with concealed front buttons, because flexibility is the name of the game when you’re trying to stay within budget with your fabulous fashion finds. Plus, the kimono style means that you can pair it with a matching sash or belt to emphasise your waist and help you show off your sizzling silhouette. The jet black Nida fabric is made even more appealing as the handmade details on the cuffs and plackets infuse a playful summer vibe into the conservative summer outfit.

What to Wear for Summer Black Open Abaya with Floral Plackets Collar

Shop The Look: Ethnic Black Floral Abaya, £109.00 GBP | Shop other Abayas

Modest clothes for summer and all of the latest fashion finds have one thing in common—it’s all about how you carry yourself with confidence and pizzazz. Just make sure that your clothes won’t have you melting underneath all that fabric! Besides, don’t they say that life is your own personal runway? Your conservative summer outfits are the best way you can express yourself, so head on over to FERADJE and check out the cool collection of sizzling summer finds and you might just find your next closet fave today!


Catherine Dellosa
9 Sept 2020    


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