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You Should Invest In These Latest Abaya Designs

Keeping up with the latest abaya designs doesn’t have to be rocket science! You don’t have to scour the runways or rummage through thousands of fashion magazines to get with the times, either. The best abaya styles out there aren’t the ones that have the most elaborate details or the wildest colours. Current abaya styles are all about subtlety and uniqueness, from simple cuff details to a basic belt that changes your overall look in an instant.

So, what is the latest abaya trend that will make your OOTDs go viral no matter what time of day? Check out our fab list and find not just one style but four of them - all fun, fashionable, and fierce!


1. What are the latest abaya designs? Velvet!

New abaya styles come in different fabrics and textures. Lightweight, summery fabrics make for the best abaya designs to wear when the sun is high up in the sky and the weather is sizzling hot, while heavier and cosier fabrics keep you nice and toasty when it’s a little chilly outside. Knowing which fabrics to wear during different seasons will always keep your different abaya designs on point - not to mention they’ll keep you comfortable and covered up no matter where you go. 

If you want to stand out from the crowd donning the latest abaya styles in the market today, why not go with an abaya made from elegant velvet? The pure sophistication of silk velvet will instantly elevate your look without the need to resort to piling on the accessories. This Velvet Abaya is the perfect epitome of beauty and grace as you float through every special occasion or religious events with ease. Whether you're prepping for a big romantic date at a fancy restaurant or keeping things modest at a big family reunion at a sparkling event hall, the velvety goodness on the cuffs and plackets of your latest trends for abaya will undoubtedly make heads turn in the right direction - yours!

Shop The Look: Velvet Abaya, £99.00 GBP | Shop other Abayas


2. New abaya designs with a handy belt

The latest abaya styles don’t need to be totally out of this world - you’ll be delighted to know that even just a simple belt will add a flourish to your overall vibe no matter what the design may be. Different abaya designs claiming to be at the top of the fashion game often resort to loud prints or unconventional cuts, but you don’t have to adhere to those latest trends for abaya if you’re hesitant about stepping out of your comfort zone. Modest fashion should be all about comfort and confidence, so why push it when you're not ready? 

With that said, the simplest way you can keep up with the best abaya designs out there is to just throw on a belt or a matching sash around your waist! It not only breaks up the monotony of most plain abayas, but it also helps to accentuate your figure so that you can emphasize your waist without the need to reveal any skin. Who says you need to resort to body-hugging pieces to flatter your figure at every angle? A simple belt is a perfect way to make your good ol’ trusty abaya totally at par with current abaya styles.

For instance, this Black Tulle Open Abaya with Belt is perfectly fab and feminine with its black see-through tulle. You can wear this open abaya with anything underneath to suit your personal preference best, and the black corded tassel belt will do its job of flattering your silhouette, whether you’re wearing a casual outfit in jeans or complementing the latest abaya designs with a fancy dress underneath.

Shop The Look: Black Tulle Open Abaya with Belt, £99.00 GBP | Shop other Abayas


3. Best abaya styles with two-toned colours

Shopping online for the best abaya styles is easy-peasy when you know what to look for. Affordable and stylish picks can cater to the latest abaya styles when they’re one-of-a-kind without going overboard. You can always find new ways to update your abaya designs with two-toned shades, or better yet, checkered coloured sleeves in an interesting pattern! 

This all-new Black Abaya with Light Beige Checkered Sleeves and Belt keeps up with current abaya styles simply by featuring eye-catching checkered sleeves inspired by Burberry, so you can really strut your stuff whether you're strolling through the park or running errands on a casual Sunday. You can style different abaya styles in a variety of ways, wearing it open for a kimono style look or closed using its hidden front buttons. It also comes with a black corded tassel for a flattering fit.

Shop The Look: Black Abaya with Light Beige Checkered Sleeves and Belt, £75.00 GBP | Shop other Abayas


4. What is the latest abaya trend? Athleisure!

The latest trends for abaya include hip and casual wear that combine both the edginess of street wear to the comfy of athletic apparel. Athleisure is all the rage right now, and you can easily score the best abaya designs by going the same route. You don’t have to give your wardrobe a complete overhaul - you just need a few key details in your abaya to keep its athleisure game on point.

Latest Abaya Designs Plain Black with Stripes on Cuffs and Hemline

This Black Abaya with Red and Green Stripes features subtle stripes along the cuff and the hemline, keeping in theme with the athletic vibe that stripes lend to any outfit. Made from Dubai silk, it keeps you comfortable and covered up so that you can easily throw it on during the morning rush or when you need to figure out what to wear in a jiffy.

Latest Abaya Designs Black with Stripes on Cuffs and Hemline

Shop The Look: Black Abaya with Red and Green Stripes, £89.00 GBP | Shop other Abayas

There are so many reasons why you might want to don an abaya, and when you do, you might face the dilemma of what the latest abaya trend is. More than a cultural symbol, the abaya can be the perfect way to class up any occasion, or simply to have an easy go-to outfit in your closet no matter what the event! Make sure that you have closet staples in your wardrobe to keep you as fashionable as can be throughout all the seasons. Head on over to FERADJE and check out the curated collection of fab finds to fill up your wardrobe today! 

By Catherine Dellosa
13 Aug 2020


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