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What Abaya to Wear as a Wedding Guest?

If you’re thinking that there aren’t too many abayas for wedding guest that you can choose from out there, think again! The coolest thing about choosing what abaya to wear as a wedding guest is that you have the ultimate freedom when it comes to the cut, design, and pattern you want to flaunt. Wedding guest abayas don’t need to be too over-the-top when it comes to formalities, so you can really have a lot of fun when you’re thinking of ways on “what abaya to wear at a wedding”. Just make sure that you don’t out-dress the bride if you don’t want to risk her going Bride-zilla on you on her Big Day!

Jokes aside, you can instantly elevate your wedding guest abaya styles with stones, faux pearls, embellishments, and other what-have-yous—all you have to do is own it! To make sure that you never have to worry about “what abaya should I wear at a wedding” ever again, check out these four surefire styles to get you going.


1. What abaya should I wear as a wedding guest? With delicate lace!

Lace details are always a no-brainer when it comes to keeping your abayas for wedding functions on point. Lovely lace can instantly keep things delicate, feminine, and fresh no matter where you’re headed off to. While you don’t want to out-lace the bride on her wedding day, you do want to incorporate lace details just enough to add a level of depth, dimension, and visual interest throughout your whole look. The best way to infuse this vibe into your wedding guest abaya style is to invest in pieces that have both inner and outer layers.

Grey Lace Abaya

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The best abaya design for wedding guests should be formal but not too attention-grabbing, which is why this Grey Lace Open Abaya is ideal for any kind of evening event. You’ll definitely breeze through the reception with its exquisite French lace exterior, keeping you nice and toasty during chilly outdoor weddings or indoor AC events with the inner piece made from high-quality crepe.

Brown Lace Open Abaya

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The kimono style design lets you wear this wedding guest abaya open or closed for full versatility—just keep in mind that you should also care for this pretty piece as best as you can to make sure that you prolong its lifespan. Something this gorgeous should be worn as many times as you can even if you’re not looking for a particular abaya for a wedding function! It should last you for years and years to come, so remember to dry clean only to keep it in tip-top shape.


2. How can I wear an abaya as a wedding guest? With embroidery!

When you’re picking out the best abaya design for a wedding guest, it’s not always easy to figure out how you can stand out just the right amount. You want the night to be memorable, but you don’t want to outshine the bride or—heaven forbid—the mother of the bride! You don’t want to end up looking like you’re part of the entourage, either. To make sure that you don’t violate any proper wedding guest decorum, pick pieces that have subtle embroidery scattered sparingly throughout the whole dress.

Dark Red Open Flower Sleeve Abaya
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Blue Open Abaya with White Flowers and Belt
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What Abaya to Wear as a Wedding Guest
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While it’s definitely as delicate and formal as can be, these abayas don’t ask for too much attention. The embroidered details pop out uniquely to keep your wedding guest's abaya style right on the money. You can wear it open to show off your dress underneath, but if you don’t want to stress about what abaya to wear as a wedding guest, you can simply wear it closed so that it speaks for itself. Make sure that after enjoying your night at the wedding party, you hand wash your pretty piece separately to give it the TLC it deserves.


3. What is the best abaya design for wedding guests? Look beautiful in blush!

Let’s switch gears for a bit here: what if you’re the bride and you’re having the biggest dilemma of choosing abayas for your wedding guests who are part of your entourage? Don’t pass on the stress to your squad of women who will be your support group on your wedding day! To keep the worrisome thought of “how can I wear an abaya as a wedding guest” from clouding their minds all throughout the countdown to your Big Day, opt for abayas in beautiful blush. This neutral shade is simple, subtle, and effortlessly elegant, and it makes your entourage stand out the right way. 

Pink Black Abaya
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Elevate the elegance of your wedding guest abayas for your bridesmaids with a delicate touch! Go for intricate lace details along the sides just as this Blush Abaya with Beige Lace does. The see-through sides go perfectly well with the soft blush hue; plus, the earthy tone is perfect for garden-themed weddings, so you’re sure to make those wedding photos one for the books!

What Abayas to Wear as Wedding Guest Blush Side Lace Abaya

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4. How to style abaya as a wedding guest? Choose classic black abayas with pearls!

What abaya should I wear at a wedding? Don’t fret—you can always go with classic black if you’re unsure about your abayas for any wedding function. As long as the bride doesn’t specifically tell you to steer clear of black dresses, you can rely on this timeless shade to be as sophisticated as can be. Plus, the colour will undoubtedly give you a flattering figure and a svelte silhouette no matter what the angle

Black Pearls Open Abaya
Shop the Look: Black Pearls Open Abaya | Shop other Abayas

To separate yourself from others who are rocking the same hue, look for pieces that have subtle details like a matching sash belt to emphasise your figure the way you please and a kimono-style design. It also features buttons on its front to make sure that it can be styled with an open or closed front!

Pearl Sleeves Black Abaya

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No one should ever have to worry about what abaya to wear as a wedding guest ever again! Simply head on over to FERADJE and grab these fab fashion finds today.


By Catherine Dellosa
25 Aug 2020  


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